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Alien Man is a new perfume by Mugler / Thierry Mugler for men and was released in 2018. The scent is spicy-woody. It is being marketed by Clarins.

Fragrance Notes

Dill, Smoky beechwood, Leather, Cashmere wood, Osmanthus, White amber



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8.0 5.0 5.0 8.0/10
It just doesn't smell like a MUGLER to me
A few weeks ago I got a free sample of Alien Man and I was quite astonished about the trail I got right away the initial spray. As it turns out, it just doesn't smell like a MUGLER to me, which it's not a bad thing, yet you should not be biased and expecting kind of like the jasmine-based Alien, the candy floss and patchouli bomb of Angel or A*Men. It’s very smooth and has an addictive, creamy and herbal leather quality.

Full of contrasts, Alien Man radiates positive raw energy and develops through three different stages and vibes. It belongs to the aromatic, fougere, and herbal leather family. The olfactory tale starts with an enormous freshness of aromatic aniseed notes and reveals at the same time a backbone made of smoky bleech woody notes. With rich citrus and aromatic burst, it initially gives the impression of a classic aromatic cologne alike Armani Code or Dior Sauvage, but it doesn't and ain't a copy of those two. I get a blend of smoked and burnt woods, herbal dill, a bunch of anise in a sort of licorice, and a fruity apricot with citrus lemon for a while that burns off pretty quick. What is surprising is the addition of dill, a note that is detectable and very interesting but not off-putting, which gives a very green feel to the fragrance, including the burnt accord, which is so unusual in the head notes. Dill is one of the aromatic herbs I like most, especially when used together with pickle and salmon, which are not part of this scent, of course! In here, the very unique smell of this herb is softened some by the anise to make an eccentric but befitting aromatic awakening. Unlike others, beech wood has several other advantages, one of its famous properties is it odorless. Therefore, the smoked note is not related to any known wood, but it's just a burnt aroma that blends with the other top notes. An aromatic opening where the freshness of dill is contrasted by the smoothness of beech wood. Alien Man starts cool and fresh with a clean and crackling energy that I would describe as sporty. There is a grainy, solid texture to the opening accord that gives Alien Man a rugged, handsome vibe.

Very quickly, we transition to the heart thanks to a rich lavender note.
The true star of the show is Alien Man’s heart, which is a vivid leathery experience with a smoky essence. Cashmeran reveals itself with a piney yet leathery scent of freshly-cut wood, providing a supporting layer of creamy, hay-like woods. This accords well with osmanthus, a fruity yet musky oriental blossom reminiscent of apricot. Meantime, geraniums add a floral note before the birch tar emerges with an overt smoky extension to the wood and leather bouquet. Leather can often be harsh with an overtly smoky, tarry or fleshy character, however, this leather is the supplest and lightest one, a buttery smooth piece of leather. Together the cashmeran and leather merge to create an endless sense of softness.

Although the heart fades, it leaves a trace of the bird tar’s smokiness as we descend into the base. We first pick out just a hint of sweet vanilla thanks to a benzoin note. The benzoin interacts with musky labdanum and earthy patchouli in order to produce a white amber accord. After 6 hours the white amber comes through strong and changes this into a sweet, beautiful skin scent that mixes well with your natural odor. One cannot tell whether it is sweet, sour, warm or cold. It presents a whirlwind of contrasts that leave one guessing.

Ultimately, Alien Man is perfect for the autumn season thanks to its blend of aromatics, woods, and spices. There’s perfect harmony between warm and cool notes that capture the spirit of the season perfectly. Nevertheless, it will also perform quite well during the winter and wouldn't be too out of place during the spring. However, it’s certainly not a summer fragrance by any means. When it comes to the best time of day for wearing Alien Man, it’s very much a daytime fragrance. It feels rather appropriate for when the sun is at its peak but will lose effectiveness as it begins to set.
Meanwhile, the longevity is somewhere between poor and average. As such, you’ll need a travel atomizer for regular top-ups. Not the Thierry Mugler we know, much more approachable scent by the daring perfumery, a refreshing blend of smoky wood and rich spices.

