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Alien Man Fusion is a new perfume by Mugler / Thierry Mugler for men and was released in 2019. The scent is synthetic-spicy. It is being marketed by Clarins.

Fragrance Notes

Ginger, Cinnamon, Osmanthus, Leather, Smoky beechwood, Green coffee



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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 24.08.2019
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Unisex all along the line
What an alien, as already described really something special and my new spring fragrance. To all the ladies out there for me a unisex scent, dare you... and of course also to all gentlemen
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8.0 6.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    17
Rubber chew they call that on Xoataclukli
One of the first comments I read about the new "Alien Man Fusion" by Thierry Mugler was: "Smells arbitrary, boring, lame and like 95% of all new releases today. Somewhere between Eros and Prada "L'Homme". I couldn't argue more vehemently! The original "Alien Man" was perhaps a little bit bland and tame for an "Alien", so it never ended up in my collection. But this merger has a lot to offer. A very curious, special and extraordinary fragrance. Anything but boring. No new off-the-shelf release. Demanding and insane. And that's great in the grey-sweet jumble from the olfactory chemistry labs of this world!

"Alien Fusion Man makes you smell. That much is clear. Either wow or fie, he'll polarize for sure. Is he a failed experiment or a brave taboo breaker? A vomit scent or a one-time signature? Garbage or art? The old question I don't have a 100% answer to yet. But I'm clearly leaning up my thumb. Just because something is tried and dared again. This must be supported and approached with caution. Maybe with a few more chances than other fragrances. Extremely synthetic, extremely novel, extremely ballsy.

This deep blue alien hermaphrodite is hardly identifiable. At least in terms of fragrance. It starts with a slightly minty-mild cream, then comes powdery imitation leather (maybe in purple?!) and later tilted coffee from Xanadu. "Alien Man Fusion" is a challenge and I understand disinclined noses and even tears. But I find him unique and remarkable. Closer to the angularity and "fuck it!" attitude of a "womanity" than his papa scent. For much hardly portable, for me a real hit and Mugler. Experimental, radiant, offworld. I've hit on this topic. Sit down. 1. With asterisks for explanations and warnings. Again: not everyone will like this confused alien, maybe even the least. He can be badly upset and confused. He's got latex skin and Hubbabubba breath. But he puts a smile on my face. At least discreetly dosed. After all, you don't smell a cinnamon osmanthus bouquet every day. And it's great that even in the designer sector not all ideas have shrunk and all eggs have shrunk. Now only the audience has to play along and at least respect this attempt. It doesn't have to be love.

Flacon: great sprayer, fine colour, unique. Alien halt.
Sillage: powdery, plausible, passable
Shelf life: I had 8 hours of it. More like more.

Conclusion: without doubt an alien. This time a mixture of Thanos and the Blob. It takes getting used to and different. Brave. Hit or miss. It suits me!
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10.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

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The Fusion Release rocks!
Summer 2018 Alien and I really didn't have a good start. It just shocked me too much. Why can you read my Alien Man comment.

But why now fusion?

I learned about the Flanker by accident. While browsing through a glossy men's magazine there was a big advertisement of Alien Fusion with a scent sample in it. You tear open a small field and you can smell it. I was so surprised that there was something new from Mugler that I had to leave the field immediately and then: Wow, that part is awesome!

Right the next day to the big D and sprayed.

The fragrance is fresher. Little more overcast. Less smoky.
Sillage top.

Flacon mega! The color's really good. Spray just as good as Dad's. I also really like design. Nice and symmetrical. And the new advertising campaign of the Fusion Release (Woman/Man) is just really good and one of the best I've ever seen.

Not an actor who digs in the desert or splashes in the pool with clothes, but these two beautiful flacons, one sexy red, the other seductively blue. In addition two eclipses in the background in blatant colors.

Yeah, I'm wearing alien. Yeah, I'm an alien
7.0 6.0 7.0 5.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    50
The 7th stone
The perfume room-infinite vastness...

"We are in a distant future. These are the adventures of the new spaceship Parfumo, which travels many light years from Earth to discover strange noses, unknown scents and new creations. The perfume penetrates into bottles that no one has ever seen before."

