White Sage & Lemongrass No. 102

White Sage & Lemongrass No. 102 by Tokyomilk
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8.5 / 102 Ratings
White Sage & Lemongrass No. 102 is a perfume by Tokyomilk for women and men. The release year is unknown. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Submitted by Apicius, last update on 08.01.2015.

Interesting Facts

This perfume is available with two other fragrances as a "Mix 'n Match" perfume. The name of the set is "Garden State No.100"
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34 Reviews
white sage & lemongrass
101 (patchouli & tundra moss) is sweet and mossy while 102 (white sage & lemongrass) is tart and warm. both smell unbelievably sensual and can each stand on their own as gorgeous, earthy colognes that last about 6 hours on the wrist. 103 (turned earth & cedar) is straight up potting soil and cedar, perfectly captured in a vile which i use to dirty up sweeter scents i have, so that i can tolerate them on my skin. these vials (two of each, so six total) come in an adorable slide out box and price around $18. although it would seem these simply named tiny spays contain nothing complex, you'd be utterly surprised at the tangle of other notes that will surface upon drydown.

i am a die-hard fan of "nose" Elena Margot. she is a straight up genius when it comes to creating fragrances that smell expensive, are packaged delightfully and never disappoint to make me smile upon first inhalation.

87 Reviews
Tokyo Milk Mix and Match: Garden State No. 100/Scent #2
Please note the "Interesting Fact" posted just below the picture of the perfume vial (above). Hopefully I won't confuse you as I try to explain further...

102 White Sage & Lemongrass is actually one parfum that comes in a set with two other fragrances called "Mix and Match Eau de Parfum". Each parfum in the set is meant to be a building block accord of just 2 notes which you can layer -“Mix and Match”- in any combination with the others to create a unique fragrance. There are 4 possible combinations but you can, of course, tweak the ratio of various elements to personalize the scent. The parfums come in spray vials for easy layering.

102 White Sage & Lemongrass is part of the Mix and Match Set called Garden State No. 100 which contains:
101 Patchouli & Tundra Moss, a kickin' strong, straight up patchouli.
102 White Sage & Lemongrass, an herbal, slightly chemical lemon.
103 Turned Earth and Cedar, a pungent, earthy cedar compost.

Individually the component fragrances are pretty heady (they are listed as “eau de parfum”) and I don’t think most people would wear them solo.

My favorite combination is to layer on 102 lemon & 103 cedar. That combination creates a credible fragrance that has a unique character and depth I'd prefer to many designer label fragrances. I found that the patchouli in 101 Patchouli & Tundra Moss is fairly overwhelming so it may require a 2 to 1 application of one of the other parfums to balance.

I hope you understand why I have posted the same review 3 separate times. The idea behind this product is a bit unusual for the Parfumo review format.

This strikes me as a nice, inexpensive and fun fragrance gift ($18) that might actually be used and appreciated since the receiver is not stuck with a single fragrance they may not like.

As you look through the other listings for Tokyo Milk you will notice all the parfums that make up the other Mix and Match sets:

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