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10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10
On my 2nd bottle...
I just cant get enough of this wonderful cologne. It smells divine in all stages of devolopment on my skin but i prefer the drydown. That smooth leather mixed with white amber is fantastic.
I bought it since its release back in may of last year. I already finished my 1st bottle and im now mid through my second 100ml.
What can i add more...Mugler Alien Man is one of my favorites. And good thing is my wife likes it too. :)
Oh dear....
I was looking forward to this with much anticipation. I love Alien for women and was hoping the men’s version was going to be something bold and daring as well. But after years of waiting, this release disappointed greatly. I am very proud of the fact that just hours after my YouTube review was released Mugler announced they are coming out with a flanker (they must have saw me asking for a flanker :) ). Hopefully it will fix the mundane problems this bottle has.

6.0 7.0 7.0 6.0/10
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Greatly helpful Review    41
Aliens - The Meeting
The perfume room-infinite vastness...

"We are in a distant future. These are the adventures of the new spaceship Parfumo, which travels many light years from Earth to discover strange noses, unknown scents and new creations. The perfume penetrates into bottles that no one has ever seen before."

Parfumo's Captain's Log /> Stardate 26112018
Captain Schoork
A few moons ago we penetrated the so-called Mugler system and witnessed a gigantic encounter of different species. The hosts were the Xenomorphs from planet LV-426 in their gigantic indoor swimming pool, at least it smelled a little like chlorine. Strange guys who drool all the time and somehow have problems with their jaws. Well. They had all come, the Predators, the Ambroxans, the Harvesters, Wookies and many more, including such a little grey, but he always wanted to go home and later called a taxi.

A guy in such a dark frock held a speech for a while and was of the opinion that one should proclaim the 1st Galactic Perfume Empire, it was generally about having a bad image and conquering unkempt worlds. A guy named TaserFace (what a stupid name) said he was neat enough. Another said you had to smell like Kevin Bacon. Must be a big deal.

A Xenomorph had a sample of an exile with him, which he had brewed for test purposes and given it to an Ewok, but that dissolved relatively quickly, the Ewok by the way also.

A Ferengi next to us had the idea, you could cross his salad with a tree, but the idea was quite DILLetantish.

After some Klingons said that you only need to light a tree and throw some whale meat on it, there were heated debates. On the one hand one would have to travel into the past again to catch whales, that's already happened and on the other hand the earth would be endangered by numerous invasions. Here we said Nö.

A guy from Titan just casually said he only needed a few colored stones for his glove and the problem would at least be halved. But now some of them had a problem with.

Our board doctor Pulle had then stirred together a synthetic version of a sweet-scratched wood in the replicator and then at the end showed this to the people here with different reactions. A predator chased himself, a xenomorph hopped back into his egg and a guy from the Saint Colonia moon asked if it was carnival again. Some Borg assimilated each other relatively frequently.

Admittedly, it smelled quite penetrating, a bit green and woody and a young woman named Gamora and a little green one with pointed ears and bad sentence construction were quite taken with it.

Pulle was very proud, because the stuff looked really long and some went home satisfied again. For those who were not so enthusiastic, Pulle unter der Hand was only called Plörre. His idea to sell Cashmeran as Kashmir wood was probably only partially successful. But it got a little fresher at the end.
I for my part hope that we will find better things in the Mugler system than such a barren planet and wish me back to the Kirschmond Pure Havane.

So we could at least prevent an invasion, bring back the balance a little and create some missing home.

With Warp 7 we took a shower.
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8.0 6.0 6.0 6.5/10
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Bloodletting: apparently back in fashion
Another comment I've been putting off forever. Writing is simply not so much fun when there is little to discuss and the result is not good. I want to love the creations! But even Haus Mugler does not make it easy for us men at the moment.

Meanwhile the hype seems to have died here, too, since 2 months no contribution to Alien Man. This also reflects well the reality: with those in turquoise and elsewhere - or completely nevertheless only in the area Berlin - the extraterrestrial did not strike waves. But anyway, let's get on with it!

