Inside for Man by Trussardi

Inside for Man 2006

01.10.2021 - 07:46 PM

Italian elegance...

A very pleasant bitter-sweet-aromatic citrus top with basil, bergamot, yuzu & some traces of sweet rolled tobacco, very alive (& kickin':).
What follows this bright opening after few minutes is a heavenly smooth-spicy-earthy combination of pepper, coffee beans and tobacco, with those sweet aromatic qualities in background, that makes you feel stylish and elegant.
Sweet woods, cashmeran and musk are noticeable at dry down (after about 4-6 hrs. on my skin), completing the middle notes with a classy and masculine aroma.
With 4-5 sprays I've got a strong sillage in the first couple of hours and a good longevity of 6-8 hrs.
My rank 9/10, recommended for coffee note and italian style fans.

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