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Orion is a popular perfume by Tiziana Terenzi for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is fruity-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Cereria Terenzi Evelino.

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Paolo Terenzi

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPineapple, Apple, Bergamot, Red currant
Heart Notes Heart NotesBirch, Jasmine, Patchouli, Thyme, Oregano
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk, Oud, Frankincense, Cedar



8.2 (141 Ratings)


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8.3 (126 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 01.10.2019
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My number four, the Gummi Bear Juice
So, dear friends, it's time again to comment on my personal top 20 for my "perfume life". The people who have already stopped my comments are now 20, instead of 15.... So, back to Orion. The Orion is my official number 4, I have several perfumes in my collection, but I'm not quite sure if they will stay with me forever. So now I've decided to write a comment on every perfume from these Top 20 that I'll own. Now that Herod, Layton and Layton Exclusif have already been provided with a comment, the number 4 is now selected. Now let's get to the scent and the little story that follows on from it. Keyword "Aventus", you know? I almost thought, who doesn't know him, whether you like him now or not, no perfume is as well known as Aventus among people who deal with martyrdom. Why Aventus is proverb here? Because Orion, in my humble opinion, is Aventus in better. Don't get me wrong, I like the smell of Aventus and had it several times and relatively long also in my chosen ones, but in the end he was thrown out against this one!
Is Orion a clone? No way! No way! Does Orion have a large part of Aventus DNA? Somehow! But Orion is simply in my opinion, pure summer, it's sparkling, it's fruity, it's the right amount of sweet, the right amount of fresh, my goodness, wait a moment, I have to sniff it again..... Yeah, just dreamy! I would say, does anyone still know the gummy bear band? No matter if you sat in front of the TV yourself or your own children. So I thought it was absolutely great and when I got this fragrance under my nose, I immediately had to think about it. The gummy bear juice, which ensures that the consumer develops special powers for a while. That's how I feel when it blows around me and that's how it smells to me. That's what I'm thinking, he must have smelled!
I just can't get enough of it and I'd like to be right now.... Pfff Pfff..... Ah, beautiful!
Well enough of the enthusiasm, but really people, test that!
Performance is absolutely top league! Keeps 8-10 hours loose, which is an absolute dream for the fresh, fruity, fragrant DNA! Sillage is just as great! You are easily noticed all day long and can breathe a little bit of super power into everyone who walks past you for at least 6 hours!

If the comment hasn't made it clear enough, I LOVE that!
And so he moved in as my number four, who will accompany me in my life. We will have many more adventures where, with your Gummi Bear Juice effect, absolutely nothing will go wrong!

Thank you very much for reading and hopefully for your passion, also for wanting to enjoy the gummy bear nectar!
Your Dave! :)
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8.0 8.0 8.0 9.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
Urine and uranium...
One of my esteemed biochemistry professors would probably have put it this way:

"Aventus has about as much to do with Orion as urine has with uranium."

Even the fruity opening of the two fragrances cannot hide the fact that the similar top note is basically the only real common denominator. At the latest when the heart notes unfold, the paths separate. The "second born" Orion is an original creation. Definitely.

If you like, the YANG elements clearly dominate the "Italian" from now on, while the "Englishman", in contrast, appears to be a YIN type.

Orion has a much spicier and warmer effect due to the use of thyme and oregano in the heart area. The base of the Terenzi fragrance is also much more woody due to oud and cedar, and, thanks to incense and amber, also more resinous than its Creed counterpart.

There again the heart notes rose and juniper berry play in the middle and provide - in combination with the somewhat "greener" pineapple of the top note - by floral-metallic cool hints for greater freshness. Vanilla, ambergris and oakmoss underline the overall harmonious impression and create a balsamic-soft base. But: This idyll seems a bit empty and a bit sterile in places. Perfection can be quite tiring in the long run - even the olfactory nerves (anosmia!).

Speaking of which: Sometimes a highly synthetic note spreads at higher doses of Aventus, which does exactly that, namely n e v e n v e n . Dose-increases are therefore not a tried and tested way to escape a possible boredom.