Alien Man, to put it nicely, is discreet. Regarding the music tree: a little bit of everything, but not more. Cashmere wood, osmanthus and white amber should provide a soft, "warm", pleasant base, which is also somewhat sweet and powdery. Fortunately, the little bit of leather doesn't bite its base; the smoky coat fits only moderately, but the dill stands next to this colorful pile with a questioning facial expression and elicits similar sentiments from the tester [me]. So: soft and powdery with leather, smoke and dill[??]. Reminds me of "This is [email protected] & Voltaire".

I like the bottle, reminiscent of brutalism. He could thus express hardness, robustness, seriousness; whether this was planned in this way will probably remain unclear. But the discrepancy between appearance and being can unfortunately not be rationalized away. Conclusion:
Portable, but every perfumer should be able to call better things his own. By Mugler, but still bloodless.
8.0 6.0 6.0 3.5/10
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...and that takes so many years?
A fragrance doesn't always have to reinvent the wheel to please (me).
A fragrance doesn't have to be a hack-on-the-smell to arouse (my) interest.
However, a fragrance must make at least one statement, have character or recognition value.
Very deeply broken down a scent (for me) must have something (perfume-)artistic to show.

I always liked Mugler. Mainly, of course, because A*Men is undoubtedly a classic that was way ahead of its time; or has it just met the zeitgeist of that time and played a major role in shaping it? Until today (you can like A*Men as a fragrance or not) this fragrance is unique.
B*Men came in 2004, so it's now 11 years since Ice*Men launched the last "new" men's fragrance. The various A*Men variations I have now quite cheekily disregarded.
The result is for me shocking and disappointing at the same time.

In the last few years I have really smelled almost everything that came under my nose. And I can say with a clear conscience that more than 100 fragrances went exactly in the same direction. And they haven't even knocked me off my feet yet.
Alien Man - with a hint of leather (it is indeed a hint of...), the osmanthus and the cashmeran, surrounded by a sweet smoky note is hardly to be surpassed in blandness, boredom and lack of character. Admittedly, the individual building blocks do not sound bad, not to say good. However, the fragrance smells unimaginative and loveless throughout. In terms of lightness, it could even be a sports fragrance.
I can not recognize a correct smell process, because the Sillage goes clearly however the durability paired with the already "airy" Konsestenz leads to the fact that it weakens on my skin quite fast In addition, the whole fragrance looks remarkably synthetic and smells almost cheap for me (and I don't mean the price...). It could also be used as a drugstore fragrance without any problems.

Very unfortunate, however, this characterless lukewarm breeze is simply not a good fragrance.
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7.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10
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Greatly helpful Review    11
More E.T. than Xenomorph
At an "alien" for men I expected nothing less than a fully trained crusher. The women's classic is still as potent as three rugby teams. But "Alien Man" is quite contrary to many expectations / fears / hopes a quiet, almost daily and around the year wearable comrade, who reminds of his purple aunt in the remotest, but generally independent and fine does his thing. Almost a little boring... who would have thought.

"Alien Man" is a powdery-sweet, liqueury and slightly flowery leather softie. At first that doesn't sound too discouraging for gentlemen, but most of the time he remains inconspicuous and tame. How do you do? Something reminds him of "Prada L'Homme", but with a more spacy outline. Nothing completely from this world, but its shell of (minimal) dill and leather and osmanthus makes it something special. Hard to describe, it is worth giving him several chances and getting to know him. Just because of his delicious drydown. It is definitely not a bestseller that catches the masters of our creation in the top note. "Alien Man" has more sides and colors than a Rubix cube and reminds me with its camouflagigen kind somewhat of "Antidote". Really, you never know what's coming. Which is not necessarily a pro-argument for an everyday companion. But maybe he's just a human being and is actually from Krypton? Or volcano? Or Iceland? Or he's really Manuel Neuer?

Flacon: it should have been a brighter colour...
Sillage: amazingly quiet... i'd expected something quite different here too.
Durability: first you think it won't last long, but then comes the beautiful, long Finnish. Nine hours.

