Ombré Leather (2018) (Eau de Parfum) by Tom Ford

Ombré Leather 2018Eau de Parfum

Version from 2018
19.10.2020 - 05:56 PM
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An elegant but true cowboy could use this perfume
[short review]
I like leather scents! For me they come in four types:
- Extra sweet opening but with strong leather - not bad but I really would prefer a strong leather scent without a raspberry note. So I prefer this Tom Ford Ombré Leather to Tuscan Leather and their satelites like Rasasi La Yuqawam, Al Haramain Leather Oudh and Parfums de Marly Godolphin.
- Animalic or Earthy leather - that's probably the option I like the most. Usually we encounter an animalic or earthy secondary note and an ambery background. Some examples may be John Varvatos Dark Rebel, Mancera Wild Leather, Royal Leather by Charriol, Cuir by Molinard and ... Tom Ford Ombré Leather. Oud, saffron, moss, musk, patchouli and sometimes even castoreum, are options to season this type of leather scent.
- Extra animalic or earthy or spicy - Even if not a bad perfume option, most of the times I don't consider them a leather fragrance any longer. That's the case of my beloved Amouage Epic Man and Christian Dior Fahrenheit, where other strong or intrusive notes outshine the leather.
- Peaceful and sweet metrosexual leather - I may even like the fragrances a lot but the leather note gives up its leadership to sweet or smooth notes like vanilla or iris. We may find examples with Azzaro Naughty Leather, Vanilla & Leather by S.T. Dupont and Valentino Uomo Intense.

Having positioned Ambré Leather in a "leather fragrance market menu" let me just state some other brief opinions about this perfum.
It opens with mild spices (cardamom and saffron) and just a bit of a white floral sweetness. The heart proposes you a strong dark animalic leather a bit tamed by herbs (vetiver, moss) and framed by an amber background. I like it very much. It's different from Tuscan Leather and I like this one better. Its performance is above average and the presentation is nice and unique in the Tom Ford line of perfumes. Its versatility and wearability are limited to the colder weather and mainly at night, and not really suitable for the office or small spaces.
I just don't like it to be overpriced like so many Tom Ford fragrances. I do recommend it provided it fits your budget.

Music: Midnight Cowboy Theme by Harry Nilsson - "Everybody's Talkin' "
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