Black Orchid (2006) Eau de Parfum

Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum) by Tom Ford
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Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum) (Tom Ford)
Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum) (Tom Ford)
Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum) (Tom Ford)
Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum) (Tom Ford)
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Black Orchid (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Tom Ford for women and was released in 2006. The scent is oriental-floral. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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David Apel

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBlack truffle, Bergamot, Blackcurrant, Ylang-ylang
Heart Notes Heart NotesBlack orchid, Lotus wood, Floral notes, Fruity notes
Base Notes Base NotesBalsam, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver, Frankincense



7.6 (675 Ratings)


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8.0 (469 Ratings)
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Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 9.0/10 Longevity 9.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
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Greatly helpful Review    11
Pack with the devil...
So it's time for me to write a comment...
Sneaked around the scent for a long time...
Was for me nothing that would fit into my baggage scheme...I thought...
And now I can't without him...not just environment too...
My affair with the black devil started quite hamlessly...a splash on the wrist in the Douglas...there he already grabbed a drug...nose again and again on the wrist...
I waited with the comment...until I was sure what I could write about it...
At home: Can you put on the chocolaty scent today? It smells so pleasant...
Work: Today someone has a damn good perfume on it...
Environment: Who smells so pleasant..
Complements don't come often.
People don't dare to admit what they're thinking about with the scent .....
How do I feel? As a carrier : chocolaty, vanilla, a bit sweet, with slightly citric, green freshness...
The scent gives me personally the security, security but also provocative impudence..
This changes my perception of the world...makes me more self-confident, courageous, daredevil...
The black devil doesn't suit every woman...
When a woman gets involved with him, she is rewarded...but she must also be able to deal with consequences... many glances...many sniffing noses...constant presence!
It's not a wallflower scent... just "Here I am! Fragrance. Without compromise!
Expects from the wearer an appropriate wardrobe...

Shelf life is terrific... my skin smells 10+ hours! Clothes days!

Sillage: I feel the body close, smell only slightly, unobtrusively ...completely different environment....approx. 1.5 meter( tested after 4 hours...):-)
Preference: cooler seasons.
I believe that skin chemistry is extremely important for this devil! This, is the prerequisite for a successful relationship with each other! This also explains some negative perceptions and comments.
Black Orchid chooses his own carrier!

I, for my part, have fallen for the scent...
Tried to wear other scents in between... unsuccessful!
My beloved fragrances suddenly seemed so imperfect to me...

Help me lost...
Signed a pact with the least for the cool time !:-)
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Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 9.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
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Greatly helpful Review    26
Package leaflet
Dear user,

thank you very much for choosing our product. We would like to inform you about possible side effects with this leaflet. At the same time, we would like to point out that we have refrained from listing the ingredients, as the overall impression and the effect of the product are in the foreground:

"Black Orchid is a habit-forming antidepressant. In individual cases, this can lead to mild to moderate dependency. Immediately after application to suitable skin areas, a buttery, full-bodied aroma develops which reminds of overripe pineapple in its opulent fruitiness. Some of the related fruits are fermented and abandoned to decay. The indolent impression of the fluid is underlined by a flowery penetrance, which can increase the carnal desire for physical attention in some users. Inhalation of the emerging truffle note is strictly discouraged at this time. The hallocinogens it contains lead to hallucinations and impair the wearer's ability to make decisions.
Some patients even reported from lascivious confused mental states to chaotic passionate phases, triggered by a potentially too massive application of the extract. The fluid's will to conquer is owed to the baroque use of sensual and seductive components. When used moderately by the self-confident wearer, the remedy with its conquering charm can generate a velvety black aura. Comfortable emotional states up to extatic endorphin attacks are a side effect intended by the manufacturer and do not lead to a complaint. The product is suitable for both men and women and shows no preference for one sex.
The complexity of the product allows it to be used very sparingly. Performance and shelf life are set for an entire day, re-application is neither necessary nor advisable.

