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Métallique by Tom Ford
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7.4 / 10     123 RatingsRatingsRatings
Métallique is a new perfume by Tom Ford for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesAldehydes, Bergamot, Pink pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesHawthorn, Lily-of-the-valley, Heliotrope
Base Notes Base NotesAmbrette, Peru balsam, Vanilla, Sandalwood



7.4 (123 Ratings)


7.3 (108 Ratings)


6.8 (107 Ratings)


7.9 (116 Ratings)
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10.0 6.0 6.0 9.0/10

122 Reviews
Metallic spicy vanilla
This is a very nice new Tom fords releases. As It happens in most of the new releases of this brand the performance is not great and It have some issue un longevity and sellage, but as It belongs to the signature collection has a good price so It can worth the purchase if you like the smell. The smell is good, not very original. Fresh and spicy vanilla with a very subtle touch of purple flowers and i think a fruity note which is not listed. All this give a metallic vibe yo the perfume as the name indicates. Better for daytime use under not very warm temperatures...

Scent: 9
Longevity: 6
Sillage: 6
Quality/price: 7
Versatility: 7
Originality: 6
Global: 8
8.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    16
Metallic shine with ripe cotton candy coating
"Metallique" by Tom Ford combines the synthetic theme metal, lacquer, paint, workshop, technology, cold, perhaps even some chlorine and chemistry, with a warm, powdery vanilla somewhere between gingerbread, icing sugar and Christmas market. Only the last mentioned winter impressions interpreted so lightly and musky that you might think you are dealing more with a Narciso Rodriguez than with the eccentric, often loud, heavy Mr. Ford...

Feminine fairy fine dust from the luxury car warehouse - that's how you could describe "Metallique". Refinery kisses refinement. Cool futurism meets sweet embrace, advantage through gourmand technique. Definitely a fragrance that's not very comparable. Not to mention nothing at all. It really reminds of a mixture of Lolita Lempicka and Narciso Rodriguez, only maybe even a bit higher. Interesting and demanding, not for everyone, but at the same time also pleasing and jammy. Make-up case meets silver arrow, powder puff meets attractive cyborg. The perfect fragrance for artificial intelligence and advanced human life forms. Guerlain of Venus. And because of its special vein, it is also absolutely wearable by men. Since the mass can't assign and classify him anyway. Metrosexual magic water. Strong piece. Not a big litter, but one that already meets my taste clearly and frontally. Aluminium all-purpose weapon.

Flacon: shiny and nice
Sillage: discreetly dosed even suitable for office use. A fancy signature?!
Durability: good Tom seldom exposes himself to the nakedness - this metallic powder dust is no exception. 8 hours minimum.

Conclusion: no new hit for the masses of the noble Tommy. But instead, grandiosely cool-warm (?!) metal fairy dust for the few who fall in love with him. Like me. Fine thing, sexy and interesting. Name fits, too. If you don't think of metal here, you should have your olfactory buds checked. Or develop more imagination ;)
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8.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    18
In the bathhouse
I would also like to comment on this fragrance now, but please forgive me beforehand for not being able to proceed in such a wonderfully professional manner as many here at Parfumo know how to do, but only for giving back my personal impression :

The top note immediately reminds me of the smell of the egg shampoo in the small cushions, which were available to buy in my childhood of the 60s in the swimming pools, which at that time were still called "Badeanstalt" (swimming baths), in addition there is a slight iron smell in the background, which probably gave its name here. Only very late in the base do I notice discreetly slightly smoky vanilla, similar to a vanilla pudding that is just beginning to burn slowly.