Conclusion: many have hoped for a great fragrance and some have gotten it, but who would have expected such an understatement from Mugler's mens aliens? Portable, powdery, nice and yet anything but ordinary. The basis is the highlight! Wrong world!
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Love at the third glance
Since I know the Alien women from a colleague and like them very much,
i thought I'd try the Aliem Man.
The first time I didn't like the start at all, but the later course was always better.
Now I have got myself 50 ml and like the smell meanwhile very much what I would not have thought at first.
Since I am still a newcomer in the world of fragrances, I cannot describe the individual fragrances.
I find in very pleasant. Spicy and it holds very well.
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8.0 6.0 6.0 6.5/10
Very helpful Review    6
Introverted Extraterrestrial
I was really excited to see that Mugler finally launched a masculine version of legendary Alien. I was convinced it would be some crazy masculine jasmine composition. Extroverted and intoxicating. I must confess I was a little bit disappointed after finally checking Alien Man on my skin. Just to clarify, masculine Alien is a solid release, but somehow also a victim of feminine version’s success. It has some interesting aspects, and some courage compared to other designer releases. However, I always expect more from Mugler.
Alien Man starts with some dark, and to my nose syrupy herbal dill/thyme bouquet accompanied by lavender touch. These herbal aspects are smooth and polished, but clearly present. Personally, I am not a fan of dill, but I can tolerate it in this composition. From the very start of the fragrance strong is the unidentified woods with some pale powdery aspects probably due to cashmere wood. As time goes by, vegetal leather and amber become the main players. These accords have some leather and amber aspects, but they are somehow not full blooded and artificial. The whole composition is dusky, sedate and introverted. It is interesting, but not on the first sniff. For “normal” consumers I consider it too peculiar, and for fragheads too timid, shy and safe. Still, I believe it could grow on me during winter. Definitely try this Alien by yourself and hope it will bring you more intergalactic wonders.

Rating: 6.5 / 10
4.0 5.0 6.0 4.0/10
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Very helpful Review    29
Exciting as the pharmacies Umschau
If a new and loudly announced perfume bears such a notorious name as this one, then it is not easy to completely ignore the connotations of its name spade when testing it. In short: when testing Alien Man not to think at least subliminally of Alien in the lady variant, is absolutely a hopeless undertaking - and that is in my opinion the authoritative and almost only product characteristic of this so long expected new men's fragrance from the house of Thierry Mugler.

Alien, the scent of women, has a reputation like thunder: loud, polarizing, memorable. One that only very few people comment on with a shrug of the shoulders - and so I expected the men's version as one that provokes and challenges. In volume and self-confidence somewhere between 1 million and Aventus - and in their sales spheres the product managers at Clarins would probably also like to see him. In fact - and I can hardly believe it as I write it - Alien Man is a really random little water.

I had expected a yelping grip on the crotch, something pornographic, lowered - if anything (again) nothing extraterrestrial. One who is ostracized by his critics and acclaimed by his disciples - just like Alien for the ladies. Instead I smell an Alkopop-Autoscooter-Intro, cuddled a thousand times again, and a Drydown, which has as amazing as hardly coincidental similarity with Abercrombie & Fitchs legendary Fierce, for whose level of out one would have to invent a new word in the meantime
Conclusion: a lame student scent - as cosmopolitan and sexy as the pharmacies Umschau. From a commercial point of view it can work, but still: nothing more could be done?
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6.0 1.0 1.0 3.5/10
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Helpful Review    8
We never look for things, we look for them. Blaise Pascal
I'm looking for a new great scent from Mugler. One that's gonna hit like the A-Men in another century. I'm looking forward to a fragrance worth reordering.
I'm looking for a zeitgeist in a new product that makes me think about it every day with a smile.

All this I thought to myself when Clarins sent this scent home to me by sample.

I'm afraid I haven't found what I'm looking for here. Pure disillusionment.
As a Mugler, Azzaro or rather Clarins fan, I'm so sobered.
Too bad, too bad, too bad.

