Mugler Cologne - Come Together (2018)

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Mugler Cologne - Come Together is a popular perfume by Mugler / Thierry Mugler for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is fresh-citrusy. It is being marketed by Clarins.

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Petitgrain, White musk



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Very helpful Review    8
Pretty. Nothing more. But sometimes that is enough.
Creed's original vetiver was too snobbishly expensive for me, in a way that is well known in the area where I live - a shattered glass neighborhood with a rich neighborhood. Here people know posers and despise them with the disfavor of people who cannot afford what the others rub their noses in.

Rationally dressed up: I'm (still?) reluctant to spend more than twice as much on a Creed fragrance than on any of the at least very neatly made Hermès fragrances, which, as you know, are not cheap.

But the memory of the super-juicy, delicious, clean, bright green of Original Vetiver never left me: grassy without being really vetiver (Is it the petitgrain? Or the musk? I just don't know) - and so I was satisfied to surprised to find a similarly clean green scent at a fifth of the price: The cologne "Come together" by Thierry Mugler. There is something typically "cologne", colognic, about this cologne that reminds one of 4711 and refreshing tissues. A bourgeois light-heartedness of the 50s, but without dustyness and completely without double standards.

Simple, clean, quickly evaporated and forgotten, but at the first smell it is very tasty again. This is certainly more than petigrain and white musk, the freshness is emphasized by something like neroli or another citric, I think. Something clean, slightly soapy, very pretty, very superficial, like the much too young blonde you never dared to introduce to your friends, but from whom you still can't take your eyes off, like a vain old fop you became overnight.

Metaphors and emotions aside, as best I can: A summery perennial, simple, beautifully green, superficially delicious, of very short duration: after 4 hours I only notice insignificant wood residues. Too colognig for the very young, perhaps from the age of 28, twenty-year-old androgynous to sexless. The bottle as characterless as the past decade, square at the bottom, round at the top, inexpensive, but not cheap, like its contents: completely without mystery. Pretty, that's all. Sometimes you need just that.

Whether this is a "replacement" for Creed's original vetiver or just a poor man's op, that's for everyone to decide. For me it is enough if I want something fresh green like this, and then I can turn to something more mysterious again.
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Greatly helpful Review    7
The sparkling freshness
"Come Together is' the stuff in summer that saves you from not turning your antenna completely!"

A wonderfully tangy, finely bitter, very slightly sweet fresh orange note can be perceived on my skin, which in the background hides very delicate sweet aspects and makes me wonderfully cheerful and I think:

"Fuck the heat, ick hab Come Tojether!" :-)

In the background and on my skin there is a nice clear nuance, which is not reminiscent of freshly washed laundry, but rather soft and clean and is due to the white musk
On my skin is still another nuance, quite tender, already almost fragile it appears and fine creamy wooden smells for me and I suspect a small trace of sandalwood.

When I wore Come Together for the first time, it immediately clicked and I felt very much reminded of Mugler Cologne and had to order a bottle immediately from our perfume "Schücha" :-)

In total, the fragrance lasts 7 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is conceived from the outset in such a way that one is perceived very well at a half arm length and this is maintained also 3 hours in such a way, before it reduces up to the conclusion of the smell in quiet steps.
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Itchynose 11 months ago
Name and bottle update for the same old green & soapy scent of Mugler Cologne. Clean, fresh and reliable for an uplifting after shower vibe.+3

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