Parfumo's Captain's Log /> Stardate 24032019
Captain Schoork

We were on our way out of the Mugler system after attending quite a large meeting and preventing an intergalactic incident. This was finally due to our on-board doctor Pulle. He also got a few days vacation for it.

As a thank you we got a blue cylinder as a present, which looked really nice and which we put in the showcase. This one was glowing blue.

What we didn't know was that this was the so far unknown 7th Infinity stone, the so-called Miefstein.
You have to know that such a guy from Titan was really interested in the other 6 stones and liked to put them in his glove. Something he wanted to solve with it.

Now you have to know the following.
Before the universe, there were six singularities. After the Big Bang, these singularities manifested themselves in six mighty stones, the so-called infinity stones, which represent various aspects of the universe.

There is the space stone, the reality stone, the power stone, the thought stone, the time stone and the soul stone. Frankenstein wasn't one of them, by the way.

We had no idea which cargo we had on board and noticed relatively fast that the air changed. Scrapie could not find a fault in the atmosphere conversion generator, but the on-board computer reported an increased synthetic level in the air. On the bridge it smelled of cinnamon and in the kitchen of ginger tea, although nobody had used the replicator.
The whole crew also took a smell that was usually described as flowery mouldy-sweet. The whole thing tickled my nose and robbed me of my senses. We had gotten lost several times. In this condition we actually should not have flown at all.
To stay reasonably awake we drank coffee from the planet Salmjak 07. It tasted terrible, but helped a little.
However the tickle in the nose could not disappear completely, worse was actually only this strange sweet smell which we could not define more closely. A mixture of cinnamon, ginger and something not more definable, in addition still the smell of the coffee. Some of the Ferengi we had on board behaved very strangely and always hit the wall with their heads. A Borg cube we met quickly turned away again, which was also strange. It just... WE ARE THE BORG.... WE MUST WAY. But strangest of all was Mr. Spack. His ears hung down and he was all sad the first time he showed emotion. That wasn't logical for him.

Commander Schlönzke then noticed that the blue cylinder began to glow brighter. This was actually very nice, but worried us. After we couldn't filter the air any further and had to inhale this sweet plastic flower soup for hours, the coffee couldn't help any more we received a message from the Comet and his Captain Future. Who doesn't know the famous captain who wrote the book... Captain F. We aviators from train station Zoo.

He told us that this is the missing 7th Infinty stone, which makes you lose your olfactory senses and you don't have the right nose anymore in battle.
The Miefstein. Thanos had no idea and we decided that we had to get rid of the cylinder and beamed it into a galaxy that really no one has seen yet. In the quadrants Wo-Shi-Tegalis.

It could have been worse for us, but we got away with it again.
We were under ginger-sharp indefinable nasal shock for some hours and Pulle had to stop his vacation.

Once again, Parfumo had escaped with horror and continued her journey into the unknown.
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10.0 7.0 7.0 6.0/10

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There you try to look tasty once...
Hello and have a nice evening, perfumes (and perfumas)! Well, where did you put your noses again today? :DD

For me it was Alien Fusion by Thierry Mugler for the gentlemen. After all, since last year (2018) the spacige Alienreihe has also been available for us gentlemen, and it is almost certain that from now on there will be at least one new Flanker per year. Whether that's good or bad, well, you can argue about that, because tastes are always different. I personally think the women's fragrances are just great, well, most of them, and yes I also know that most girls can't see those fragrances anymore, but I still think that they just smell so great and..,... as I have mentioned in all my comments on these scents a thousand times, the girls absolutely dreamlike tasty to bite into the work let ... you know that from me, so you could let yourself nibble quietly times, but no, ... hmpf! D

With the alien scents for the gentlemen I could hope to look exactly like that now (so for you ladies, so that you can also find me to nibble on :DD But once again no, you or rather rather woman likes DonJuanDeCats cat, ... this furry son of a bitch ... *sigh*). But first, enough moaning. How did Alien Fusion become that way, which makes a great optical impression with its great, almost neon-blue color?

Well... unfortunately the bottle is the best thing about the fragrance, to say it in advance... but at least the fragrance is not a complete disaster!

