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Land of Warriors by The Vagabond Prince
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7.4 / 10 71 Ratings
Land of Warriors is a perfume by The Vagabond Prince for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is leathery-woody. It is still available to purchase.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 11  
Bonjour Monsieur Duchaufour!
Recently, one late evening, Madame Metalfan was out of the house, I sat comfortably in an armchair with a cool bottle of beer and watched a live concert of a Doom Metal band on our stately big TV. On my skin was "Land of Warriors" and so it happened that I was suddenly "live" in the middle of the action. How convenient - saved admission fee, I thought! Knowing that I would never have experienced this illusion to this extent without its scent, I decided to write you a letter.

Unfortunately, I only know 8 fragrances from her hand, enough to marvel at her creativity. Is there actually THE scent typical of Durchaufour? But I had noticed one thing and it ran like a red thread through her assortment. Her fragrances are beautiful and round (no corners, no edges) and quite suitable for mass production. Although you are a niche expert and have long since turned your back on the mainstream, I have always had the impression that you want to address as many customers as possible. But "Land of Warriors" makes it clear that you won't get stuck here either. I must say, with this fragrance you have ventured miles away from the mainstream. He's so weird, so different! In a turquoise perfumery, for example, there would probably be no room for it even in the lowest shelf.

Before I now announce my individual perception of the Land of Warriors, I would like to take this opportunity to briefly address three other of her works. Finally, I would like to make it clear how differently I perceive their scents and how clearly Land of Warriors still encapsulates itself.
EXAMPLE 1: Timbuktu! Despite its masculine emphasis, this fragrance has a rather fragile composition. Do you like Swiss watches Monsieur? Here you have demonstrated the finest precision work and love for the Detei, just like with a Swiss movement. One scented gear wheel reaches into the other and a nervous restlessness completes the picture. Pretty abstract for a fragrance that should (and does) reflect a Malian oasis city. How would Pablo Picasso have painted Timbuktu?
With all due respect to craftsmanship, I wouldn't wear Timbuktu. But I wouldn't hang a Picasso over my sofa either ;-).
EXAMPLE 2: Sartorial! Mister Sartorial, who inspires with his umbrella, cham and melon in the "Very British" style, once gave me, as a result of his decadent "Spice-Rausch-Auftakt" a quite spontaneous purchase decision. It's a pity that the intoxication was already over 20 minutes after the "snorting". Then Mister Sartorial pushes the spice drugs aside and goes in a completely different direction. Very noble but also a bit bourgeois, but always "Very British", he becomes the "Duchaufour bestseller No.1" through beeswax, lavender & Co.
EXAMPLE 3: Leather up! A luxurious suede core, so delicate and supple that you'd want to doubt its authenticity, is enveloped in yawning boredom. I see a clichéd officer with a Hermes handbag around her shoulder. Where did she get it? - Irritated!
Apart from the (too) beautiful handbag and a crazy durability (very close to the skin, but despite showers easily 16 hours) the "special" remains hidden to me here. Of course, the price is something special, because below 280 Euro per 50ml the fragrance is hard to get.
Pardon Monsieur, I can imagine what an honour it would be for a perfumer to work for the charming artist Phuong Dang. Toutes mes felicitations! But...
Well, maybe the real connoisseur will recognize an artistic aspect here. Change of subject!

Monsieur, do you like metal? Land of Warrior not only smells damn good, you can hear it too. Where did you get your inspiration for this fragrance? Were you allowed to listen to "The vagabond prince" metal at the house?
Of course Land of Warriors has nothing to do with classical heavy metal. I'm thinking rather of Doom Metal, which in slow motion mode conveys a deeply dramatic, melancholic, desperate or apocalyptic atmosphere. If you are attracted to this rare subgenre, you should definitely test Land of Warrior. Although the fragrance is not quite as loud and in comparison to a Toni Iomi guitar a little brighter tuned, but from the stem it is damn similar.
Now you give it to Monsieur, you are a Metalhead!

The bottle is so beautiful and exciting that you want to press the spray button right away. Esoterically playful, he awakens wanderlust for a strange world. The horses of warriors against a blood-red background....
Yet I would have designed it differently. Maybe in black with a dark fog moon and riding warriors in a scary doom metal landscape?!

Before I ordered a bottling of this fragrance, I read the published ingredients.
Iris-Concrete stood there - bold printed! My problem - I don't like Iris! Thanks to the perfume commentary of a Monsieur Torfdoen, my curiosity about Land of Warriors was still aroused. It was worth it just because I now know that Iris can also come across quite differently. ... eu de la chance!
Iris-Concrete is one of the most expensive fragrances available. Dizzying 70000 to 90000 Euro costs about one kilo of the pulp and is thus about twice as expensive as 1kg gold bars or my car when it was still brand new. For me, however, it takes a "Land of Warriors" to appreciate Iris-Concrete. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Duchaufour!

