Varens d'Orient Nomad by Ulric de Varens

Varens d'Orient Nomad 2017

03.08.2020 - 07:08 PM
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Similar to Ultra Male and at minimal cost.

An inexpensive perfume that is worth more than it costs.

I am given an air to Jean Paul Gaultier's Ultra Male, but exchanging the Ultra Male pear for an apple note, which, here, is very prominent and sweet, and despite this sweetness, I could say that it is something lighter and more bearable than that of JPG, although it is still a full-bodied perfume, and as such it performs quite well.

I liked it a lot, and if we add the incentive to the price, it is a highly recommended perfume for those who like oriental sweets.

The performance is quite good, it has lasted more than 7 hours on my skin, the last ones very close to skin, but for what it costs it is very good. The wake is very noticeable during the first hour, then it goes down and remains as a kind of aura, which you will not notice, but if they approach you, they smell safe.

I feel it as a perfume during the day and cold times, although in summer, at night, you can use it perfectly.

In short, a perfume more than acceptable for the small price it has, highly recommended.
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