Cassiopea by Tiziana Terenzi

Cassiopea 2015

17.11.2021 - 11:42 PM

Very fruity feminine fragrance

Cassiopea is definitely a female fragrance. I could not imagine wearing this one, but I find it quite potent and sexy on my wife. As one can anticipate from the notes list, this fragrance is very fruity, sweet and floral. Top notes are relatively fresh, with passion fruit being the most prominent one. Generally I like blackcurrant in perfumes, it is quite an unique note, but I can hardly detect it here. After the initial fruity blast one can smell the sweet-floral heart on a creamy woody-musc base. To me the fragrance smells very natural and well blended. The longevity and sillage are great so be careful on the sprayer. In the same time this could also be a negative thing. My wife actually gave up of wearing this one because it is too strong and "aggressive" even with only a couple of sprays so that she doesn't enjoy wearing it. I would not agree that it smells fresh and clean. For example, if you imagine Chanel Chance eau fraiche being a fresh fragrance, Cassiopea is nowhere near. It is much sweeter and heavier formulation. We should maybe give it a one more chance, but it could be that we are going to get rid of this one. Oh yea, the presentation and the bottle are great, but I think that you really have to love this fragrance to get over the price tag.
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