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Kirkè is a popular perfume by Tiziana Terenzi for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is fruity-sweet. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is being marketed by Cereria Terenzi Evelino.

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Paolo Terenzi

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPear, Raspberry, Passion fruit, Peach, Sand, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes Heart NotesLily-of-the-valley
Base Notes Base NotesHeliotrope, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla



7.6 (129 Ratings)


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8.0 (116 Ratings)


8.0 (117 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 16.01.2020.
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125 Reviews
Fruits paradise
This fragance is without any doubt a fruity explosión. I cant really seoarete any of the fruits. Maybe the most i feel is the Peach and the passion fruit but what i really feel is a tutti frutti, like a tutti frutti cheque gun ir the tipical fructis shampoo. Simeone could think that i day that un a bad way but nothing further than reality. The scent is really nice. It remembrr me to other fragances like private show by Britney Spears.. during the fuity stahe It has a good projection, not a beast but noticeable, but after 4 hours aprox It kooses this fruity vibe and It changes into a subtle musky scent. During the dry down It sitios projecring and It jeeps very close to the sking but for a long time, about 10 hours un total. As It is fruits and musk is perfectly weareable for men an women and as It is subtle is better to be worn during the day, perfect for working. Being an extrait the parfum his price is not bad and is fair although his performance for me is more like an EAU de parfum.
8.0 10.0 10.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
First not known, now not beatable
This is my first comment about a niche fragrance, which I had to rate here, because I think that it is wrong with some ratings, even if you can't argue about tastes.

So it happened that I went to the Vollmar in Bonn, a beautiful Ladeb with old pharmacist inventory, in short: It has real charm and a mega selection of niche fragrances of all selections, mainstream niche as well as niche niche.
I was thinking of testing Molecule 01 from Geza Schön. Had they sold the last one that day - great. So I tested myself a little, uninterested. Went from Aqua di Parma's Fico di Amalfi to Creed's new Aventus Cologne to various Jo Malones'. Scented houses that I all knew and knew well.
I have to say that I'm a bit sceptical about fragrances and don't know their origin, Creator. Suddenly a smiling woman came up to me and said bluntly: "I think he would suit you well." You don't hear it too rarely, but since I was about to leave anyway, I thought, "Let's give the scent a chance."
She sprayed two blasts on my arm without telling me what it was. I waited briefly, smelled, wow very very sweet! Away, poor again, still mega cute. There was a picture in my head of freshly showered. So I don't buy expensive perfume for this. I said goodbye without asking for the name of the brew and went for a stroll in the city.
Meanwhile the sweetness flew into my nose again and again, which slowly flattened out and became rounder and also did not seem too feminine but was somehow sexy, RESPONSIBILITY! Not woody smoky fresh sexy, but sweet, sweet, fruity berry sexy! Quite different from a pushy Erba Pura Xerjoff Sospiro (who is just disgusting among us, sorry my opinion).

So off again to Vollmar and scooped from the birds. What's the name of the fragrance and, above all, who is it from???
Smiling, the lady looked at me and told me a little story about Tiziana Terenzi and her origin, from a small family business which had made candles primarily for churches, even the Vatican.
I really like traditional houses and family businesses a lot. Nevertheless sceptical, since I heard the first time about Tiziana Terenzi at that time (shame on my head!), I bought the love elixir, which really enchants my environment, like Circe himself did back then. The salesgirl gave me another 20%. The day was saved, Molecules 01 forgot and I happy.

The scent brought me to Parfumo, I researched more and more. And wow! I can't get out of the amazement. I like scents that project, but at some point cling to me, that's exactly what Kirke does for me! Is nevertheless present for 10 hours, but not at all intrusive, but always a little sweet under the nose where I can only indulge ...
Meanwhile I have ordered some bottlings of other Terenzis here at SOUK from very nice members, so much Kirke has flashed me.

Finally a little more factual.

100ml Extrait de Parfum for Terenzis prices absolute top price performance ratio.
Fragrance is unisex, many have arranged him to the female side, but find him even more wearable as a man! The fragrance is really appealing and durable and Sillshe 1a! It doesn't have much development, but becomes rounder after about 30 minutes and from then on it says: ENJOY!

Today I caught myself smelling ten times on the T-shirt of the day before, put it back again and again, then smelled it again. High addiction factor!

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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
Sorceress or witch?
"Circe": According to the "historians" and connoisseurs of the Greek world of gods and legends, Circe or Kirkè is a goddess; there is also talk of the "sorceress Circe".
The Lords of Creation could not quite agree on that.
As the mistress of a Greek island, she invited shipwrecked people to a banquet and then transformed them into tame "wild animals" or pigs.
Now I still wonder what she was thinking when she made this decision: tame "wild animals" may have their charm for a while; but pigs?
Even a larger island does not have so much soil, which has to be constantly stirred up.
These islands are also not an area for truffles and even with meat the emphasis is more on sheep and goats.
After long, long reflection I came to the following - of course purely female - conclusion:
House and yard and island were managed according to the transfers by young women.
It is quite difficult for women to keep all this in good condition; why didn't Dame Circe deploy the sailors on the property?
Not only the tree population of the forests, but also the large orchards could be well supplied by these safely strong men.

And now I'm finally at the topic:
"Kirkè" by Tiziana Terenzi first of all abducts into a large orchard, which was not only built on sand.
Black currant and raspberry: each fruit in itself delights me by its taste; as a refreshing aroma in the beginning of a fragrance I like both very much.
These accompany a ripe juicy peach and the golden pear; both true scented cushions and very tasty!
The passion fruit has a more southern aftertaste, which leads from the Central European orchard to the Mediterranean Sea and into sun and warmth.
So "Kirkè" opens beautifully fruity; this ensemble would look very good on a fruit plate and would taste good to me too.
Lily of the valley!!! I must repeat myself: I love lily of the valley!
As flower panicles in the dark green leaf nest in spring; as a fragrant eye-catcher in a small vase in the room (which better disappears to the balcony at night) and as a fragrance, as a companion through the day!
Kirkè" or Tiaziana Terenzi and I have that in common: lily of the valley on this summery fruit cocktail - that is really a joy for the nose!
So far, this fragrance creation is still quite down-to-earth: no exotic, no "off-beat" fragrances - no, a stroll through the aromas of garden or park!
The heliotrope, the so-called "vanilla flower", with its dark purple flowers, is also frequently found there; it is a jewel and often the heart of many plant arrangements.
This still fine vanilla aroma is soon drowned out by a strong, creamy vanilla, which is accompanied by musk.
The sorceress opens the can, in which eroticism and seduction are kept carefully sealed.
She knows what she's doing! It doses here extremely skillfully: too much of one of the two - I would probably run away!
My two fragrance favorites, the sensory stimulating sandalwood and at least one ounce of gold patchouli, round off this work of art.
The result is an overall composition with a good pinch of magic that can make the woman who wears it a sorceress or even a witch!

Can777 writes about my statement that "Kirkè" is one of Mrs. Can's successful "bodyguards". He already knows what he's talking about!
If so, I will save "Kirkè" for early summer: there are days when I would give something for a good bodyguard.
(As you know, too much attention is not always welcome; it can be quite tiring!)

The long shelf life gives the fragrance time to develop completely: from the fresh fruits and their ripe aromas, to the slightly sophisticated lily of the valley, to the base, which ingeniously awakens and appeals to the senses!
There is already magic in the fragrance - how this magic is used is up to you.
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Emorandeira 145 days ago
A hint of fruits. Perfect for fruit lovers. Good performance although the fruit power last only about 4hours. Then It becones a subtle musk

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