Noir Extreme (Eau de Parfum) by Tom Ford

Noir Extreme 2015 Eau de Parfum

27.10.2015 - 12:59 PM
Very helpful Review

"Noir Extreme"? How about "Welcome to the Candy Shop"?!

I don't know how it happens when a top seller house falls in quality, it sells more! Tom Ford has fallen after discontinuing the most brilliant members of Private Blend and you see how powerful the brand became! Furthermore, the sales policies is so high; you see bold difference between Private Blend and ordinary releases of the house such as Noir, For Man, etc.

Noir Extreme, for the first time I tried around five months ago, was a great let down. It still is. Someone really should give end to this oriental vanilla genre.

Primarily, the title is totally unfit to the context of smell. It would be Pink Extreme. Seriously, if there is a certain definition of "man" which Tom Ford uses it as in classic creations which used to separate genders, and I believe Tom Ford personally would deny that definition, this perfume is totally out of that boundary. If he insists on gay culture and conceptualizes it by perfume, then naming a perfume "man" is a market-focused trick.

Noir Extreme is an intense syrupy sweet lollipop with very punchy candy smell mingled with spicy air. It's more like crude home-made replica of a famous oriental vanilla by an untrained perfumer. A pimpy kinky medicinal sweetness that lacks the very character of every sweet smell: happiness.

Longevity: 6/10
Sillage: 4/10
Scent: 2/10
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