If you have any questions, please contact your local fragrance dealer.

The team of Tom Ford wishes you a lot of fun with "Black Orchid" and a speedy recovery.

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Less helpful Review    1
The scent was too strong for me. Wicked, feminine, mysterious, great expectation, dark. There's a lot of pictures going through your head. For fans of heavy fragrances there's a Montale extra: Golden Oud. That is not so flowery, but even harder, I found very interesting, maybe I'll get it as an evening fragrance.
Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
Helpful Review    1
Sophisticated lady
I tested for the first time this scent about 2 years ago at one of my favorite drugstores of my town.
I'm usually attracted by the black bottles with their aura of mystery and this time too I couldn't resist. So, i sprayed this potion on the mouillette and on my skin too: the result? surprising.
The opening is very particular, unusual and refined, with truffle notes and the fruity touch of the bittersweet blackcurrant. Then, Lady Black Orchid arrives: involving, vibrant, sophisticated, very feminin. In my mind resounded the Duke Ellington's jazz tune "Sophisticated lady" and i immediately imagined a femme fatale in total black leaving her hypnotic sillage. The base is longlasting and unforgettable: oriental with deep frankincense notes , irresistible. The sillage is quite strong without resulting too heavy , so this so sexy fragrance can be worn also in crowded places because it's noticeable but with discretion.
Useless to say that I fell immediately in love with this fragrance, although I know its very high price.
The black bottle is minimal but refined , in the style of the ones of other Tom Ford's fragrances such as White patchouli and velvet orchid. Ready to become a sophisticated lady ?
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Bottle 4.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
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Greatly helpful Review    32
To you or to me?
Let's be honest:
If I hadn't planned to test myself bit by bit through the scents of Tom Ford....I wouldn't have "Black Orchid" even with the Ar... looked at.
I just find this bottle ugly as hell. A shapeless something, dressed in synthetic fibre pleats, with far too much gold jewellery.

But the scary bottle is not the worst thing about the black orchid.
Nah, the worst thing about the black orchid is .... drumroll... the orchid.
And then also in black!

Orchids are the plants that I hate the most here on earth....well, ok, the so-called titan root, which smells like carrion, I would probably hate even more...... and I will never understand that most people hardly know how to keep up with the ecstasy of their neighbour's orchid collection.

I see in orchids only the bare stems, the poisonous green, fleshy alibi leaves, the organ-like, like ill-looking flowers and the gakeligen roots, which wind like spider fingers in the pot A plant like an alien.
A disgusting swamp parasite.
A water corpse in plant form.
And then also in black.
So it's like a bog body.
I'd never get in my house.
I would never...

Yeah, well, I'll stop. I think it's arrived why the fragrance in this bottle with just this name was deeply unappealing to me.

But, nevertheless, resolution is resolution, so up on the paper strip with the pleated bog body.

Ääähäh, stop here!
I said unsympathetic bog body!
There was no mention of "fallen" here!
And certainly not from the fact that I want to find her attractive!

Anyway, half an hour later I was back in the perfumery and had the black swamp parasite sprayed on my arm.

He had me packed, with both gakeligen hands and did not let me go anymore.
He was beguiling, stunning, lulling, he flattered me, dusted me with sharpness in the wetness, sweetness, bitterness, wobbling haze of flowers, spices, left nothing more to my nose than his omnipresence, let me tremble with delight and snatched away all my reservations.

Incredibly sexy, a scent like a rush, in which I try to jump between the sheets with the one or the other who wears it, who reminds me of the moments when you are truly willless.

A former affair once showed me that we were sitting in a bar somewhere in the back corner, watching the flirting around us, a man and a woman who, just getting to know each other, apparently found each other very attractive and said: "Watch them very closely!
In a man, you see the bump in his pants when he's turned on (yes, you could see it). A woman, on the other hand, starts to slide around on her chair and crosses her legs very firmly (she was constantly slipping with her legs firmly crossed).
I bet they're still in the same box today!"
He was right.
In the end, after a lot of fiddling and flirting, the two left the bar together.

