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Rosa Moceniga is a popular perfume by The Merchant Of Venice for women and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-green. It is being marketed by Mavive.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesRose, Sicilian bergamot, Blackcurrant leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesRose absolute, Magnolia, Lotus
Base Notes Base NotesRose, Musk, White cedar, Vanilla absolute, Crystal amber



7.9 (92 Ratings)


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9.0 (96 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 23.01.2020.
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9.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    28
a clear fragrance development full of grace
Rosaries still cast a great spell on me. Particularly those embedded in nature and landscape and at the same time intended as a "botanical garden"; such as Sangerhausen.
Many years ago, it was 1980, we went on holiday in Baden near Vienna and stayed in a hotel directly at the Rosarium.
The memory of the hotel is mixed (the thumb pointing a little downwards), the rosarium I still remember as a great donor of joy.
Now at the beginning of June it was just the time when the "degree of maturity" of the individual rose varieties and blossoms could be followed wonderfully every day. And that's what we did every day on the way to the city or only during wonderful walks through the Doblhoffpark
The different bud shapes alone were fascinating: small, thick and round, very narrow, slender, twisted - nature has many variations in shape and color.

The symbol of the rose: widely blossoming, with velvety petals in dark red, with perhaps still isolated dew or raindrops, which sit like pearls on the plush surface The only thing missing is the young knight on the white horse, decorated with a mezzotint saddlecloth, who is languishing on this rose. Because of course a shy young lady had handed them over to him!
A picture, like from a medieval glass window or book!
And certainly the young man will sing under her window at night!

This rose, which can be classified sensually and even erotically, cannot be found in "Rosa Moceniga" by "The Merchant of Venice".
My picture of this rose fragrance, because he also draws pictures, is here really dominated by the photo of the company: the last curve of the Canal Grande, this one completely covered with blooming pink roses!
At the end of the canal you can of course see the church Santa Maria della Salute and the Dogana in their impressive beauty!
(Advertising influences very much!)

"Rosa Moceniga" carries the finer, but not more worthless pink pink in its fragrance.
Flowers of almost perfect shape, a harmony in fragrance, shape and color is offered here.
And already with the first acquaintance this fragrant beauty shows up: like a pretty young woman, almost still a girl! A certain innocence accompanies this rose fragrance.
Bergamot is an excellent accompaniment and the slightly bitter-green hue of the black currant leaf has also been skilfully selected.
(How often did I chew on these leaves as a child? Don't ask me for what reason: probably "just so!")
This Entrée leads to a stronger rose aroma; it is more than a touch of rose - the power of the fragrance, however, lends a little earthiness to a very airy creation.
That's good! Magnolia and also lotus are quite floating scent spirits, as good as they fit here!
They are captured a little and bound in the scent process before another flowering rose bush stands out from a lively mixture of musk, golden amber and warm sensual vanilla!
Rose fragrance and amber lights, decorated with slightly erotic vanilla and musk, are rounded off with woody cedar wort.

A beautiful fragrance finale that is certainly not spectacular, but very, very graceful and feminine.
Every woman who likes softer rose scents will be delighted by this composition of the Venetian perfumers I love so much.
They have created an enchanting bouquet that will certainly be reclassified as "mainstream". But why not?

Even though my rose affine time is over, I'm still happy about this beautiful, light-footed rose scent, which doesn't even make you think of half closed "bedroom eyes" and sensual lips!
Maybe that's what I like about "Rosa Moceniga"!
But of course the durability is again only "Venetia like": we know that meanwhile and with these flacons spraying is a pleasure, just by the contact with the glass!

Because also this flacon is, as always with "The Merchant of Venice", a dream from Muranoglas.
Due to the rose motif, which is based on Art Deco, he looks fragile and very delicate - feminine through and through!
It is the femininity of a perhaps even sporty young woman; the "odalisque" is left out here for once.

So for me "Rosa Moceniga" is a fragrance that tells a little story and nourishes the always subliminal longing for Venice.
This is certainly one of the reasons why I appreciate most of the fragrance creatures of this company and am more tolerant towards them than some of our neutral testers.

It was worth it to get to know this rose, although it is a bit too young and dancing for me.
For well-known reasons, namely by my meanwhile together collected life years, I leave in the meantime the fingers of rose smells. We don't correspond with each other like this anymore.
But that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate a rose scent like this!
He is a sympathetic companion through day and night.
And without playing itself particularly into the foreground, the rosy breath is nevertheless present at its wearer:
she will be remembered

The creator of this fragrance experience receives a "rose cup" from me!
(Which hopefully he won't fill with water from the Canal Grande.)
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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    13
An unpretentious queen
I dedicate this comment to a dear Parfuma, who let me participate in this fragrance. Thank you, dear Walti. Slowly you get me :)

About the fragrance: Rosa Moceniga starts less fresh than I expected. Ok most floral scents show as first citric-fresh notes. But here I mean to additionally hear the tender sweetness of orange blossoms. Right from the start, the fragrance has something fruity and juicy that makes it so incredibly attractive and nasal.
Although I love (and secretly speculated on) the smell of currants, their leaves and especially the fruity scent of the young wood, it is precisely this that remains hidden from my nose. But Rosa M. remains noble in the flower sector and does not slip into the gourmand.
The queen of all flowers is of stronger stature here. There are far more fragile rose scents. Increasingly strengthened by vanilla and amber, the fragrance evolves with linear constancy into a warm, elegant - almost historical - slightly sweetened rose magic. The clinically pure, innocent in many rose fragrances appears less here and I get along with Rosa Moceniga much better than with other representatives of this genus.

