Angel Muse (2018)Eau de Toilette

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Angel Muse (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Mugler / Thierry Mugler for women and was released in 2018. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is being marketed by Clarins.


Quentin Bisch

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMandarin, Passion fruit
Heart Notes Heart NotesHazelnut creme
Base Notes Base NotesVetiver, Akigalawood®



7.8 (45 Ratings)


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7.0 (41 Ratings)


8.2 (54 Ratings)
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First please but then omg i love you :D
I like nothing at all what fruity smells no thank you please only sweet, warm, creamy, powdery, cotton candy, vanilla, caralel mel etc :D. I love Alien and like Angel, I had a sample of Angel Muse. It was winter 2018 it was cold and I had noticed that I had forgotten to spray myself with perfume :O I had to go and saw in the hallway that I still had the few samples from my last order. I saw the Mugler rehearsal and thought "yes come spray now just what are you going to do wrong now?!it's cold it's Mugler you love Mugler". I spray myself .. and the first thought was OMG why does it smell so incredibly fruity ?! You can really smell the Maracija. It was all the same to me I had to go, arrived in the car I smelled myself all the time and all of a sudden the fruity total way it smelled now really sweet and warm what has mixed from Christmas market with Angel. I was amazed and immediately in love. For an edt it smells also very very long, longer than with me some edp. Who likes sweet scents will fall in love after the fruity note has disappeared, which is really only there when spraying on. On that day I was also told very often that today I smell especially interesting and delicious :D.
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Mugler Angel Muse Eau De Toilette
I went away this weekend and on the drive to my final destination, I stopped part way to get out of the car and stretch my legs. Of course, I stretched them in a department store! Haha I browsed for a good half hour and walked out with some gourmet food, a few shirts, hand cream and a bottle of perfume.

I had previously heard some of my favourite reviewers on YouTube talking about Mugler Angel Muse Eau De Parfum and even though it piqued my interest, it sounded like it may be a little too heavy and sharing a too similar DNA with the original Angel (which I don't care for) so it fell off of my radar and I forgot about it. As I was searching through the fragrance department in the said store, I spied "Angel Muse" and grabbed the box, knowing that it wasn't the parfum version, as the picture on the box showed a pink fluid, not the light amber colour. Sure enough, it was the Eau De Toilette version. I knew that being the Eau De Toilette version, it was likely to be lighter and fresher while at the same time, still sharing the same vibe as the it's predessessor. I had a feeling that I would love it and gave in to a blind buy. I paid $49.99 for a 50 ml. bottle and got an additional 10 percent off. Very good deal considering that Sephora Canada sells the exact same bottle for $90.00! I figured that it was worth the risk.

I love it when I'm right! Haha Upon first spritz, it's all about the passionfruit. It's zingy, natural, fresh and lovely. That initial fruity blast doesn't last. It fades out rather quickly and what you end up with is a smooth, warm, creamy, nutty, chocolatey smell which isn't overpowering or too heavy. Strong enough so you can smell it freely but you won't choke anyone out with it. I absolutely adore it. You can smell the vetiver after awhile and it grounds the entire composition nicely, also providing a unisex vibe which I personally really enjoy. Thierry Mugler creations are so well done. They are high quality, have wonderful lasting power and the bottles are gorgeous.

This was one of the best blind buys I have ever purchased. A slightly fruity, lightly woody, creamy gourmand that is suitable for the cooler OR warmer seasons.

Everything that I hoped it would be. Lots of LOVE for this one!
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exoticgourmandiger mood enhancer
Olfactorically seen today is again a quite successful day and that came:
During the morning check-up in the changing room a sample card with an inside tube of Angel Muse Eau de Toilette fluttered towards me. Why not, I thought, today after the last summery days in April it's frightfully cool and rainy, a fruity gourmand can't do any harm. I had already tested the sample for a short time and found it quite pleasant and suitable for colder days.
Sprayed on, I was directly surrounded by a cheerful touch of passion fruit. The mandarins listed in the pyramid cannot be identified in this way, but they will certainly have a supportive effect. Hazelnut cream immediately joins in, makes the fragrance sweet and gourmandig, vetiver and Akigalawood, which I only know from the Miu Miu Eau de Parfum, give a woody, slightly spicy depth in the base, which does not let the fragrance over-sweeten. In the breakfast break my test-sniffing colleague Mister X at least did not wrinkle his nose. In fact, I take the scent for granted and spray it a little later during my lunch break just out of sheer exuberance, and also because I really want to walk the whole day enraptured over an exotic, gourmand little cloud that sweetens my mood in such gloomy weather. I can well imagine the exotic fruit mixture also on hot summer evenings or for warming in the freezing cold. He also comforts me a little over the fact that I had not yet had the opportunity to buy the beautiful Angel-Flanker Eau Croisière with its exuberant mango notes.
Compared to the Eau de Parfum it can be said that the Eau de Toilette is a whole corner more fruity and fresh, since the Patchouli has been completely omitted here, which gives the Angel fragrances the well-known base note and the actual character. Nevertheless Angel Muse EdT is an unmistakable family member of the big Angel family and in his otherness I can see parallels to Innocent, which is for me a pure summer scent.
All in all, the scent pyramid sounds wilder than it is. Angel Muse EdT is an exotic gourmandiger angel flanker, with linear fragrance and medium sillage with good durability. If you like fruit echoulis, you won't be averse to this one either and should definitely try it out once in a while.
It remains to be seen if and when I will use the little sample again and how often, because for me it is not a fragrance that I could or wanted to wear every day, but it is a very welcome, fruity change to my otherwise very flowery bag scheme.


Catarina 179 days ago
A genuine flanker of the original. I keep this for daytime use, and the original Muse to wear at night. I love you Thierry!+5

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