Angel (2019)Eau de Toilette

Version from 2019
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Angel (2019) (Eau de Toilette) is a new perfume by Mugler / Thierry Mugler for women and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-fruity. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Clarins.


Louise Turner

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMandarin, Peony
Heart Notes Heart NotesPraliné, Apple
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Blond woods, Cedar



8.1 (47 Ratings)


8.1 (42 Ratings)


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8.8 (60 Ratings)
Submitted by Alexandraa, last update on 08.12.2019.
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They were once the two angels, Ur-Engel and Eau Sucrée.
The primal angel was the older of the two and everyone knew him.
Even here in the countryside he was constantly seen wandering with the most different women and girls.
They all wanted this sweet angel for themselves, but the primal angel simply did not want to grow up or commit himself despite his age. So he let himself be used by any lady who wanted him, which didn't do his reputation much good.

His younger brother, however, Eau Sucrée ... i tell you,
the two could hardly have been more different even though they looked almost the same.
He was more reserved and a little cooler, almost frosty. He was surrounded by that certain aura. Although he was really sweet as sugar, he never got the attention his brother had and probably didn't want it either.
He was seen from time to time throughout the year in the city, often alone on the way and unapproachable.
Very few people were interested in Him, some thought 'He is just like his brother' and others were already addicted to the slightly intrusive primordial angel and simply had no interest in Him.

The father of the two was the head of the secret Mugler Circle. He loved his sons equally, but noticed that neither had it easy. So he decided to let the best qualities of the two flow into a new angel and to send him to earth in the pre-Christmas time. He should be the perfect angel warm and cool at the same time, sweet and frosty and at the same time calm a little pushy, but in a reserved way..... and he succeeded.

The fragrance itself:
A fragrance that combines many contrasts. Sometimes you just have to bite the sour apple to appreciate the sweet praline.
The fragrance starts off just like Angel Eau Sucrée. I smell frosty berries that are somehow not stated in the scent progression and that cool, sugary touch. The whole thing gets warm very quickly and you notice this chocolaty Angel, but with less patch and a little more dark chocolate. All in all very harmonious and much more cuddly than Eau Sucrée, despite the strong similarity.
Even if I personally don't like the primal angel because it is too sweet and too strong for me, I love this soft Angel DNA paired with Eau Sucrée.

A great fragrance for the pre-Christmas season, even if some certainly outraged again in the world
shout out: ' AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH NOT NO ENGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '
Angels simply belong to Christmas.
Shelf life is about 6 hours.
Becomes extremely warm and sensual after approx. 3-4 hours close to the skin.
I recommend to simply test him without expectation and impartiality.
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My star in the fishing sky
About 10 years ago, when I slowly mutated into a perfume junkie, I suffered a real fishing trauma...
I remember it was summer and we went on a school trip to Frankfurt - and of course we girls stormed the turquoise giant and sprayed and tested wildly (embarrassing;-)).
I noticed a large, blue bottle; according to the colour a fresh summer scent and I immediately missed 2 generous splashes - the people who sat next to me in the theatre afterwards may have hopefully forgiven me....

So much for the "Ur-Angel", which I found terrible at the time and which almost stuck my nose.
I felt 10 days I exhaled this obtrusive, sticky artificial smell, which just disgusted me.
There were also never moments in which I found him pleasant in another person - when I once noticed him somewhere, then only in women I could not stand ;.)
So Angel EdP and I are at war... also his various flankers could never knock me off my stool.
With all due respect, but the woman who can wear Angel from 1992 in style has yet to be invented;-)
At least my nose.

So, but now to the new EdT.
To all who have hated Angel so far- TEST it!
At the beginning very powerful and sweet, the fragrance develops into a warm cuddly perfume for cold days.
The DNA of his big sister is still present, but significantly weakened.
I once had a nice scented candle, which reminds me of the EdT - it lulls you in and is clearly perceived by others, but the annoying component has disappeared.
In the beginning there is some cotton candy, but it quickly gives way to lower notes.
It reminds a little of Wish, but is finer.

As with all other Mugler fragrances, the shelf life and sillage are bombastic...
Once it's sprayed on, you can't get rid of it that fast. A big plus for me.
The bottle is also a piece of jewellery.

Angel EdT may be a "castrated" version of the original, but it's much more pleasant for everyday use and the people around its wearer.
Sometimes less is just more.
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Mhhhmmmmmm... A touch of cotton candy
Well, first of all, I have to say, I'm not an Angel fan at all. I smelled the different versions over and over again. I gave them a chance - honestly! Unfortunately, I have always noticed on new immediately: nääää he is not for me. Somehow too much of everything, too sweet, too penetrating..just a headache scent.
And that although I love everything about sweet fragrances à la Juicy Couture.

Due to the many positive comments here I went to the perfumery today and sprayed a splash on my wrist - very skeptical I have to say -. And lo and behold there was love at first sniff. He's very different from any Angels so far. This one's soft, sweet and round. Nothing that pricks its nose, wants to stand in the foreground or drives colleagues to flee. He's actually the first fishing rod I like. So I spontaneously took him with me.

Now I'm dawdling around the city, but I have to sniff my wrist every 5 minutes because I just can't get enough of the smell. For me, it's a real all-round success.

I'm curious what the man says later :P

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The scent of Elsa:))))
You guys did the right thing! This bottle as well as the fragrance reminds me very much of freezing!:) If Elsa would wear a fragrance this would be her fragrance!:)))) I am already easily in love with the bottle itself because I love pink:D Yes exactly! The fragrance is really the first of Thierry mugler who made me feel good! From the look as well as from the fragrance! It is nothing special or very new but still a beautiful everyday life or even out smell! The other scents of Thierry Mugler were just too special or too much of a good one for me! But this one is somehow very girly :)))

I immediately smelled a sweet but at the same time sour apple note with a hint of mandarin notes when spraying on:)))) The fragrance never gets too sweet or too strong! Only at the beginning it is a little bit strong but then it gets softer and softer, but also powdery almost already. The woody notes could be clearly smelled! They give the fragrance a certain warmth and also a light sweetness. Praline was unfortunately not so strongly present with this smell, it was also very quickly flown away in the smell course which had disappointed me a little bit:( Had I wished there more since I like pralines in smells very much ... Who likes scents where an apple note is always strongly smelling in the course of the scent will be happy with the scent I still had hoped for more, especially because of the praline note... Nevertheless, I think that the fragrance is very successful and also beautiful:) For the spring it would be very nice because it doesn't disturb or sting:) H+S is unfortunately not so good there... I only smelled for 3-4 hours... What I would like to emphasize is that this fragrance is much better and more beautiful than the other previous Angel fragrances, because they were too strong or too penetrating for me while it is like a nice little hug for the senses:)
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The friendly Angel
Angel edt - 2019 version.
In a nutshell, this is Angel after hanging out with LVEB and co, and having one too many apple Bellini.

Underneath, the original Angel edp is still discernible; but it’s been “modernized” for current tastes. I only enjoy (sometimes) the classic vintage edp, but this version is the only one I enjoy from the Angel universe of flankers. It’s still Angel, the green apple note feels quite fresh and adds some breathing space to the heaviness of the original, and it feels more wearable. I find it stronger than the current Angel edp, but it’s not a day long compromise like with the vintage. And the added freshness makes it far more tolerable on those days when the original could start getting on your nerves.

I like it, which I didn’t expect to. It’s not young and breezy like the ad makes you believe, instead, on my skin and nose, it feels like what an edt should be; more or less like the original but with subtle differences and some air. Lovers of the original should give it a try, modern noses will likely feel the same way they feel about the edp.
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