Orion won't get embarrassed. In any case, the community sees him as the clearly more complex type of fragrance. Apart from the resinous aspect already mentioned above, the more masculine Southerner of all people seems to be even richer in a flowery facet for the testers. The remarkable interplay of jasmine and birch skilfully balances the fiery character of Mediterranean herbs and is reminiscent over long stretches of the beloved L'Air du Désert Marocain by Tauer. Noble, noble!

Durability and Sillage of Orion and Aventus are similar and rank in the upper midfield. Orion tends to be ahead of the game. It is probably due to the fact that Terenzi has not saved on the quality of the raw materials used and that it is also a genuine "Extrait de Parfum" Regardless of this, Orion scores with the significantly better price-performance ratio.

The "A" and "O" of fruitiness at a glance:

Aventus: YIN type fresh, soft, harmonious (EdP)
Orion: YANG type warm, spicy, powerful (XdP)

You decide.
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8.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

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The Aventus test/comparison
Hello dear community,

after my last test/comparison between Algemar and... and Aoud BlueNotes was a lot of fun, I started a new project now.
As already with Aoud... I wanted to check for myself whether the two scents, as described by some previous speakers, are really so similar.
First of all, I am not a perfume expert, but I have to do with perfumes and steams on my professional way. I am NOT a perfume expert but fragrances are a hobby.

I finally got both scents. Two tests done, one about the shelf life and one about the fragrance itself.

The initial situation was as follows:
Test starts at 7:00 in the morning.
Weather: Windy, cloudy, humidity 66%, 12 grat Celsius outside, 22 grat Celsius inside.
Tester: me, male
Helpers: 3 voluntary, 2 involuntary
Div.: Dog from the neighbor named Balduin

Comparison 1.
The name:
Aventus Creed: beautiful name, goes easily from the tongue, something edgy and defining.
Orion Tiziana Terenzi: sounds like the beginning of an Italian poem. With 3 freiw. testers immediately holiday feelings arose.
The rash of the dog's tail was always the same when the names were mentioned.

Comparison 2.
Aventus: beautiful shape, great logo with rider, appeals to me as a man.
2 freiw testers also see it that way.
Orion: no particularly striking shape of the bottle, nice lid with moon phases, at first a bit boring for me as a man. Would also pass as a cream can for women.
2 freiw testers of the same opinion
Ps: the dog didn't care.

Comparison 3.
Almost straight up. On my skin a slight plus for Orion.
Also found 3 free tester and 1 non-free pomace.
The dog didn't seem to care.

Comparison 4.
Shelf life:
Aventus: after 6 hours hardly perceptible, after approx. 8 hours completely disappeared
Orion: after 8 hours only a shadow of itself, but still perceptible the next day.

Comparison 5.
Spray on and go. Very different start.
Aventus: Fresh, light pineapple, citric. Reminiscent of pineapple on lemon ice cream.
Orion: slightly citric, strong sweet pineapple, light apple note. More reminiscent of pineapple and sour apple compote.

..after 15min
Aventus: gets even fresher, clearer, cooler
Orion: very fruity, slightly sweet but softer, rounder, gentler than Aventus.
See 3 free tester also so.
The dog reacted with tail wagons with Aventus and with Orion he brought his ball...?

...after 30min to 1.5 hrs
Aventus: slightly stinging, slightly wooded and mossy probably from oakmoss ^^
Orion: now the birch is added, gently balsamic ^^
Two completely different fragrances!
Also found 3 free testers and 1 unfree tester (postman) :D
The dog is sleeping...

...after 1.5 to 3 hours
Are both weaker.
Strangely enough, both now smell very similar, no extreme boundaries to smell.
Also found 3 freiw testers and the second unfreiw tester (neighbor)
The dog doesn't come when you call his name anymore... D

...after 3 to 5 hours
Now some movement comes in again.
Of course both are a little weaker now, Aventus more than Orion.
Aventus: now you also take something that was vanilla.
Orion: beautiful harmonious oud incense "Düftchen" in the background.
Also found 1 free tester. The rest of the testers just say "smells good", so no more rating.
The dog's gone. Somehow he made a happy impression when his master picked him up. ?!?

