Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached 2021

Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached by Une Nuit Nomade
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Une Nuit à Oman - Sun Bleached is a new perfume by Une Nuit Nomade for women and was released in 2021. The scent is creamy-floral. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by Morgan2381, last update on 30.11.2022.
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Take me to Muscat !
The dazzling sun drowns the white and ochre city with its brightness. Omanis enjoy the sea breeze as they stroll along the corniche in their dishdashas-long white cotton tunics. Sun Bleached pays a fresh and pure tribute the the White City with a clean linen accord brighten by ambrette and bergamot. Creamy white flowers round off sparkling top notes, the musky and woody drydown is slightly salty. Love wearing it all year round, so clean and uplifting !
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The white city - pictures from Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman
"Morning breaks and the sun's rays conquer the immaculate walls of an awakening city. Omanis parade through the streets, elegantly wearing their famous dishdashas - a long, white tunic with a pompom around the neck delicately dipped in perfume."
-This is how Une Nuit Nomade describes its fragrance.

My first image when I think back to my trip to Muscat is the city's landmark - The giant incense burner which towers over the city. The scent of incense was everywhere, in the souk, in the alleys of the city, even the taxi driver wore the scent with pride.

This is not at all the case with the SunBleached, however, I must say that the fragrance fits perfectly with the holiday pictures from Oman.

The sunny climate was not too hot in the morning at the Arabian Sea, we made a bike ride past the white plastered buildings, flowers with bright flowers that the Sultan has planted with much effort, past many amazed faces of children in white linen shirts, looking as if we would ride a camel through Frankfurt.
We end the bike tour at the souk in front of the port of Muscat. The dealers try to sell us still myrrh and sandalwood, as well as imported vanilla beans.

The fragrance is very soft with fresh chords at the beginning. Musk predominates after head and heart are faded and you retreat to the midday sun in the shade.
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Sahlep with orange blossom water
My first association is sahlep, sweet semolina porridge with orange blossom water. Maybe also a little cardamom. A bit cliché perhaps, but from semolina to fine, soft sand it is then also not far. Nor from the floral water to the light dress, which is not meant to warm, but to protect from the sun. The scent is not nearly as heavy and sweet as I expected - rather creamy light, kind of bleached out to match the name, I would describe it as pleasant but also quite a bit boring (though I also have a cold and maybe my nose shouldn't be trusted too much in that regard right now, so I won't presume to judge the silage). With this fragrance, you're probably not so much spraying on a personality as a feeling that has no pretensions to uniqueness: it's similarly unoriginal yet beautiful as a phrase like "I love you". (Not that I would say that to this fragrance, don't get me wrong, I'm not in love with it by any means. I do find him a little endearing, though. Kind of!)
Once vanilla and tonka get mixed in, I'm back to mush and it does get sweeter. Also goes well with Sahlep, whose sugar content must somehow be slightly above the pain threshold, and from the second half of the glass the sweetness always scratches in my throat.
On me, this fragrance does not seem particularly complex, rather comforting, friendly and simple. Soulfood just :>

(Many thanks to Nurmalso for the sample!)
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