Lavender Extrême (2019)

Lavender Extrême by Tom Ford
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Lavender Extrême is a new perfume by Tom Ford for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-resinous. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Lavender, Bergamot, Tonka bean absolute



8.1 (63 Ratings)


8.1 (58 Ratings)


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8.9 (78 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 10.12.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    9
The thought puncture points of the extended earth axis through the sky vault are commonly called celestial poles. And very close to the north pole of the sky there is a star of second size called Polaris. Since it hardly circles - in contrast to its other companions - it is a good point of orientation in the sky.

The comparison of Polaris with Lavender Extreme is deliberately chosen. As a star with an apparent brightness of the second magnitude, it does not immediately fall into the eye or under the nose and is by no means - as often erroneously assumed - the brightest star of the night sky visible from Earth. As an orientation it is, however, a type enrichment in the vastness of the fragrance market with regard to the Typus´ lavender plant idea. A little bit oldschoolig and nevertheless with small own ideas, he lights the way for us now.

The bottle is great, also fits the theme and actually has something polar star-like about it.

The scent is not the brightest, the strongest, the newest. He doesn't want to be a superlative. This polar star is - as described above - a good scent orientation point in its profession.
It starts quite fresh, a bit citric. Then, of course, lavender, a very well made - herbaceous-fresh facet. A Mediterranean lavender that I have been able to see here and there in the south of France in recent years. A soul plant. Undemanding, growing on rocks - strong in winter. The latter supported by the tonka bean rounding off the track (I also perceive something cinnamony, coconut on my skin rather not), with which it ends: a soul scent. In the air with nose distance somewhat spicier, powdery. Fresh, lavenderpieksender.
with the nose on your hand very close
At the end of the celestial pole Polaris shines the autumn beautifully to me - hardly circling, not pushing itself into the foreground. My star second size.
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0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    14
Batida de Coco
When I saw this scent, my heart jumped briefly: a lavender scent - from Tom Ford! I wonder if this is a Tom Ford for me When all the others are too loud for me, mostly inharmonic. And I love lavender, nothing can go wrong, if it also comes along in the typical Ford Sillage and durability....
So it had to be a bottling!
Sprayed on - and yes, THAT's the lavender I like. Just like the lavender sacks smell for laundry. I also have to think very briefly of my beloved "Lavandula" from Penhaligon's. Very nice!
I'm wallowing for, say, five minutes, thinking about how to get a bottle. The scent, I'm sure you've guessed, makes a U-turn. At first, again for a few minutes, I feel reminded of my beloved "Fourreau Noir" by Serge Lutens - lavender with a magical tonka bean, slightly smoky. Very nice, but I already did.
Well, I'll see what happens next.
Attentive readers of course have the title of this comment in mind, and so now follows the inevitable: After only a short time this wonderful lavender dream becomes a coconut nightmare for me. The lavender is still there (not like in "Caron pour un homme", where it disappears completely after a short time and gives way to an unbearably sweet vanilla) - but it is superimposed by a cloud of warm coconut milk. Yeah, it smells like coconut to my nose. This cloud might even be quite pleasant for most people, in between "Fourreau Noir" flashes through from time to time.

I don't like coconut at all, though. Yes, I hate it. Both on the tongue and in the nose.

Sigh - yes, I wanted to like you so much... I prefer to refrain from an evaluation, for many noses it will be a very pleasant, soft scent. The Sillage is for such a smell in the very good range, at least 7.5. Unfortunately, I can say nothing about the durability, I go to wash off the smell now :-(
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Syzygy73 6 months ago
Nice herbaceous lavender, but that's it. No complexity and nothing extreme, apart from the price.+1

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