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Club Design / Scent Tattoo by The Zoo
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Club Design is a popular perfume by The Zoo for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is synthetic-animal. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Musk, Atlas cedar, Sandalwood, Lily, Mimosa, Blackcurrant, Grapefruit



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Interesting Facts

This fragrance won the Art & Olfaction Awards 2018 in the Artisan category.
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"New Car Interior"
Club Design opens with a fizzy, petrichor-like humid earthy smell, as well as a pungently marine, almost fishy saltiness. The humid earthiness reminds me of the opening of Thierry Blondeau Narcisse Emoi, while the brash fishy note smells like a relative of Calone to me. Because of the pungency of the opening, and my struggle with most synthetic fishy marine notes, Club Design can be quite nauseating to me, unless on a hot day when the opening evaporates much more quickly.

The soft suede leather reveals itself on my skin usually around 2 hours in, and doesn't completely shake off the fizzy humid earthy aspect and pervasive fishy marine note until after about 5 hours. I can see the rubber/new car interior comparison, as the fragrance is indeed quite artifical-smelling for a leather-themed perfume, but more on an overall, abstract level. On a more specific detail level, I'd agree more with the comparison to Hermès Galop, as the suede in both perfumes shares this chewy texture similar to turkish delight to me, as well as an abstract musky fruity undertone. However, the fruity syrup in Galop is replace by fake petrichor and artificial marine notes here at first, and then by a more heightened medicinal bitterness of saffron later on.

When those artifical-smelling opening notes completely disappear in the late dry down, Club Design is indeed quite comfortable as a sleek suede skin scent, flankered by a discreet musky fruity woody cedar to my nose. The sillage is usually moderate on my skin, while the longevity is often 8-9 hours with one good spray.

My opinions on Club Design have been constantly swinging left and right during those a few weeks when I wore it. At first I was instantly repulsed by the difficult opening notes, then I began to doubt whether its artificality is actually a masterstroke, and again I question myself if I'd given Club Design a second thought if it had come out from a brand with a much lower profile than the Zoo, and again and again. But then, when I compare it to other perfumes that play around the idea of artificiality, such as Vaporocindro and Dinudisit by January Scent Project, Womanity by Thierry Mugler, La Fin du Monde by Etat Libre d'Orange, Club Design doesn't feel as compelling as them to me.

While I was initially taken aback by most of them, the dissonance between unabashedly synthetic elements and more natural-smelling elements soon evolves into an unexpected harmony as well as a fascinating, complex puzzle that draws me in. But Club Design just feels like layering an elegant suede perfume with openly synthetic elements to make it more "edgy". The suede skin scent is proper, the synthetic petrichor and marine notes are provocative, and a salty suede leather skin scent has great potential, but the end result in Club Design doesn't seem to elevate the idea beyond individual elements.

As a side note, I only tested Club Design on my skin, but haven't yet tried it as a fabric scent as it's intended (apparently its coumarin and safranal exceeds the upper limit for a skin perfume according to the official website). It's possible that it might work better on fabric, but as a personal perfume, I would only recommend Club Design if you're looking for a scent reminiscent of "new car interior" with an unapologetically synthetic vibe.
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Uncommented Fragrances No. 127

Whatever Christophe Laudamiel, enfant terrible of the fragrance scene (just look at his complete works), star at IFF Inc. and now may have ridden head and nose behind his own brand "The Zoo": this is extreme fabric, avant-garde, bulky, yet joyful to wear, darkly fascinating. In simple terms, you can't get this stuff out of your head. It was not for nothing that the fragrance won the Art & Olfaction Award 2018 in the Artisan category (see above). The same fragrance is, by the way, mysteriously also available under the name Scent Tattoo (for hints and explanations see on the homepage) and that fits better. Once applied to the skin, you have the feeling that subcutaneous layers are reached and something connects more strongly with your body than you would like.

In fact, Scent Tattoo / Club Design almost has something threatening, which always fascinates, is heavy metal in fragrance form: heavy, massive, sluggish, dragging, maybe even loud, but still very satisfying when you deal with it: Catharsis.

First the inclined nose notices an artificial leather note, which Luca Turin, who currently considers this fragrance one of the best, describes as a gum note. That is quite understandable, but I like my idea with the artificial leather just as much. Apparently cacophonous, but miraculously also harmonious, the above-mentioned fruity notes mix with the odour (sometimes I smell cassis more clearly and sometimes not) and drag the senses in one direction and the other.

In the drydown, a musky note becomes more clearly discernible, which previously was not yet penetrated by the loud tones. You could smell wood if you wanted to.

I'm taking a closer look at Christophe Laudamiel's scents right now and a blog might follow.
Scent Tattoo is for the time being the most impressive of the fragrances suffered with joyful effort: muscle ache for the nose.

Attention: Leaves scars!
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Tetrodox 14 months ago
Dried cleaned piece of leather fabric soaked in gin & grapefruit cocktail and dipped in melted plastic ;-) Amazingly addictive! Thanks Nadja+2

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