The Black Rose by Trussardi

The Black Rose 2017

26.08.2019 - 11:42 PM
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A kiss from a rose on the grey

I love a good Oriental Rose, Turkish or Taif. It must have woods also, as well some touches of balsam and resins, and very important, an earthy vibe.
This Black Rose has all that, plus a sweet vanilla drydown bottom frame.
Trussardi seemed to have lost its touch, even with some lousy bottle designs, breaking an high class pattern it had established in the past. Now this designer is coming around again. I noticed that with the good taste traditional bottle design. I tried three of the the two past years lounchings, and became surprised quite positively.
This Rose is very middle Easterner, quite different from the Cartier's Declarations and close to Montale and Mancera Roses.
So far I just had a small decant from this perfume - thanks Poppy - but will certainly buy a full bottle together with the new woody and ambery Trussardi scents.
Worth to buy or at least give it a try.
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