In the beginning, when I sprayed it on, I wanted to surprise myself about the first "button" of this fragrance.
Then I took the other hand, because maybe I'm already forgetful, because I didn't smell anything at all.
But the scent was there, far too little.
So I sprayed it again and something came into my nose. Just what is that?
The alien is more of an alien.
So inconspicuous and shy, that's no men's scent. More like the first perfume for five-year-old girls.
Really the only thing that could be male is smoked wood which reminds of a pipe tobacco.
This impression goes three minutes felt, then yawning emptiness.
How can you put such an unfinished fragrance on the market??
The heart and base notes cannot unfold because they have simply been forgotten!
No chance, with the little taste. Has any distillation water been used instead of a fragrance?
Maybe the right fragrance has landed in a new Clarins face cream and the distilled water has been confused by the trainee?
I'm probably not gonna be smart about this indefinable something?

He weakly reminds me of a scent a long time ago, was it Ricci Club? Was it Minotaure?
It's Pancaldi eau de Toilette! If you can compare this copy.

In the end I almost fainted, because I could not recognize anything and suddenly started to hyperventilate Tragic if you spray on a sample and after 15 minutes Game is already over.

Maybe tomorrow I will have to go to the ENT specialist to find out what the problem is, and then I will be pleased to find out what a great masterpiece has been created here.
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7.0 5.0 5.0 5.0/10
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Helpful Review    8
Extraterrestrial Prophecy
The world is at the Arsc*. The aliens have known this for a long time and therefore they leave us a message with this scent: The apocalypse is just around the corner. This time December 21, 2021. *BaDum-Tss*

For me and certainly for some others, this fragrance was a hope for 2018. I don't have much experience with Mugler fragrances. Nevertheless, I admire the female alien version: a dominant fragrance with authentic floral notes. Not necessarily the right fragrance for every woman. Nevertheless very unusual and successful, and one of the few women's fragrances that you can recognize immediately.

Since the female alien version impressed me, I had the same expectations of the male version. For almost a year now I've been working with fragrances and have never been so excited about a release like this.

The extraordinary in the male version is missing from front to back. The scent is quite "OK", but miserable for the price. I would not spend more than 10€ for this fragrance.

Alien Man begins at least a little bit interesting: something flowery and spicy seems to be sniffable without the fragrance appearing feminine. A little powderiness is also present at the beginning, along with soft woody-sweet notes. All this already looks a bit "dark" and would be a scent for the cloudy days in the transition periods.

After this prelude, the fragrance also loses the few interesting characteristics it has to offer. It becomes slightly musty and the leather note remains lifeless and dull. In addition, a sweet, liquorice-like scent is added, which also has a very synthetic effect. And that's it. That's it, that's it. Maybe a little harsh shower gel note. That's all that comes after it. Absolutely meaningless.

All this is also very weak on the skin. It lacks intensity and sillage.

Here the potential was not exploited at all. This scent is really the opposite of the original alien (I don't have to explain that in detail). I also can't imagine that Alien Man will somehow sell himself well. A target group doesn't even occur to me. This fragrance does not provide a clear message, except for the one that tells us that we will soon have to bite the dust.
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8.0 5.0 5.0 8.0/10
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Another one bites the dust...
I'm a bit irritated by the comments, because the first thing that came to mind when I smelled him today was expectant... I know that. Except he's got nothing to do with the ladies' version of Alien. Weak imagination Mugler, with it is the last hope bearer around an impressive smell in the drugstore to bring also from the table. I can't judge it completely badly because it's a mixture of other known fragrances that I've rated relatively well already. This is a sweet, powdery mix of well-known mainstream fragrances from Prada, YSL, Versace and Co.

Now Mugler has also joined this trend and is thus a further grip into the toilet, which one is almost used to from other brands.

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8.0 6.0 9.0 8.0/10
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I'm an alien eating cucumber herb in my stylish-spacigem spaceship

For years I have tested many alien scents here under sweaty work (actually rather sweaty by nervousness, since I had to loiter at lady departments...). I have tried almost the entire palette of this fragrance series over and over again, which make of you ladies, although you are delightful enough, even more hot and above all delicious biteable creatures! Yes yes, I used this phrase for the first time with alien scents, so I can use it again with a Mugler scent now :D

And now... now the men's version of these scents is finally here! No more Angel-Man, who needs getting used to and sometimes even smells like running away! No more jealous "to the lady scent shelf-strable", because women have so many great scents more than we men.

