Tommy (1994) Cologne

Tommy (Cologne) by Tommy Hilfiger
Bottle Design: Ken Hirst
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Tommy (Cologne) is a perfume by Tommy Hilfiger for men and was released in 1994. The scent is fresh-fruity. It is being marketed by Estēe Lauder Companies.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender, Mint
Heart Notes Heart NotesApple, Cranberry, Rose
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Cotton flower, Cactus



7.0 (191 Ratings)


6.6 (135 Ratings)


6.2 (122 Ratings)


6.3 (130 Ratings)
Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 06.02.2019
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Bottle 10.0/10 Sillage 7.0/10 Longevity 7.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
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Helpful Review    4
Price performance ratio top!
I never thought that fragrance was so good! So far I haven't paid any attention to Tommy in the perfumery, thought it would be such a mainstream fragrance as the Bruno Banani...
Yesterday I tested this because of -30% discount simply out of boredom, see there:
A fragrance to my taste!

Tommy Cologne starts with a lot of bergamot and mint, this combination is simply successful.
After a while it becomes more fruity, but still fresh and never sweet, at the end a bit woody, but still very pleasant.
And the small bottle looks very noble.

The shelf life is fully okay, and the price even more so! 50ml for just 30€, and I was amazed that I could smell the scent even from my wrist when walking without wind, strong scents like Ultra Male and J.Homme can't!
Although the fragrance has been on the market for 24 years, it looks like a modern, young fragrance to me. The 24 years just don't fit Tommy!

A really beautiful fragrance, unisex suitable, with fruity accents and with good durability & sillage.
Very reasonable price, 30ml for 19,90.
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Bottle 6.0/10 Sillage 6.0/10 Longevity 6.0/10 Scent 6.5/10
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Simple and pleasant
The first thing you can notice is a very intense refreshing greenish note, which brings a fine, very light aquatic softness and is due to the mint.

At the same time, the mint is accompanied by a fine citric and very subtle herbaceous nuance, which in my opinion is responsible for the top note getting a pleasant light aura and coming from the bergamot
These two notes are enveloped in a beautiful fruity, slightly sweetish note, with very fine acidic accents, and the top note is invigorating and comes from the grapefruit.

These 3 notes are accompanied by a fine Mediterranean note, which gives the top note a delicate creamy maritime touch and is due to the lavender.

This constellation is perceptible on my skin for 20 minutes before the heart note unfolds.

In the heart note, the mint is much more dimmed, but still perceptible in delicate features and combines with a very fresh sweet fruit, which reminds me a little of a yellow apple and gives the fragrance a simple, but pleasant masculinity.

At the same time, the yellow apple I suspect is enveloped in another fruity shade of red currant, which in my opinion is responsible for the fact that the heart note gets something tangible and I didn't come across cranberry at all
These two notes are enveloped by a fine, almost transparent rosy hint, which lends the fragrance something light and airy and I suspect the Bulgarian rose here.

The heart note is noticeable 3 hours on my skin before the base unfolds.

In the base, a very fine floral note can be perceived, which also brings a delicate wooden tone, and I have typed on jasmine and lotus and until now cotton blossom (according to Internet information, this is supposed to remind me of various clean and powdery musk scents) was unknown to me
The basis is wonderfully rounded off by a light warming spicy and quite discreet creamy nuance, which provides for a beautiful conclusion and I have here rather sandalwood, instead of amber suspected.

In total, the fragrance lasts 6 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is designed from the outset to be perceived well at half an arm's length and this is maintained for 2.5 hours before it is reduced in leisurely steps until the fragrance finally completely disappears.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to our perfume "Zirkeltanz" for the vintage miniature.
2 Replies
Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 10.0/10
So the women love this juice...
Can't speak bad about this fragrance.
I see myself wearing this fragrance all year...during the day only though.
My girlfriend buries her face in my chest...That's a win in my books.
Smells good, under $25 & it's a crowd pleaser.
The grapefruit, cranberry, granny smith apple, bergamot combo won me over...Lovely.

I used six sprays...both wrist, back & front of my neck, my chest and on my shirt.

Would I buy this again?...Yeah!

Does this fragrance enter BEAST MODE, good, just okay or weak sauce at best? Good.

What's the strength of this? EDT.

Am I willing to trade this fragrance? Yes.

Should You Skipped It, Sample It First or Blind Buy It?
Blind Buy Worthy.

Can you use it as a unisex scent? No.

Is it the old, new formulation? New.

What's its availability; in production, limited edition or discontinued? In production.

SKU Number: 022548204511 (Tester)
Batch Number: A36 (Production Date: March 2016)
Age: 21+
From: FragranceNet
Size: 100ML
Scent: 5/5 (Awesome).
Value: 5/5 (Cost $24.00).
Sillage: 3/5 (Three feet).
Longevity: 2.5/5 (Four hours plus).
Creativity: 5/5 (Sweet & fresh reminds me of warmer weather, but you can wear this one all year).
Projection: 3/5 (90 minutes tops).
Versatility: 4.5/5 (Daytime & anywhere).
Compliments: 3.75/5 (Well received, everyone liked it liked this one as well).

Until next time, I'll catch you on the flipside.
Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 9.0/10
Very helpful Review    4
Versatile fruity fragrance
This is an exceptional fragrance that is dirt cheap but performs like a £40+ cologne.

It is fruity and fresh, and can be worn any time of the year. In the winter it feels Christmassy and the apple and floral notes really shine. In the summer the citrus notes feel very summery and work well in the heat.

The longevity is about 7-10 hours and it projects very well for the first 3-4 hours. Not only that but it is a very enjoyable scent throughout the day. Every bloke should have a bottle of this!
Bottle 7.5/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 10.0/10
Very helpful Review    3
Young and cheerful...
that´s how I always feel when wearing Tommy.
This simply cannot be bad, which is why Tommy is among my favourite fragrances. I like the enjoyable and differenciated sequence of fruity notes.
Tommy smells distinctively, lasts long on the skin and doesn´t appear to be intrusively. It sure is a fragrance which can be used on an every day basis.
Tommy starts with citrus notes in terms of Bergamot and Grapefruit which are smoothed nicely by some hints of mint. Afterwards the apple appear; these fruity notes remain and are wrapped beautifully by the other notes.


DPArtist 107 days ago
A fresh, clean, casual (yet versatile) & fun gem from the 90s. Nice sillage, ok to good longevity. Tommy is a timeless crowd-pleasing scent!
Bottle 7.0
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 7.0
Scent 8.5
Firasmalanzy 11 months ago
tested asample of it and it has a very good smell perfect for summer season
Bottle 6.0
Sillage 7.0
Longevity 8.0
Scent 10.0
MrHonest 16 months ago
Ahhh the smell of jeans and a white cotton T-shirt - apple, mint, cranberry + other. A.k.a. Vicks VapoRub. Time travel in a bottle.+2
Bottle 8.0
Sillage 7.0
Longevity 7.0
Scent 8.0

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