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Red Potion (Eau de Parfum) by The Merchant Of Venice
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Red Potion (Eau de Parfum) is a new perfume by The Merchant Of Venice for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-floral. It is being marketed by Mavive.
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Top Notes Top NotesImmortelle, Orange, Pot marigold
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrange blossom, Rosemary, Honeysuckle
Base Notes Base NotesTonka bean, Sandalwood, Lichen



7.3 (20 Ratings)


7.3 (18 Ratings)


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9.1 (30 Ratings)
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simply: Potion of Vitality!
It seems like a work of art made of cut and polished marble in a dark, rich, white-veined red, and it urges me to take this beauty into my hands.
Cuddly and cool, from the size just fitting into my little hand, it presents itself to me:
the new jewel of the glassblowers for the Murano-Collection of "The Merchant of Venice":
the Red Potion bottle!
Sensual joy flows through me: I love to touch beauty!

And once again it seems understandable why Venice's doge insisted on keeping these glass artists in their domain.
On the "island community" of Murano, in the middle of the lagoon, whole generations of craftsmen lived and worked.
To leave the island or even the catchment area of the "Serenissima" was punished with death.
Even then, one begrudged the neighbor nothing!
It is in the nature of things that some courageous people managed to escape to the north and out of the clutches of Venice and there, first of all in Brussels, to bring their craftsmanship to flower again:
The scent of freedom is too tempting!

A "red potion": what might this gem from Flacon contain?
A potion that promises health, happiness, love or just "Whatever you want!"?
My curiosity was aroused; this red secret I absolutely wanted to decipher.

Oranges: sun-ripened oranges from Morocco!
How do I still remember it: as a child I loved them especially - their round shape, their sunny colour, their sweet smell and aromatic taste.
I also liked the word on the diamond-shaped sticker: "Maroc"!
Even then I must have carried this love of the word within me: Maroc oranges - even today it sounds like a fairy tale from 1001 nights and from childhood days!
However good and aromatic these oranges are, they are no longer allowed to be traded in Europe.
(But I remain true to my standard: no politics and no religion in public areas!)

Thus, in the days of Venice's domination of the seas, countless numbers of these golden fruits were loaded onto sailing ships on North Africa's coast to set off on their journey across the Mediterranean.
Through their porous peel they not only exhaled their fruity sweetness; no, they also drank the breath of the sea in return: salt, wind, sun and a full maritime lifestyle absorbed and stored these oranges during their journey.
When they landed on Italian coasts, they came across scratchy, spicy rosemary: these oranges cuddled with it as intimately as the honey-sweet honeysuckle. This cuddling course also left aromatic traces!
Curiously they inhaled the herbaceous and powerful fragrance of the immortelle, which always seems a bit dusty.
Whole fields of these yellow flowering perennials populate beaches and bays. The time when they will end their wild life as part of dried flower bouquets is still far away.
So they were already highly fragrant when the city of sailors and merchants appeared dimly on the horizon.
"La Serenissima": even the most curious orange could only get a brief glimpse of this magical city with its rich mixture of peoples - it was off to one of the warehouses immediately: adieu, sun of the Mediterranean! But before the sadness became too much: the large warehouses of the trading houses were full of many spices to discover!
Boxes and caskets of carved sandalwood that caress the senses - our oranges breathed this aroma deeply: the pores of their peel greedily opened - more, please, more and more of it! Bags full of exotic tonka beans; what sweet-scented secrets could these tell!
The widely-travelled orange, initially ripe, sweet and juicy, was now soaked with the rich, full-bodied aroma of its adventurous journey.
From North Africa's sunny arts to Venice's trading houses - what a rich fragrance journey!
The Merchant of Venice" has filled this adventure through the scents of the Mediterranean Sea in Murano's beautiful glass flacons, making them traceable by spraying them!
A sweet, spicy, aromatic orange scent that convincingly captures the charm of the sunny Mediterranean, its landscapes and the mysterious filled storehouses of the trading houses!
Like his siblings, "Red Potion" is not a "street sweeper of fragrances": he is beautiful and so skilfully and convincingly represents the philosophy of this brand.
Here, the merchants market in fragrances what they reached over land and sea in fragrant spices.
The secret of this "red potion" is simply called "Gioia di Vivere" or joy of life!
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