Eau de Prep Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

Eau de Prep Tommy Girl 2011

10.07.2013 - 02:41 AM

Eau de Hardly There

"Eau de Prep" was a blind buy because there was no tester and the apple note plus the price (15 Euro for 100ML) was a good enough reason for me to jump into the preppy pool with both feet ; )

The first spray is very yummy and has a fresh apple note that gets quickly teamed up with a pepper note --pink pepper is sweet rather than spicy-- and as such it's a wonderful mix of apple fresh with sweet pepper and a faint rose - all this lands on a dry down of musk and sandalwood notes. The middle stage has a very gourmand feel to it; I smell a chocolate vibe in this and it reminds me a bit of "5th Avenue Nights" which has a wonderful chocolate note throughout thats heavily in love with a creamy vanilla, but Eau de Prep has apple & pepper notes to give the chocolate vibe more of a spicy / fruity edge. About an hour later the pepper gets slightly more spicy and the apple is virtually gone, leaving you with a musk / pepper skin scent that is pleasant but very light.

I like Eau de Prep and my only complaints is that its longevity is seriously lacking! I have to reapply quite often to get the thrill of that first apple / sweet pepper combo. If the longevity were much better and the apple note were more pronounced to increase that apple fresh feeling, I would probably reach for this quite often. But since it is very fleeting all I can say is....luckily I have 100ML to (re)spray it with reckless abandon.

It's a cute scent for casual daytime wear and all those times you want to smell yummy in a gourmand and close to the skin manner. It's inoffensive and suitable for work and as a bed scent but I wouldn't wear this for an evening out or to a special occasion.

Silage is: apple and sweet pepper with a dash of florals on a bed of musk - Longevity is: 2+ hours in which the pepper becomes more spicy and lays close on the skin cuddling a musk note.

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