Did they really go to him or to her together?
100&ig I don't know of course, but it should be hard for me to wonder if they actually broke away from each other.

Anyway, finally, what I actually wanted to say with it:
Black Orchid, the irresistible monster, lets me slide.

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Bottle 10.0/10
Helpful Review    2
Sally Bowles
Sally Bowles is a well-known figure, not only in the universe of musical lovers, although she only got a couple of pages in the Isherwood books about Berlin and, as a character, is barely outlined there. It took Liza Minelli to bring her to life.
And there she was, loud, edgy, romantic, complicated, adorable. A sister in mind of Holly Golightly.

And there is Black Orchid, another sister.
Imagine this perfume as a person:
Black Orchid gets into the room. Not like a lady, not like, let's say, the lovely mademoiselle Instant Magic, NO, the girl breaks through the door, screaming hello! offering strong berries and chocolate to everybody. "I just love it sweet Darling!"
The lady Atkinson is not delighted. "Of course she is American" she whispers to Lord Penhaligon.
Black Orchid is meanwhile, although so young and sweet, completely crowding the room, leaving not a single spot untouched by her presence. She is telling a story about her favourite flowers while still licking chocolate from her fingertips. She talks fast and colourful, colourful are her clothes as well, her dark deep laughter is seductive.
Some people have to leave the room: too much noise, too much sweet-talking and something seems odd around this girl. A bit cheap, a bit foul.
The rest of the crowd is in love. The charme of Black Orchid gets to them, turning them into enthusiastic party people as well, complimenting the wild girl.
Soon they notice: she is not pure joy. It's something dark and mysterious about her, something deep, you get only glimpses once in a while, when she is smoking for example, leaning against an old wooden drawer and her eyes turn black...But the party must go on! As fun and noisy and sweet and overloaden as possible!
She loves to get drunk, she loves to smell like whisky late at night
She use to stay out late and never seems to get tired.
In the morning hours she is still talking, a bit slower and softer meanwhile, the only once still accompanying her is a gang of other loved-hated girls like Habanita, Hypnotic Poison and Memoir....

Bottom line: This perfume is so strong, going out and wearing it is almost like going out with another person. Get ready to be complimented and your perfume maybe even becoming a topic at the party, people getting all excited about it.
Get ready for a night out with Sally Bowles!
Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 10.0/10
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A Second chance
As a beginner, I still have a hard time sniffing out single notes. A few weeks ago I bought the black orchid blind. After the first sprayer I was admittedly quite overwhelmed with it and let it disappear in the box again. This morning I dared a second attempt, freshly showered with some shea butter as a base (for longer durability) a sprayer on my wrist. Today the orchid leaves me free and at the same time brings me back to itself, it bewitches me, gives me a protective shell, it feels like a second skin, the fruits and flowers fit to the beginning autumn, overripe and a homage to the dreamlike last summer, warmth, security and deep embers, desire and desired, inaccessible and seductive, arrogant and flattering, he takes me on the long leash, superfluous because I come back anyway, because he has stolen my mind. I will continue to dose it very sparingly, the shelf life is terrific. The followers of this fragrance will continue to keep within limits, it divides and polarizes. Whole or not at all, go or should give him the opportunity to reveal himself. I wear it on days when I need a strong ruler who "gives me lightness and when I don't have to make decisions. I belong to him.
5 Replies
Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 8.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 10.0/10
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Helpful Review    10
You have enchanted me ....
So actually I'm not the big comment writer but whenever I have the feeling I'm in love, then I have the feeling I have to share it with you ^^...... already in love again ... so I seem to fall in love faster than I thought, it just has to be the perfect fragrance around the corner....

Tom Ford ... i didn't know him at all until a few months ago. Let me first mention this.