...everything after 5 hours
Now nothing changes. Individual scent components now also make the end of the day piece by piece.
Aventus: keeps its freshness until the end.
Orion: keeps its fruitiness until the end.

Well, a comparison is difficult.
I could compare it to soccer players.
Carlos vs. Messi
Aventus = Roberto Calos. Small, strong as a tribble, but known and notorious for its rough nature and the extremely hard shot.
Orion = Lionel Messi. Also small and strong as a tribble, but much more sensitive on the ball and more overview.

Or comparison, Hulk vs Thor
Aventus = Hulk. Superhero, strong, hits everywhere, destroys everything.
Orion= Thor. Also superhero and strong, also hits on it and makes something broken, but with overview and only what must. Much more elegant.

I hope I could bring my comparison so far well a the man and to the woman.

I had a lot of fun again and it was very interesting, also for all testers and the dog.

You read...
Thanks for your time.

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10.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

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Helpful Review    13
The contradiction in itself
Paolo Terenzis Orion is an oxymoron.
Yes, dear linguists, you have read correctly. Oxymoron.
From where do I get the freedom to use a rhetorical figure, which actually corresponds to a formulation of two contradictory to mutually exclusive terms, i.e. is actually only applied to written words, to describe a perfume?
In my opinion, each perfume, each fragrance in its entirety, represents a composition, a (multiple, parallel) sequence of individual (fragrance) notes, each note corresponding to a term. Sentences emerge from these concepts/words, and the totality of these sentences in turn results in a story that the perfume wants to tell us.
In my opinion, rhetorical figures are generally also used on perfumes.

When interacting with Orion as a complete work, one repeatedly encounters such contradictions (not necessarily Oxymora but at least contradictions).

Orion... yeah, that rings a bell. Greek mythology. Huge hunter. Unbridled, greedy, lecherous, violent guy. In the various legends about this character, his misdemeanours were usually the direct or indirect cause of his premature death. After his death, however, he was always transferred to heaven as a constellation, where he eternally represents a symbol of his misdemeanours.
That something as beautiful (soothing) as a constellation has such a background story is the first contradiction.
-> This contradiction was also included in the design of the bottle. With the background knowledge one would now expect a dark bottle in the broadest sense, but not a blossom-white one with golden accents and golden lid (clear gold and white fits to constellations in general, but not to the constellation of Orion).
This thematic contradiction becomes even more apparent when one compares the flacon design with the first scent impression.
Delicate white-golden bottle vs. intense, spicy-smoky top note with a certain fruity acidity. A sweetness that justifies the flacon design is so subliminal that I don't notice it at first.

Now I have finally arrived at the fragrance composition and with it at the actual contradiction, the oxymoron. Just as our Greek demigod Orion originated from the seed of three often contradictory gods (the resulting father complexes could explain some things), the fragrance Orion is a composition of contradictory liquids (considered individually)... uh, scents.
As already described above, hits here..

-smoky/spicy/woody on sweet/fruity,
-sweet/fruity on sour,
-warm on refreshing/cooling,
-intensive on tender.

Despite all these oxymorons (sour sweetness, sweet-fruity "smokiness", cooling warmth) Orion is extremely harmonious. This harmony, if it makes sense at all, is created precisely by the contradictions.
Furthermore, Orion is the most harmonious, harmonious and elegant in comparison to fragrances of the same category that have already come under my nose (e.g. Aventus Nero etc..). (Whereby Aventus/Nero and Orion are not twin fragrances)

Probably I have here some into the smell reininterpretiert what was not thought by Paolo Terenzi so.
Anyway, I'm very excited about Orion. Clear tasting / buying recommendation.

A fragrance poetry.

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MedBrik43 39 days ago
A smoky Aventus with a better performance. The old king is dead!
Akunin 19 months ago
True reminds on King alot, but still great performance and all in all great scent for all year round.
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