Miroir Miroir - A Travers Le Miroir (2008)

Miroir Miroir - A Travers Le Miroir by Mugler / Thierry Mugler
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Miroir Miroir - A Travers Le Miroir is a popular perfume by Mugler / Thierry Mugler for women and men and was released in 2008. The scent is floral-woody. It was last marketed by Clarins.


Alexis Dadier

Fragrance Notes

Absinth, Tuberose, Woody notes



7.7 (40 Ratings)


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8.5 (31 Ratings)
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A unique spin on tuberose
A Travers Le Miroir is an absolutely stunning scent, but like others have noted, this is not a tuberose in the traditional sense. And for that reason alone, I'm in love.

This fragrance is a mixture of honeyed sweetness, creamy tuberose and green, intoxicating absinthe. It's no wonder that I love this unique and fascinating composition. Thankfully it smells amazing on my skin too, like A Travers Le Miroir and I were meant to be.

When it first hits the skin, this fragrance smells quite fresh and green, like most Spring appropriate white florals. It also has a slight medicinal edge. As it settles, A Travers Le Miroir begins to draw you in with a deliciously creamy tuberose accord and a metallic yet crisp greeness, which I assume is the absinthe counteracting with the lush tuberose. Addictive is a good way to describe this fragrance and its magnetism.

The top notes have a slightly sour quality, but it's definitely not unpleasant on the skin. Towards the drydown, the scent is quite woodsy and smooth. This finish is rather warm and cuddly, like draping oneself in a cashmere blanket.

Unlike some other reviewers, I didn't have an issue with the longevity at all. It lasted a wonderful ten hours on my skin, so with that I'd say it's well worth the high price tag. I'm rather picky when it comes to white florals, yet this unique little composition has captivated me with its charm. I'll be sure to be wearing more of this over the next few months.

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icy tuberose
Through the looking glass you find a distorted, exaggerated world. In the case of A Travers le Miroir, it’s tuberose that’s distorted. Instead of a large dose of flower with gorgeous/vile undertones like the flower itself, ATlM smells by turns like liniment, absinthe and herbal toothpaste with a bit of tuberose and jasmine. Interestingly, given the decision to highlight the underbelly of the tuberose, there’s none of the fleshy, sweaty component of the flower. The herbal predilection gives a cool antiseptic feel. It also gives ATlM the dry feel of a tonic or a digestif.

ATlM is a great spin on the tuberose and doesn’t smell anything like most tuberose perfumes. Big balm, little flower. Sillage is moderate after a swirling opening, but the fragrance has endurance if you like it, tenacity if you don’t. Its changes are gradual but appealing. The floralcy fades to a hum. The herbs remain bitter all the way through to a largely woody base, giving a blunt resinous quality.

If ATlM were less attractive, I’d call it odd. But it’s quite handsome, so I’ll call it distinctive.

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... for now we see through a glass, darkly ...
I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity of trying this (thanks Dolby) but it's SOOO not what I was expecting!

I think that I have mentioned elsewhere that I am MAD for Tuberose. Indeed, when asked recently by the same lovely Dolby from whence this sample came "how many Tuberose's do you need?", my answer was simply " all of them!".
This test has now been on for an hour or so, the last 50 minutes of which I have been raising the back of my right hand to my nose repeatedly and drawing an absolute blank as to what to say about it. I suddenly realized that ' a travers le miroir ' means 'through the mirror' ... and it dawned on me like waves breaking on the shore! What I'm smelling is the reverse of what it actually is!! I have no idea how Alexis Dadier managed this, but imho it's a marvel of chemistry. In most Tuberose frags I have tried, this note announces itself loudly in a creamy, buttery way ... awash with heady perfume ... and then slowly reduces to indole. In Miroir, this process is reversed with the indole appearing first and then gaining in power and brightness. Truly astonishing!! The honey here is but a vehicle ... lubricating the passage of the Tuberose from another dimension. What did Alice really see when she looked through the glass?

As a Tuberose heavy fragrance this one is nothing much to write home about. As a concept, however, it's completely brilliant!

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