The Black Orchid I had seen but actually already times with Douglas stand, I do not know why but he did not address me directly, this black bottle and the Black in the name, I assumed that this smell must be quite heavy and so not mine at all, I smelled at the bottle (fatal mistake, I know so you can test of course no smell) and thought to me ..uii neee I do not like that. ( is exactly as I thought :-)... Woman again completely convincing ;-) )

Apparently someone meant it but well with me and my better half came by chance with a sample around the corner and said ... los Schatz that you have to test again. A little bit sceptical I looked at him... so the man ;-) and thought, well well, I don't want to be rude and such a Tom Ford smell ....I test the again.

So I sprayed 2-3 sprayers on my neck and suddenly it started ....... uiiiii, ahhhh, wow, boh .... I walked through the apartment and thought to myself that can be impossible the scent, I ran back to the sample to check again if it really is the Black Orchid ;-) .... Control is better ... yes it is " he " i think wow why does he smell so great, i was really thrilled from the first moment on, totally ... this is really a perfume !!!

I feel it is very intense but not at all heavy, as it is often described. It enchants from the very first moment with a sensual floral fragrance but soft floral aromas and these spicy notes. An exceptional fragrance that goes under the skin and feels very soft over time. With me there was really no moment where I perceived him as musty or as he is often described. Probably varies from skin to skin after all.

Oh my God, I think what a mad smell that is. Again and again he shows me, eh I am with you, I am there and yes I can not get enough of it. Give me more I think ;-) and I feel great, he also radiates such an enormous femininity. I have a feeling he's trying to seduce me. This fragrance intensity is unique.

I also have to say something about the durability, I tell you, he even survived my visit to the swimming pool. I was a bit sad and thought, well, he'll be gone soon, I even sniffed at myself before I jumped into the cool water ;-) addicted and so on ;-)) .... But even that the fragrance survived.
I was mega amazed when he was back on the way home, my heart jumped with joy when I smelled him again and this feeling was there again ...this woooooooow what a great fragrance.

I must have him in any case, in my wish list he has now moved to place 1. He follows me in my thoughts and the little pupa must now be well guarded. My better half, of course, I have already lain in my ears how much I like the smell, after all it is his fault ;-) .

Personally, I could imagine wearing this fragrance in the office, I really didn't find it too strict and also not intrusive. I have to test it when I have it and see if my environment feels disturbed but I can't imagine it myself. (I would be happy if I smelled myself ^^^)

It is really unique for me and absolutely recommendable ! Another big fat WOW, you enchanted me better Black Orchid
4 Replies
Bottle 9.0/10 Sillage 9.0/10 Longevity 9.0/10 Scent 10.0/10
Helpful Review    4
Dark gorgeous and poignant flower
This is a man's perfume or at most it is unisex.
It is too masculine to be considered a feminine scent only.
I like strong perfumes and I love this one in particular that originaly was designed for the gentle sex.
I use it and I love it. My wife agrees with me. It is a scent for the a men between his 30s and 50s.
Performance is quite above average.
Some notes like blackcurrant and truffle in the top, black orchid in the middle and the dark chocolate / patchouli / vetiver / frankincense in the bottom produce a magnificent orchestration that I can only qualify as melodious.
Its darkness is just really alluring and appealing. I noticed that more men than women like it.
This my preferred fragrance by Tom Ford.

