London by Tom Ford

London 2013

21.10.2021 - 04:13 PM

Bottled cat piss...

A blind purchase can sometimes come as a surprise.
Sometimes it is not what you expected...
That's what happened to me with this London.
Not that this scent is bad, but to my opinioni it will take quite a while before i tame it.
We are here on a hot, smoky, balsamic/balmy spicy (one of my favorite pairings), and yet, i can't hang on it.
London captures the noble and unique London elegance, as well as its casual spirit.
This spicy, animal fragrance is a blend of Oud wood, an ingredient extremely prized by Tom Ford, and warm and sensual tonkin musk.
Notes of sandalwood, black pepper, saffron, coriander and incense add a little more warmth to this scent.
What bothered me the most was the fact that i expected, given the olfactory pyramid and the ingredients, something more... Dirty, even filthy.
Filthy in the style of the Londoner shallows of the 90s, these lowlands with dark and sordid corners, these ferrous subway rails, these oily exhaust fumes...
Due to its complexity, i imagined a more dirty and heavy scent, and above all less spicy.
As soon as i sniffed the first scent of this London, it immediately reminded me of a mix of two fragrances, Cuir Intense and Bois Mystérieux from Guerlain.
To give you a realistic olfactory idea, imagine a cat's piss heated in the sun, a sour sweat coupled with super powerful cumin, add a spicy animal touch and you will still be far from the truth...
All this mixture gives a sickening and too complex side.
The Oud is not present at all, as is the coffee.
It is indeed too bad.
This perfume gives me the effect of a cake filled with all the spices possible and imaginable.
Result, we end up with all kinds of flavors that go a little in all directions...
Be careful, I'm not saying this London is bad, but it's just not my style.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, the sillage and longevity are moderate.
I only appreciate this perfume after 3/4 days of drying, or the scents are much softer and recognizable.
Good advice, do not buy it blindly, it will be at your own risk...
Conclusion: A refined, sophisticated fragrance that can sometimes seem a bit dated.
Certainly for lovers of sour smells, but not for me.
Having smelled most, if not all of the scents in the lavish Private Blend range, this London is by far the one i like the least.
And 2 eyars after, it doesn't change...
To see over time...
My rating: 7/10

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