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Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford
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Noir Anthracite is a popular perfume by Tom Ford for men and was released in 2017. The scent is spicy-woody. The longevity is above-average. It was last marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Sichuan pepper, Ginger
Heart Notes Heart NotesTuberose, Jasmine sambac, Galbanum
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Cedarwood, Macassar wood, Ceylonese sandalwood



7.9 (213 Ratings)


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8.0 (186 Ratings)
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Interesting Facts

The faces of the advertising campaign are models Jon Kortajarena and Yasmin Wijnaldum.
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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    65
Winter break
An older gentleman with a cap, a white beard, black boots, red cheeks and a robe like that scrambles across the roof on Christmas Eve and then through the fireplace into the houses to deliver the gifts he has ordered.

Above the roof, hovering and stretched in front of a white sledge, his reindeer wait. Leader of this troop is Rudolph, probably the most famous reindeer of all times and worlds.
Hello Rudolph, how are you these days?

Rudolph: Oh yes, if I'm honest, then I'm quite happy when it's over soon and we've reached our goal. The preparations for the big party are quite exhausting.

That doesn't sound like Christmas mood at all.

Rudolph: You know, it's not easy when you see the first pictures of yourself in the supermarket in September and then keep the mood up. It's the same every year, but from experience I can say that in the last days before it starts, a certain excitement and anticipation comes up again
You come around a lot, is it everywhere so?

Rudolph: Partly I must say. In South America it is forbidden to sing any annoying Christmas songs before December. You'll even go to jail for Navidad Dungeon. That's quite drastic, but I don't make the laws.
What do you actually do after the party and before?

Rudolph: Well, I also have to look where I am. I take off the red nose, which I usually only take out again for Red Nose Day, and work here and there. For a long time I also worked as a stuntdouble in movies, but unfortunately this is not the case today because of the whole computer animation.

Interesting, in what movie could we see them?

Rudolph: Bambi!

Strong. And what's next today?

Rudolph: I tried my hand as a copywriter for a while. It almost worked out with McDonalds, but they decided differently for the former Fischmäc and he is now called Filet-o-Fish.

What was your idea?

Rudolph: McKrele. But you know a lot of time is actually not there. Of course you can also relax in January. Many people think you're always walking around like that, the fat guy with his red coat is also casual and wears a lumberjack shirt and doesn't smell of cinnamon and biscuits.

After what then?

Rudolph: At the moment he is totally into Tom Ford's Noir Anthracite. It's a fragrance that comes across very pithy. I also treat myself to a drop here and there. He'll turn Bubis into real men. That's what you need after all the candy. So as contrast.

Can I imagine that one needs this also times.

Rudolph: Absolutely. This is also not a fragrance that is suitable for everyone. Do you know Kouros or Antaeus? Without one that resembles them, it's one that cuts the same notch. Tuberose, at the beginning still quite fresh, but then it gives some galbanum, jasmine and patchouli, which one believes one stands in the middle of a swamp landscape. I personally think it's awesome.
But it also sounds like a scent that makes you very lonely, or?

Rudolph: No, not at all. The fragrance was conceived by a woman. She must have figured something out. Rosswitha my wife also likes him very much. You have to be the guy. Here is no sweetness like in the extreme, no soft wood like in the Oud Wood. This is a hard place to be and I mean it literally. The scent is heavy. A grenade in the cold. Lasts really long. It's very peppery and spicy. Tuberose dominates and you have to like it. I think he's a little smoky, too. I rejected it at first the first time, too. The scent picked me up at the second test and got better and better.

You'll have to test it yourself, won't you?

Rudolph: Yeah, sure. It's not a scent for every day either. As said before, this is a real contrast for the whole sweet plörre that you usually wear. It's good to have a little variety. However, he will meet with a lot of rejection here and there, because he does not want to be pleasing, but to underline self-confidence. For men who are simply direct and say what they want and don't talk about it.
Look, when I say I want a cup of coffee, I say that and don't talk trite like "please pass me the Colombian bean broth again?"
I see, as a dominant scent...

Rudolph: Yes, you could say that. He doesn't just smell by the way. It shows clearly. A helicopter smell so to speak.

Helicopter scent?

Rudolph: You know helicopter parents? The kind that blow-dry your kids' toilet seat warm before they climb the throne? They also say parents like to stick to their children. The fragrance also adheres to you when you wear it, but most clearly.

I think I understand that. At the end perhaps still another word to the celebration?

Rudolph: Like every year, you should not stress. One should also not indulge too much in consumption, because goods do not have the meaning of a contemplative gathering with the family and loved ones around them. I therefore wish all people who read this interview a wonderful Christmas time.
Look into the sky from time to time in the evening and maybe a star just shines for you.