Let's see if the math scoring is kind for this flower:
Scent Opening: 9.75 (my judgement)
Scent Dry Down: 9.25 (my judgement)
Longevity: 9.0 (3 good sprays may last 9+ hours, close to 11~12 hours)
Sillage: 8.0 (up to 6 feet at its peak with just 3 sprays and 2 hours strong projection)
Uniqueness: 9.0 (it's not Tom Ford's fault to exist more than 20 "look alikes" of Black Orchid. Nevertheless some of them are really wearable and do present a nice turn on Black Orchid; Example: Royal Gold by Charriol and Collection Extraordinaire - Precious Oud by Van Cleef & Arpels)
Wearability: 7.5 (avoid any type hot weather)
Versatility: 7.5 (Just avoid any type of sweting situation like work out, beach and be carefull because this fragrance has a lot of haters for being so poignant)
Compliments: 8.5 (This fragrance it's not a universal pleaser, but will work as compliment magnet for the black fragrances lovers)
Quality: 9.5 (Well above average quality, quality ingredients, nice flask, nice sprayer)
Presentation: 9.0 (no faults, simple but very elegant)
Price: 5.0 (10 ml non tester with the €100 pricetag at major net dealers)

Overall rating: 8.36/10.00
- between 7 and 8 =above average;
- between 8 and 9 = recomended;
- bigger than 9 = don't miss it;
Advice: This gem has a fantastic scent. . It's quite curious that its lowest rating is the "Price" feature. Without this feature rating, the overall mark would be a astounding 8.70 - quite high for such a specific strong scent.
I recommend it!
If it's to strong for you, try the EDT version or the Velvet Orchid flanker.
Very helpful Review    4
A mysterious dark lady
Heaven, I'm in heaven. And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak... Seriously, this is awesome. I was expecting something more masculine (I bought it as a blind buy - I love the thrill of it, and very rarely do I get disappointed based on the reviews here.) And this lady, yes, I know, it supposed to fit as a unisex fragrance, I read it, but this lady is pure, dark, mysterious femininity of the finest grade. Her sister Velvet Orchid is one of my favorites as well. When it comes to Black Orchid and Velvet Orchid, for me this is almost a tie with the scale just tipping slightly in favor for Velvet Orchid. We should have a top 10 list, there are just way too many fragrances I absolutely adore. Black Orchid is one of them that belongs into my top 10 list
Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 10.0/10
Very helpful Review    6
Thick, heady, carnal madness!
Black Orchid isn't pleasant. It isn't easy. It's falling in love - irrationally and uncontrollably. Love in that raw, lustful and chaotic way. Your hair stands on end as your skin tingles. Your insides flip and thrash all around and it makes you feel sick. Longing invades your mind and prevents any useful thoughts from forming, and your heart beats so hard you can see your skin jump at its pulse points. No matter how much you inhale, you just can't breathe. It's overwhelming, stifling...

And despite all of these terrible (terrific) symptoms, you just can't get enough of that sheer possession and desperation! If you've never experienced falling in love that way, you certainly won't appreciate the chaos that is Black Orchid. It's thick, heady & carnal madness! (And yes, that madness is absolutely unisex!)

Mysterious, syrupy, exotic & peculiar. Unforgivably sexy and dripping with personality - there's nothing else quite like it.
Scent 6.0/10
Very helpful Review    3
Well Named
For reasons that now escape me I have several miniatures and many decants of this fragrance--enough to fill a gold 5ml purse spray several times. (I once had three gold purse sprays but my daughter and a niece fell in love with the other two's contents and begged them off me.) This one contains Black Orchid, which I almost never wear. When I sprayed it on tonight I was reminded of my ambivalence about it. It's certainly not horrible, but not distinct enough to have a chance at greatness, either, IMO. Like the other Tom Fords I've smelled, it's a bit underwhelming--nothing I'd reach for on purpose, what with outrageous darlings already in my collection like Monegal's indolic Kiss My Name, splendid Russian Tea by Masque, Chanel's intoxicating Misa, Luten's masterpiece, Chêne and the like. Hard to remember Black Orchid, lover of worldly, dramatic scents that I am. I mean, if a gal doesn't nearly pass out smelling a fragrance, what's the point? Well, not everyone's like me, I suppose. So if you fancy a dark floral with a good dose of truffles that's also somewhat fruity, this might be for you. As for me, I'm trying to figure out how to cleanse my last gold purse spray of it, in favor of something thrilling which I'll hide from relatives when I see them. Sure, I love acting like the cornucopia now and then, but I get to keep one of these pretty vials, don't I? Bye, Black Orchid. You smell like your name but not flamboyantly enough.
Helpful Review    4
It works.
The opening of Black Orchid is a tad tacky perhaps, but nicely made enough to avoid being completely cheesy: basically a sweet-floral sugar bomb, which soon gets more dry and balanced leaning towards a dark-sweet velvety floral blend, which is frankly quite pleasant. I get powdery-soapy notes (no flowers in particular, honestly) with a slight metallic aftertaste, something candied-fruity which smells tamed down enough not to look like teenagers’ gourmand stuff, vanilla (not that great), patchouli, incense, woods on the base (mostly vetiver). So shortly a sort of “mature”, fairly elegant and safe fruity-powdery scent with a sort of “dark” and silky allure. Somehow exuding a bit of cheapness overall, but not that bad – “it works”, in other words, this meaning it’s not stinky, it projects well, it lasts long, and in my opinion is decently, mediocrely, “generically” pleasant, which for certain situations (office for instance, or whatever other “mixed” social circumstance where you don’t feel wearing something more daring) may be an enjoyable feature.

