Revolution 2008

Revolution by Ulrich Lang
Bottle Design Lisa Kirk & Ulrich Lang
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7.1 / 108 Ratings
Revolution is a perfume by Ulrich Lang for women and men and was released in 2008. The scent is spicy-leathery. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Patricia Choux

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AmbergrisAmbergris Birch tarBirch tar WoodsWoods LeatherLeather MuskMusk VetiverVetiver CivetCivet



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Artsy filth
Finally some proper “arty” avantgarde scent which doesn’t smell like a parody of a perfume. The opening of Revolution is genius: dirtier than dirt, stinky and urinous, with a concentrate blast of civet like you won’t smell even in the stinkier chypre. It does reflect the (I guess) semi-ironical pyramid listed on Lisa Kirk’s website: urine, leather, industrial gasses... Revolution smells literally of “dark, animalic metropolitan dirt”, but at the same time it manages to stay wearable and even quite pleasant, if you are into this type of perfumes. The civet here is crazy, powerful and rich, sweaty and indolic, but somehow the perfumer managed to treat it in a way that it smells also quite “industrial” and chemical; it’s alive, but it’s a sort of lab Frankenstein monster. Think of some CdG scents like Garage or Tar, just more dirty and depraved. A sort of futuristic beast, half robot half animal. Shortly anyway, to come back to the actual smell, Revolution is basically a dry, black, austere civet-leather-woody scent with a bold dusty and synthetic vein, which blends really creative with the indolic dirtness of civet and leather. I wouldn’t define this a challenging scent, as it basically smells like a (fairly sophisticated, somehow) dark-dry leather scent just dirtier than usual, but it’s surely “haunting” after a while - it’s persistent and doesn’t really tame down at any point. A solid piece of creativity!


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