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
42 Replies
8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    6
The grey wall
Well, I'm actually more at war with the scents of Tom Ford. The good man (because he is not a bad film director) has a different olfactory taste than me. Somehow I admire the guy for his diversity and still don't get warm with his water. Can happen, of course! With "Noir Anthracite" it's a little different now. Finally times a "Tom", which I would put on without hesitation, although also this EDT me not directly from the socks hut. But there's something about it that I don't have to be afraid of when I put it on ... ;-)

This roughness and grey, which smells a bit like car tyre abrasion (it should be mainly due to Patchouli and Galbanum), is usually not my thing. Of course, the pepper goes quite well with it. In this respect "Noir Anthracite" is very consistent in its statement and also absolutely authentic. IOch welcomes it when brand names and advertising promises give a hint of what a fragrance actually hides.

So here we have a grey wall. The loamy mortar is omnipresent, but does not necessarily have to spring from the big city, but can also be part of an ancient wall. Life and time have left their mark here. A citric herb grows out of the wall. A truck just passed by. It rained last night. Next door they're sawing wood.

All this can be located in this fragrance if you have enough imagination. He never gets pushy about it. Pepper and patchouli determine "Noir Anthracite", whereby I like the former very much and the latter only conditionally. But just like in real life, the right mixture and balance are important, and this is given for me here. The first Tom Ford I can trust because he has something familiar. Not super beautiful, but exciting, not an irresistible seducer, but a befitting companion.
1 Replies
9.0 9.0 7.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    16
Has anyone seen my cilia?
So...boah...what's...nä...hui... Hammer!
This is how my inner monologue turned out when I first got a taste of Tom Ford's Noir Anthracite.
I immediately had Harvey Specter from the series "Suits" in mind*. For those of you who don't know him: A highly successful, highly intelligent, arrogant, self-involved lawyer and senior partner in a New York law firm. Middle 40, stroke in women and quite handsome.
Noir Anthracite would definitely be the fragrance of his choice. Because NA has that certain something that has never been smelled before. At the beginning slightly pungent, indescribably spicy and hot. In the further course a little more gentle, but really only a little bit more gentle. Freshness (which I can't read out in the components) is added, but obediently hides behind the dominant spice, because the spice wants to make an impression and doesn't tolerate any other nuances next to it. After all, there are cases to win, to intimidate opponents and to signal olfactorically to your own client that everything is going exactly as planned, the process is won!!

This scent is not for quiet walkers, disco goers or promenade walkers, this scent is for executives, lawyers, commanders of infantry battalions and for Darth Vader himself. Where I smelled more and more Aventus in the business world a few years ago, this NA could spread in the next few years. He has what it takes to become a mass phenomenon within a certain social sphere. For youngsters looking for a compliment getter and panties-remover, the fabric here is nothing.
Who else he could stand for: the Wolf of Wall Street, Michael Douglas in almost all roles, Captain Pike, Chancellor Gowron, Billy Russo, and Agent Smith.

Chapeau in front of this splendid specimen of fragrance. So far I have not dared to wear it in the truest sense of the word. But I've set myself a date for tomorrow. I hope I don't scare anybody. My wife finds him terrible by the way - what I don't really care about in this case for the first time :-)
*Only recently started the series.
6 Replies
7.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    21
Looking as unimpressed as possible
The new flanker of Tom Ford's bestseller "Noir" is called Anthracite and that's how it behaves - a film Noir fragrance as it is written in the book. I'm sure he would have looked good on a Mr Marlowe. Grey, silver, anthracite. It has hardly anything to do with the original Noir, but in itself it is outstanding. And the name just pulls by now...

Like a silver-backed gorilla working on Wall Street. Like a fog of precious metal. Like aluminum in warm. Like silk from the planet Xanadu. Like a pepper mill from the Blade Runner's table. The most pleasant and masculine tuberose in the world.

I like anthracite very much and it is comparable to very little, no matter how much you had under your nose. That alone deserves respect. Anthracite to a noble suit in just this color - bam, the Pope's ruffles are knocked out of the dress. Kind of likeable, stuck-up. What there is not everything. Whether Abiball or funeral, disco or glamrock, cooking course or noble dinner, Tom Ford or Kik - "Noir Anthracite" is the best fragrance of the series. At least the one that goes best with ME. It is a breath of decadence, the luxury one likes to indulge in. Because he's paying off. Futuristic and warm and cosy at the same time, you can't see the forest for the laths anymore. And he puts it up.

Flacon: grey and great
Sillage: no beast, an offensive Gent
Shelf life: 8 hours, the good Tommy rarely spills. Not here either.

Conclusion: a "normal" Ford on the level of its Prives - this anthracite is worth gold! Pepper the holes from the cheese!
8 Replies
8.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    13
What a surprise
I wouldn't have guessed.
Tom Ford launches a fragrance on the market that makes a lasting impression on me.
With the TF creations I have always had a hard time. Even the two TF scents, which I call my own, only convinced me in the beginning.
They have now moved far into the back corner of the perfume cupboard.
Both bottles still 2/3 full.
Noir Anthracite is now a very welcome exception.
What's more, I have discovered a TF scent which, in my opinion, does not tend to have a sweet, creamy TF DNA and which also remains exciting for my sensation throughout the pyramid.
Noir Anthracite quotes from me very appreciated fragrances from the 70s and early 80s (Jaques Bogart, Quorum), as well as selected British colognes (Trumper Astor - & Marlborough Cologne), but still presents itself very contemporary and fresh. A certain "herbaceousness" is quite recognizable, but neither old-fashioned nor antiquated.
The good impression is complemented by an elegant, unadorned flacon reminiscent of high-rise buildings with dark glass facades from the 70s and 80s. In this respect a coherent overall package.
The scent as such makes the following impression on me:
Bergamot and pepper usually dominate the top note immediately after application. Rarely do I take an irritating, strong pertroleum note in the beginning, but it quickly fades away.
In the further course of the game, galbanum and patchoulli are the most prominent for me.
The "dry down" rounds everything off so well with a well balanced wood note in the base that the first 100 ml bottle is already used up after approx. 4 months ! - still questions ?
- Yeah, I bathed in it.
4 Replies