Very helpful Review    5
A melted, chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar in the back seat of a warm car.
For years, I have heard about Black Orchid, so I decided to finally try it. The notes listed include ylang-ylang and black currant, black orchid, and, basically, a patchouli/chocolate/vanilla drydown. I am wearing it now, and, basically, all I smell is a slightly metallic chocolate/vanilla. There seem to be differences of opinion about whether or not Orchid is strictly for women, or could pass as unisex, but personally, I think it could be worn by either. I admit my nose doesn’t pick up “creamy” scents very well, so any depth to this doesn’t register. I have heard the Bath and Body Works fragrance, Black Amethyst, is a “cheaper version” of Black Orchid, but after wearing both, I completely disagree. In fact, I actually prefer Black Amethyst, which opens with a lemony bergamot, compared to Orchid’s slightly powdery chocolate. I guess I am in the minority here, but Black Orchid isn’t worth the hype, which doesn’t surprise me because, although I love Plum Japonais, I have found Tom Ford fragrances to be drastically lacking in the drydown stages. Black Orchid reminds me of a melted, chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar in the back seat of a warm car.
Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
Helpful Review    7
Lush, Dirty, Sexy stuff...
Black Orchid was the first release for the Tom Ford brand. In his mind, he felt like the modern designer market trends didn't offer anything really unique, heavy or interesting enough... as most of them were watered down versions of best sellers. With Black Orchid, he wanted to evoke a smell of "old luxury & glamour", a sort of "retro" feel back to perfume. He decided to create Black Orchid.

This is such a complex fragrance. It could be gourmand, oriental, chypre, all rolled into one! I mainly get an earthy, chocolate patchouli mixed with a floral vanilla composition. The earthy smell also comes from truffle, which is damp and mushroom-like, with something reminding me of different fruits, including blackberry. But it never goes into the typical fruity-floral category as it manages to stay quite dark and earthy throughout, drying down to a dark, woody vanilla by the end. It smells decadent and rich, and that is certainly the vibe he was going for. There are a lot of conflicting notes, but the overall vibe works well.

I think this is definitely a seductive, going out type of fragrance, it's also probably unisex, as some women may find it a little "dark" for them to wear compared to light, happy florals. I think this would appeal to people who love gourmand perfumes and heavier, darker orientals, and older classics.