The fragrance:
At the beginning I smell some sweet cinnamon, a lot of ginger and a synthetic sweet note, which I can't determine, but I know this fragrance mainly from summery (and also synthetic) scents, for example from the summer editions of the CK One scents. It's got a kind of smell that makes me feel like... believe it or not, the waffle of an ice cream. It's almost as if you're eating ice cream, almost finished devouring the ice cream scoops, and now you're starting the waffle of ice cream that's being filled by the rest of the ice cream. Of course, all this can only seem so to me, but I just didn't know how to describe this kind of sweetness differently. Anyway, this is not a bad scent in itself, it looks nice, but it also has a big portion of synthetic.
Unfortunately, after about ten minutes there is still a scent that has disturbed me personally very much. He sometimes even smelled disgusting like... oh, that's really hard to describe again... so I'll just say like a wet-sucked thumb that starts to smell disgusting! :D Sorry, but I just couldn't think of anything better! DD (Maybe this is a too high dosed ginger, which may have tilted a little in the bottle, I don't know, if I should test the scent again, then I'll correct it here accordingly, if it should smell differently during further tests!
Fortunately, this strange scent disappears very soon. And especially from the base, the fragrance then smells much better again. It still smells like this waffle note, which is a kind of powdery tonka bean scent, along with other sweet scents, all of which, as I said, are quite synthetic. I couldn't smell leather at all, and I don't really find the smell woody either. As I said, the base is nice again, but also highly irrelevant, because you know this kind of scent now from everywhere.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is good, the scent is quite good to smell for a few hours, and despite the peculiar beginning I don't find the scent really overwhelming, because the bad smelling scent disappears again. The shelf life is six to seven hours, which is above average or still good.

The bottle:
The bottle is the real secret star here. It has the shape of the first bottle of Alien Man. So it's rectangular and rather angular and looks like a spacy crystal in a wonderful blue color. If it were light blue, I would have said as a known nerd for sure that it would fit well to Superman's Fortress of Solitude... :D
The spray head has been integrated into the bottle, as is usual with Mugler, so that there is no lid. As I said, this is an excellent bottle that should also look extremely good on the shelf.

Okay... uh no!
Alien Fusion for men is a fragrance that is a bit boring (at least for being a Thierry Mugler) and also smells synthetic. Well, the synthetics don't bother me as much here, as they remind me of CK One summer scents, which aren't really great scents, but they aren't that bad either, so that you could use a CK One summer scent (or a summer scent from Issey Miyake etc.) one summer or the other. Because you shouldn't expect much, but in my opinion you don't make a mistake with these scents, because they are loose and fresh and so seen already quite nice. And Mugler fragrances always had something synthetic about them anyway, but with this fragrance here the synthetics are more pronounced than one is used to.

It is especially suitable as a party and night scent (for younger ones) in spring and summer, but Alien Fusion unfortunately costs a bit more than the other scents like CK, Issey Miyake, Jil Sander or other brands with similar smelling scents, so it's not worth the price for me for the scent... but you can still take a "look" at it.

I had liked the first Alien Man fragrance better here, although the first fragrance was also quite synthetic. The best thing about this fragrance here is rather the excellent bottle, unfortunately not more. Maybe I'm disappointed because I expected too much because of the beautiful bottle and I liked most of the Alien women's fragrances so much that I had expected something great for men (...let's see how Alien Fusion is for women...).
And I'm also disappointed that I'm apparently not going to make a tasty impression on ladies, I think, anyway, where ... this synthetic sweetness is not so bad now ... comes to me sniff ... :DD

That was it then also already from me and I wish you all a beautiful evening, as well as also a beautiful weekend :)
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8.0 6.0 6.0 5.5/10

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Unfortunately not better
The new Alien Man merger is yesterday
arrived at my place.
Full of expectation immediately showered and dieselled...........
The first impression:
Slightly spicebombig, citric. Instead of the green coffee, I take a fir tree fragrance was.
Definitely no banger and also
not even as good as its predecessor.
The durability is not even close to
like the alien man.
Maybe he'll get a little better
if it still ripens a little.
The scent is still quite young.
Too bad.....
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