Land of Warriors has the necessary spatial depth to make a wide landscape appear.
A colourful mix of bitter plants, fruits and incense make this landscape seem strange and occult. Actually, Land of Warriors is a beautiful, mystical scent with a stoic serenity, provided you don't let the warriors intimidate you.
The image of the warriors and their horses is created by a mighty iris, which merges with a very rough, brittle and especially natural vintage leather. Tobacco, patchouli and musk complete the picture. The warriors draw all their attention to themselves and the scene shrinks to a small backdrop. The warriors are present from the beginning, but in the course of time it becomes more and more difficult to recognize the vastness and beauty of nature.
The name is the program here! Although no theater of war is depicted here, slow-riding warriors are. Since they seem neither tired nor wounded, the fight will not be over yet. Something chemical-toxic, "mineral-oily" lies in the air and mixes with the vile iris to a bizarre and threatening brew. This brew gives the fragrance its "bite" and is the indispensable icing on the cake that makes up the name Land of Warriors!
This brew stands in contrast to the ancient image of warriors on horseback and thus gives rise to a great deal of ambivalence. Arrows soaked in poison or a special gun oil? I don't know, I don't know! In any case, this ambivalence creates tension and space for plenty of imagination.

You once said that a balance is reached when opposites attract each other like Yin & Yang. Well, that's what they did with this scent! Such a splits Monsieur does them so fast no after!

La paix soit sur eux, Monsieur Duchaufour!

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192 Reviews
Original, but not for me.
The output is fresh and sweet with very nice fruit nuances, but this lasts very little, and for now, a mixture of potent animalic notes, leather and violet leaves comes out, which I do not tell you, the turn it gives. This mixture is not powerful, but if intense and has many shades that comes and goes, sometimes a tarry violet appears (nothing to do with Fahrenheit) others, it smells like diesel, it's kind of weird, and see that the avioletado tone is very beautiful with a leather not very rustic, but those animalic notes, until they do not come down, the perfume does not like me at all. From here the perfume is very linear, at least it smells very similar to me, only that, after 2 hours, more or less, the fragrance becomes softer and more pleasant.

The performance is regular, although it does not go in line with the price. He has been in skin for about 6 hours, with a wide projection in his first two hours, and then goes down almost at skin level, thank goodness, because with his first two hours it has been more than enough.

It is a smell rather nocturnal and of cold climates, I do not even want to think how it has to radiate this with the heat ...

The perfume is original and out of the current canons, but if you continue to have an interest in it, I recommend you try it better beforehand, lest you take a surprise.
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Top Review 18  
In the battle zone
Several tubers and roots lay in the frying basket and sizzle before themselves.

"Iris butter makes a slender foot," he told me and dipped the basket into the boiling oil.

Car tires coquettied around us and created a diffuse atmosphere.

He held a can of varnish paint in front of my face. "Try it?"

A skull label adorned the container, always a sign for connoisseurs.

I had a sip. Fruity.

"How long have you lived out here at the junkyard?"

From his large coat pocket he took an artfully crafted small box with
Tobacco and paper.

"We've been here forever. Outsiders communities have existed in principle ever since mankind came into existence. We're not gonna die."

We smoked.

"And you're writing something for a perfume blog?"

"Yes, somehow I got stuck there."

"I like it."

He offered me a small, artfully made box.

"This is a homemade cream, try it."

She was gentle and smelled a little stinging of a wound balm. I massaged my face with it.

"This is high tech," he said with a smile.

"Oh, may I?" A guy with a briefcase and a suit came running up and smeared some of it in his face.

"How does this fit into the Warriors' image? Don't you want to come over tough?"

"None of us wants to come across in any way."

"So no martial man fantasies?"

"Isn't it hardest to admit one's imperfection?"

I was brooding.

"It's actually quite simple," he said, "me and you have a picture of me. Both are true."

He laughed coughing and spat on the floor.

Then he took his cigarette between the corners of his mouth and looked for the fried rolls.

"All we want is to be allowed to be different. Without fear."

I took another sip from the paint can. I didn't quite get what he meant by that.

"You're a colorful troupe, I must say. Apart from the hygiene conditions, it seems to me that there is quite a peaceful coexistence here."

"Oh, we have a biocomposting facility, it's absolutely odorless. Otherwise, rub yourself in with some melted car tire. This also protects against UV radiation. Pure luxury."

"Do you think I could stay with you for a few days to see how you do this?"

"This is your choice. I don't think there's anyone who would mind. Look at everything in peace."

He put the fried tubers on our plates and tasted with some lemon juice.

I bit with pleasure into one of the rolls. It tasted bland.

I kept that impression to myself.

"Come on, I want you to meet Bertrand. He's brewing an exquisite scent right now."
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96 Reviews
Helpful Review 5  
Leather Warriors
I don't have a professionally trained nose so I will just write what comes to mind when I smell this perfume: it opens with a juicy pomegranate note, with hints of green. Quickly, the leather comes out: this is not a soft and mellow leather but a pure birch tar dry balsamic leather. Very masculine but of course, I would gladly wear this as well. There are some spices and other things but I cannot pinpoint all that is going on. This fragrance is very complex. The point is that it is unique (at least in what I have smelled), the packaging is beautiful and it captures the Russian spirit.
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