For me personally not necessarily beautiful, but still original.
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6.0 6.0 5.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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At the first sniff, associations such as "spicy, sweet gingerbread..." came up. and vanilla croissant :-) and unfortunately it reminded me a little bit of such a scented tree, which I once had in my car ????? ♀ But I noticed immediately that this is again a perfume, which does not tell me immediately all his secrets. Could not make a connection to "metal" in the beginning with the best will in the world... but in time... i know of something in this composition and it's a hint of severe incense, I think; something harsh "straight", holding the leash in the background, so it doesn't become an overly sweet potpourri... In any case, it is not a cool metal, but - as the bottle suggests - a warm, slightly "brizcellar", somehow golden scent. I like it, even if it may not be the right season for it (August). Maybe a little too sweet for me personally
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7.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    74
Whenever I don't want to test scents for different reasons, I don't feel like writing, or when things get on my nerves, I get a scent around the corner that makes me curious, inspires me and almost makes me need to be described
Today I had the opportunity to test this new Tom Ford fragrance and what can I say...WHAT a beautiful fragrance! Tom made it once again and inspired the little Schoork.

There are still the wonderful new releases, there have always been them and only those who look right or smell will find them.
Here it is denounced again and again that only uniform porridge appears on the market and that everything used to be better. Looking at my own collection I can only deny that, there are lots of scents from the last 5 years, this decade or at least this century. I may have a modern nose, I don't know, but even if one or the other calls me a philistine now, I can't do much with the so-called classics. Be it in the women's area Shalimar and its relatives, or in the men's area the whole fragrance water Knize Ten or whatever.
I can not, does not reach me and I have also little desire on Zibet, cat piss or other animal contents materials a Hornochse times excreted. However, I would never say a bad word as I recognize that these fragrances have been worn for decades and have a right to exist. But I don't have to like it and I fight with all my might against the fact that today there is hardly anything good left, that's not true, it's more due to the corresponding noses or simply to an anti-posture. I like Newschool.

In the past not everything was better, only the selection was smaller, so that you have to take a closer look today. That's the way it is, and it's the consumer's fault. At the beginning the Golf was only available in one version until the convertible came, then there were estate cars, country cars, Golf Plus etc...all things that were demanded. It's good to find, but you don't have to. And yes I'd also rather have a '68 Dodge Challenger, but the new ones are also strong.

Who lives presently in the past, should not be surprised, if the future brings nothing new.

And that brings me to the new fragrance from Tom Ford. For many, Tom Ford is too opulent, wants too much of everything, seems overloaded and decadent.
That can be and is up to everyone to decide, for me it is one of the newer brands that reach me continuously. Sometimes it lasts, like for example Noir Anthracite, sometimes it clicks immediately like for Tobacco Vanilla or Noir de Noir.
Today it clicked again and how!
The bottle in mirrored metal keeps its promise. The fragrance starts fresh with flowers and then quickly becomes powdery and sweeter. The whole thing actually becomes a touch metallic, if you will, that's hard to describe, but fascinating. Imagine you're wearing a chain and spraying a powdery vanilla perfume on your neck, the chain should smell like this.
Sounds weird now, but it's not.

But that's only in the background, because at the front the vanilla plays the greater role, first through heliotrope, later through the balsamic. Yes, it develops into a real cuddler, caused by vanilla, Peru balsam and then finishes woody.
This is really great done and I am no one who is very fast to inspire, but he can really something.

The balsamic at the end reminds me again easily of scents like Grand Soir or Dior Addict and how I find these scents is well known.

For me one of the best new releases this year, even if I don't know all of them this year
The question arises whether this is really only intended for ladies. Well for me he is quite feminine and I personally would rather see him on the neck of a beautiful woman (mine). The fragrance invites you to go out, but also to cuddle and will have its best time in autumn/winter.

Of course, everyone is free to wear whatever they want, but I can only stress again and again that for me such fragrances on a woman are simply much more beautiful.

So ladies, if you're just doing nothing and you're still looking for a beautiful flatterer, I recommend the Métallique. Your partner will thank you.
The durability is tidy and you will be noticed. Promise!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to enjoy the fragrance as long as it's there.
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Emorandeira 19 days ago
Fresh and spicy vanilla with a hint of heliotropo and other flowers. Very nice scent for daytime though the performance is not great...

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