72 Reviews
Haunting Photo-Realistic Coal
The title is really just a retrodiction of that of my previous review; and whereas in that case it was meant in full earnest, in this it is a tad (and some) hyperbolick! However, when I first picked up the sample-bottle of this & squirted from it, my thoughts went something like "anthracite? ... yeah right! ... how is a perfume going to smell of ... oh my dark angels! it does too!". How it is rendered I do not know, but this is a stunning piece of perfumery innovation.

I think these TF ~Noir~-themed 'fumes are very much a trade-off between performance & originality, with the see-saw falling very much on the side of originality. Having tried this one ^and^ ~Extreme~ really quite thoroughly, I unfortunately cannot but agree with those reviewers who scathe these 'fumes for having rather weak performance; but in exchange uw ^do^ get originality, & that in generous measure. Both are ^extremely^ °interessante°, and a delight to wear going out. That sweet powdery coaly note is just a total salvager of any other deficiency it can reasonably be said to have - and I think sheer weight-of-metal-brought-to-the-field is indeed the ^only^ index whereat it is weak, forthat in every other respect, like ~Extreme~, maugre its innovativity, it is a perfectly plausible reasonable & °proper° perfume.

A little aside if I may in connection with this: when I was a youngster in the seventies, occasionally as one was a-walking down the street, a tar-truck would go past on the way to road-works, with smoke billowing out of the back. I would always intraspire deeply on such occasions, loving the aroma loving it. In fact, I find the smell of petrochemickals in general pleasant. It seems to me that persons might be divided into two distinct categories of those who like such aromata & those who don't (& I ^extremely^ heartily deplore the modern fashion for suffusing petrochemickally produce with cheapo aromachemicals, the result being that it just smells ^stupid^!). I think quite likely this 'fume will be liked or disliked according as the putative °liker° is in one category or the other, the way-round being self-evident. I am willing to be wrong about this; but I am very curious apropos the matter.

... a day or so later ...
I'm reconsidering what I said about heft & durance in this case. Wearing it another day (coz I ran out if time for selecting a new one) I found it really quite stupborn, in that it just wasn't going away °any-time-soon°; although it did dry down to something that, quite frankly, smelt even more of coal-type stuff (in fact, much like the aforementioned espirations of the tar-truck) than it does in the opening. And this was fine by me - I love that sort of thing. ^Not^ a safe acquisition for anyone who is not into °maverick° 'fumes!

What's this ~macassar wood~; has that got something tæ do with it?

I've just remembered: another 'fume that smells kind of similar in the dry down, but ^much^ more unexoectedly, is Kilian's (no! I'm ^not^ saying 'By Kilian''s!) ~Incense Oud~: but I say 'kind of' because that's more evocative of smouldering wood than of smouldering petroleum-type produce.
8.0 8.0 8.0 9.5/10

14 Reviews
Greatly helpful Review    3
Modern Austere and Masculine Coal
Has a generally classy, and appropriate for the name, charcoal like feel overall but specifically opens with bergamot and Sichuan pepper then some vaguely familiar elements of the noir edt with the spices, ginger and cedar, although I really wouldn't say it's very similar to the others in the TF Noir line. Feels like the dark wood and sandalwood just slightly tempers the assertiveness of the fragrance overall, but just enough to be well rounded. It is also very linear with the exception of the fleeting bergamot and ginger in the beginning, but I'm glad because I really enjoy what remains. If I had to describe it only by a few notes, I would say its mainly Sichuan pepper, cedar, and spices. Not sweet at all, and definitely more of a mature masculine fragrance than the other TF Noirs, which I personally found to be very sweet and borderline unisex.

Performs fairly well and has decent longevity, I had a spray on my arm from the tester at the store and kept getting wafts from it hours later. Enjoyed it so much, I ended up going back in the evening and buying a bottle.


IanFriedrich 18 months ago
Noir Anthracite is similar with Interlude Man, but Noir Anthracite is soft. It is like Interlude Young Man, Soft Blue Beast version+3
Syzygy73 22 months ago
A dry intensely peppery opening that persists throughout and dries down to become an even drier paper and cedar mix. Austere minmalism.+3
Rmf1112 2 years ago
Not for everyone, no noticeable sweetness and is in fact very bitter and mature. Highly recommended for serious and confident men.+5
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