Finally we have a fragrance that makes us guys look delicious. To nibble on, to bite on, to .... well, I save further here rather times :D
Anyway, I hope that this fragrance also has such a great effect and comes across as good as the women's fragrances of this series just go down well with us guys (well, at least I like the women's fragrances :D)... well, I'll see that soon!

Ahh, hopefully it's as cool as Star Wars, and not as lame as Star Trek! Mu ha ha ha,... * sighs* Star Trek fans may forgive me here!!! And hey, this is a scent for guys, I can mention Star Wars again for once, especially now that the new movie is almost in the movies!!! D

The fragrance:
The fragrance actually starts very short with the herb and herb dill, which in my opinion you can smell really good when spraying on and which also smells very nice. However, this fragrance disappears again very soon, so that you can smell sweet amber, leather and wood. There is also a small, woody-smoky scent cloud.
In the beginning, the fragrance may seem a bit too synthetic, but over time, or to put it another way, this synthetic can always be smelled, but it's not that bad with this fragrance. It smells more like the synthetics of well-made, synthetic fragrances such as Nikos Sculpture, so in a good way, it's not the kind of synthetics where a fragrance looks cheap.
For a while the leather is slightly stronger than the other fragrances, especially in the heart. But then it becomes softer towards the base and therefore more pleasant. I don't really like leather so much in fragrances, but here I found this fragrance quite okay, especially as I said later.
In the base you can smell more amber and wood. The woods are soft, but rather indefinable. They are no longer very smoky as they were at the beginning, but the fragrance still has a certain resinous note. The synthetic remains, but is also weaker now, but smells not bad here as I said. Sure, the mainstream impression remains of course, but what the hell, I don't find that disturbing here...

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Differently than perhaps from Mugler smells used the smell did not become a firecracker, even if the Sillage is not weak now. I would say, the charisma is in a good range, but without leaving a gigantic scent cloud.
I think the shelf life is damn good, because the fragrance lasts 12 hours. With a higher dosage you can also smell the scent lightly on your skin the next morning.

The bottle:
The bottle looks quite nice with its angular design, but has not become as great as the women's versions. One could almost think that the simple and clear lines of the bottle make it look more "brave" and solid, rather than Mugler having the courage to design something fancy. But nevertheless, it is quite nice and the spray head is much more comfortable to use than these stupid sprayers of the A-Man series...

Sooo,... Alien One certainly doesn't reinvent the wheel... um, the spaceship, since it reminds of some existing scents and, strictly speaking, hardly offers anything unusual like Alien for the ladies. However, it is simply a solid, fragrant fragrance that smells nice of woods, amber and some leather, of course with synthetic notes (which are okay here) and a light, resinous powderiness.

In my opinion, the chances that the fragrance will become a top seller are good! But the fragrance will also share the fate of the ladies aliens at some point: At some point, I guess everyone just gets tired of it! Well, we'll see if the scent becomes something like a million!

But still, it really isn't bad, it's perfect for going out, for example, instead of using it during the day, but I repeat again: It hasn't really become anything special, just a scent that "lies" well in the nose, if you have nothing against synthetic.
I could imagine that it could go down well with some of them (so with the ladies, at least I hope so, he he) and the scent might actually make you "tasty"?

On the other hand, I sprayed it on myself pretty hard, and no pig... uhh, I didn't mean any lady turned to me even once... waaaah... I seem to be repulsive *heul*
*sigh* Hopefully it was only the hot weather and that many scents were already in the air, so that this one was hardly noticed here with me, waaah!... *hoff hoff*

Well, he's definitely worth a test. Don't expect too much! He is nice, but probably not the expected firecracker!
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Jazzy76 15 days ago
Really an ALIEN because different from the other Mugler's creations: softly warm but not so strong, refined, with a feminine soul too. Good!
Elysium 19 days ago
Not the Thierry Mugler we know, a much more approachable scent by the daring perfumery, a refreshing blend of smokey wood and rich spices.+2

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