The bottle is very stylish and innovative, as is the presentation of Black & Gold. It really gives a rich, decadent, almost over the top vibe... yet still tasteful enough to appeal to most people. I think on the right person, in the right setting, this would smell amazing, as long as you spray lightly it can be worn in most places and occasions. A dark, sexy, dangerous and slightly edgy mix which manages to hold together and impress, just be ready to be a little shocked in the beginning, but it really is something unique and special. Dirty, sexy, edgy stuff!
2 Replies
Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 10.0/10
Very helpful Review    5
Perfume masterpiece
After a long time I finally got this "Black Orchid" this precious gem to my perfume collection. It is superb perfume, dark, gothic yet sweet and exotic very promising with huge longevity and sillage. As I am a perfume collector I have appreciated this perfume for the its deep character and unique smell. Thanks a lot Mr Ford for your outstanding idea to capture this perfume and combine so well the earthy pachouli along with the white flowers, the dark chocolate and insence and yet a touch of sweetness arises in the end to blend everything so well. Best to wear in winter.
Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
Helpful Review    3
Lush Potion
When you are very very sensitive, this perfume obviously is too too much. For everybody else: black orchid makes you face any kind of music:
Swank, uninhibited, no excuses.

A tribute to Les Fleurs du Mal...
Very helpful Review    7
~ Unique Unisex ~
This review is only based on minimal wearings but I have to say my initial impression as a man is this TF would be just masculine enough with it's patchouli notes to be in my weekly rotation. But if your a gent who sides on the absolutely "no labels for ladies" on your bottles or need a dark powerhouse you might pass on this sweet chocolatie vibe creation. The tropical fruit and floral notes really stand out and need a self assured wearer that doesn't concern themselves with marketing but only the assertive impression Black Orchid's sillage will give! For this Platinum Egoiste fan this is a real turn in tastes to spray but oddly I just can't keep from reaching for my sample! Will I buy a FB of this one? The verdict is still out but this unique unisex scent definitely has made an impression on my nose I won't soon forget!

Scent ~ 9/10
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Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 8.0/10
Helpful Review    6
Pray under the dark sky
I am amazed. BLACK ORCHID is an excellent perfume, and even though I say, it is for exceptional occasions, if I would have a full bottle, I would use it almost every day.

At the beginning the freshness of black currant and bergamot overrun the airspace around me as a forerunner, before the torrent of dark orchid race in my nose, as a victorious conqueror. I would compare BLACK ORCHID to the GOLDEN LEATHER by Atelier Cologne, less alcohol, a bit more spice, but the same autumn scentiment, brown and watery as the soil after rain, melt with flowers, fruits and spices. Chocolate does not miss giving a certain darkness to fragrances, I am very glad, that the creator added it to the base of BLACK ORCHID.

This scent is a true, pagan pray to the goddess for rich harvest.

Many thanks for the sample to MiaVonTrost!
Scent 10.0/10
Very helpful Review    7
who's that girl?
the complexities of BLACK ORCHID are numerous and the result is nothing less than astounding. of course i expected nothing less from this power house. only the best ingredients could create a moment like this... dark, sweet, smoky and spicy all at once. it truly smells expensive too so you know you're getting your $150 dollars worth.

the base notes of chocolate and patchouli stay close to the skin but i can almost imagine the sillage leaving an imaginary trail of spices, orchid and gardenia behind me as i move through crowds.


it's definitely a work of art...wear it at night while dressed in black. that's all you'll need to create a sense of mystery and intrigue.
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JoaoMartins 123 days ago
Still one of the most opulent perfumes ever.+2
Bottle 6.0
Sillage 10.0
Longevity 8.0
Scent 8.0
Pio 150 days ago
Now, this is an intriguing fragrance. For both mature and self-assured women and men.+2
Bottle 8.0
Sillage 9.0
Longevity 9.0
Scent 9.0
Carlitos01 10 months ago
This is a man's perfume or at most it is unisex.
It is too masculine to be considered a feminine scent only.
Its scent is just divine.+1
Bottle 9.0
Sillage 9.0
Longevity 9.0
Scent 10.0
Hajuvana 2 years ago
Wait... an aquatic floral gourmand? Congrats on the worst idea ever. The fragrance is great fun, though ...and approximating wearable.

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