Shelf life: 9 hours and longer. Considerable performance

The fragrance trail: Two splashes are enough for me. The Sillage is still very well perceptible in the middle to upper range and the smell from a meter distance. (partner test) Due to its pronounced suitability for everyday use, it is certainly a pleasure even in higher dosages.

Conclusion: A feminine companion, unagitated, accessible and due to its noblesse and decency predestined for everyday use. And even though he didn't steal my booty schema, he was slowly stealing into my heart.

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9.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Enveloping Rose
I got to spend my last birthday in Venice.
I am an absolute rose fragrance fan... and what's close? The fragrance test of Rosa Moceniga in VENICE :)

Once sprayed on, a delicate touch of bergamot already flies towards me... a very fresh, sun-kissed, still green bergamot ...

The seductive red rose sneaks up on me and embraces me from behind, very sweet and tender... She kisses me everywhere and dances with the bergamot around me, seductively and gently...

From a distance I recognize the magnolia, also light and delicate, on the hand the small lotus blossom, very young and innocent....

Slowly they join us, but they prefer to stay in the background... The stage belongs to the duet of Bergamot and Rose...

shyly, vanilla also sees us and honours us with its fine sweet company... until the end...

A wonderful fresh and fine delicate rose scent with light sweetness.... HImmlish

Rosa Moceniga was allowed to come home with me and reminds me of the great birthday in Venice :)
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10.0 8.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Helpful Review    16
A great day for Alessandro and his 'Rosa Verde', the 'Green Rose'...
Alessandro is very excited because today is a big day for him. He expects many visitors in his lovingly arranged rose garden, which he has prepared especially beautifully for this occasion. His daughters and his son arrived yesterday to support him, decorated everything nicely and set up small tables with seats. After they have guided the guests through the garden and explained to them this and that about the different types of roses, coffee and pastries are to be served. And last but not least they will handle the hopefully successful sale of his roses; in the meantime he will talk to one or the other colleague about the latest news from the world of rose growing. Alessandro could only pray for the right weather. And obviously his prayer has not been in vain: The sun shines on this day from a clear blue sky and also the temperatures should not exceed the 25°... it can't get any better.

After years of hard work, Alessandro has made a name for himself as a rose grower in his homeland and throughout Lombardy. And finally, finally, he has managed the great success of breeding his own rose, which meets the extremely high demands of the Commission of the Italian Rose Breeders' Association. The trained landscape gardener, who only in his middle age dared to make his rose hobby his profession and since then has been exclusively engaged in the cultivation of roses, received the certificate only a few days ago by post. Full of pride he looks again and again at this certificate, so important for him, which he has placed behind a glass frame and hung above the large buffet in the living room. A letter from a Venetian perfume manufacturer has also arrived today because she is interested in his new rose and is considering making a perfume. He hasn't told his kids about it yet. You have to think about it in peace, because that would mean considerably expanding the existing area of your rose fields. How proud Carla, his wife, would have been of him...

In order to win the coveted award for his new breeding, the rose was planted in several sighting gardens and had to be tested over a period of three years for its frost resistance, its flowering behaviour and its health and robustness. The beauty and also the scent of the flower play a certain role, but the seal of quality is only awarded to the breeder whose rose passes all tests with flying colours without any pesticides.
For Alessandro, his rose, which he named 'Rosa Verde', the 'Green Rose', because of its fragrance and its whitish-green hues, is particularly valuable because its flower, its overall appearance and its fragrance are unique. He has travelled a lot in Europe, met many rose growers and visited the largest rose gardens. But never has he ever seen such a calyx as his rose, whose petals are pervaded by the green of the stem and clothed in white green velvet and nestle perfectly within one another. It is also unusual that this rose already suggests its musky odeur in the half-opened state - but only for those who bend down very close to it. And when the blossom opens completely, a beguiling fragrance spreads that is second to none. A fragrance that even brings out the pale green foliage and rosewood, reminiscent of a lemon grove shining in the sun and of birds buzzing around in it and singing their cheerful songs.

Yes! His 'Rosa Verde' has become a real beauty.
Full of pride and with a deep feeling of inner happiness, he looks at the large rose field on which his 'Green Rose' is now, at the end of May, in glorious bloom. In his garden he has also planted plenty of magnolias, tulip magnolias. If the rose is considered the queen of flowers, magnolia is the queen of woody plants. It also has a very special fragrance, balsamic-sweet and with a delicate hint of citrus; in addition, it has the slightly bitter smell so typical of magnolia woods. That goes well with the roses. And closer to the house, near the spacious terrace, there are currant trees, which he brings into shape every autumn in a particularly accurate way. His house is picturesquely situated on the small hill "Collina di Monza", on the east side of which there are three ancient cedars. They also carry their spicy, almost resinous scent into his house, which Alessandro loves.

He has already imagined how the visitors would unconsciously absorb this special mixture of scents and especially the scent of its green-white velvet roses, being inspired by it, chatting comfortably, laughing, drinking coffee and enjoying the beauty of life. But sadness and melancholy also creep into Alessandro's heart on this great day. His dear wife, who unfortunately can't live to see this day anymore, is so missing today that it causes him physical pain. That's why he wished Larissa, his oldest, very pretty daughter, who fortunately inherited the talent for baking from her mother, the 'Bomboloni alla Crema'. It was his wife's favourite pastry, and what could go better with the scent of the velvety green-white roses than the aroma of these deliciously fragrant doughnuts made of sweet yeast dough filled with a vanilla butter cream?
Here is the link to a short promotional film by the Italian perfume manufacturer:
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