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Dark Vanilla by Urban Scents
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Dark Vanilla is a new perfume by Urban Scents for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-creamy. It is still in production.

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Marie Le Febvre

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPink pepper, Rum, Camphor tree
Heart Notes Heart NotesBenzoin, Heliotropin, Vanillin
Base Notes Base NotesBourbon vanilla absolute, Vanilla CO2, Rooibos, Tonka bean



7.9 (51 Ratings)


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Submitted by BruceLee, last update on 03.11.2019
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9.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

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... Mesa
The alarm goes off, I get up. It's still pitch dark outside. Thirty minutes later, there's a knock on the door. I open the door and Jimmy is standing in the doorway, glowing. "You need a guide?" I take my backpack and I open the battered door of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Dust clings to my hand, I gently stroke my hands over each other, close my eyes and lead them towards my nose. Paired with the cool, clear morning freshness I perceive the earthy smell of my palms. A smile fills my face and I'm ready.
Jimmy, a German who has lived in the Cape region for 20 years, starts the engine. The 20-year-old Land Cruiser is reliably on its way. I sit comfortably although the seat already has a slight hollow. The seats faded over decades of use of this companion.
I close my eyes again and breathe in the clear air through the small, open window, I absorb the strange smells. They pass by me like clouds that come and go, forming and dissolving from new ones.
After a while we arrive. Jimmy parks the car, shines just like at the beginning and whispers to me: "Lets do it, my friend". I'll go ahead and Jimmy'll cover. We need a few hours for the ascent, highly concentrated on the quartzite sandstone, because every mm of this breathtaking landscape is alien to me. We allow ourselves short pauses, the dawn is slowly to be recognized, the silence decreases increasingly, the life awakes, to the strange smells a spark of warmth joins. Again I catch myself smiling, what Jimmy has had since the departure:-). After 4 hours we made it. I let myself fall into the shallow grass and stretch all fours of me. I inhale deeply, I inhale deeply again - wanting to absorb every smell of the strange, distant, wonderful part of this breathtaking land.
I smell peppery notes at the beginning, which are the reason for this wonderful moment, closely followed by vanilla, which gently wraps itself around the fermented rooibos and concludes with honey and the most unspoilt note of vanilla. Or better said, the cradle of vanilla, the cradle of mankind, the cradle of life - AFRICA-.
7.0 7.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    14
"Winter is coming..." - benzo-saturated vanilla cuddliness
Yes, even though I put the Game-of-Thrones quote at the beginning, I suspect that "Dark Vanilla" must have been much too comfortable for the unshaven, blood-crusted fighter herd from the series. Soap was certainly the highest of all feelings and only on weekdays with -woch in the name. Also the strongly hypothermic Cercei Lannister will probably have taken something more angular...

This Urban Scents does not reinvent the wheel in terms of cosy and silky vanilla, the above mentioned ingredients have already been packed into various winter scents many times.

Lots of benzoin, a hint of rum, but in the end a superficially very smooth, delicate vanilla in its purest form, drifting slightly into femininity. Cuddly in times of emerging fogged up glasses, running noses and red frozen ears.

Relatively low development in its entirety, but quite well balanced, not too extreme in sweetness, rather balsamic-medium layer.

Durability and Sillage are fine. Pleasant to smell when winter is approaching...
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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    17
Voluminous vanilla
Today I got a package of Urban Scents with Dark Vanilla Pröbchen.

Well, that's once a service the school should be doing.

I am usually very fond of Urban Scents fragrances - and a vanilla fragrance made me especially happy.
This fragrance promises comforting homeliness, and also slows the jeeper down on sweets.
That's how you save calories without starving.

Normally I use creations from La Maison de la Vanille, but also the dark vanilla from Berlin does its job well.

Authentic is the pulp of the vanilla pod reproduced - creamy aromatic with slight sweetness.
The rum note to it is delicious, apart rounded off by soft pepper.
Roiboos adds a dark tone, with a hint of astringency.
But it remains appetizing with delicately marzipan tonka.

Dark Vanilla is not a direct gourmand, although it melts tasty in the nose.
Here the accompanying emotion is in the foreground, which I would like to describe with calm security.

The durability is excellent, because the midday spray will still accompany me as a bedtime sweet, and - hopefully - provide for sweet dreams
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9.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    29
Cold vanilla
Urban Scents has added a new fragrance to its basic series. That's to be welcomed. Even if one might appreciate the cautious issuing policy in this fragrance house, the portfolio is still very manageable even now. And a perfumer would not be one if she only wanted to spend her time selling the existing range and designing scented candles and special-occasion room scents for opening new hotels. A composer wants to see a really nice new symphony performed by himself in public every now and then.

Dark Vanilla actually fills a gap in the house's offer, where the light, cheerful fragrances are somewhat overweight. He joins the more powerful, fuller works like Sensual Blend and Singular Oud, but is still something very special.

If we approach the scent by the indicated scents, we think we can detect an almost monomaniac vanilla obsession, even find ourselves in a vanilla orgy. In the base note we see bourbon vanilla in two different forms of preparation, next to it the tonka bean, which is called what because of its taste? Exactly. Mexican vanilla. In the heart note we find vanillin, no comment; and moreover heliotropin (alias Piperonal) and benzoin resin. The odour of the latter two substances is described in relevant online encyclopaedias as "vanilla- and almond-like" (heliotropin) and "balsamic and quite vanilla-like" (benzoin).

Despite all this "Dark Vanilla" is for me even less than for the two previous speakers a typical vanilla scent. Maybe I'm smell blind, but I'm not even 100% sure if I'll ever get to vanilla without help (the fence post is already swinging in the name). We combine warmth and sweetness with vanilla fragrances, and Dark Vanilla is only extremely sweet to a limited extent and for me, in all humility, not warm at all, but wet and cold like November. It's an autumn and winter scent anyway, but not one to cuddle on the open fireplace, but, Parma was absolutely right, a hard, dirty scent for Philip Marlowe, who, his hat on his face and his trench coat collar turned up on some corner at night freezing in the rain and observing a gangster (even if the scent may contain a certain comforting promise that better times will come again)
I am sure that not only the selection of the vanilla aromas (obviously dark, unsweet variants were used here), but above all the few, but already quite ingeniously used contrast notes are responsible for this completely different vanilla feeling. There is the rum in the early phase, which is rammed into your face like a fist right at the beginning. And when it has slowly disappeared, the benzoin with its revenge-purifying effect, which I almost feel as dominating in the middle and even still late phase of the fragrance (my nose is however also very sensitive to benzoin). I don't know what the camphor tree (also known as "Ho Wood") is all about, but it seems to be an original stuff.

I would like to dedicate an own paragraph to the Rooibos or Rooibos tea, of whose use the manufacturers are mighty proud, in the presentation sheet to the smell it says among other things: "With Dark Vanilla, a unique fragrance innovation has been created, as Rooibos has had no use in the classic fine perfumery until now". If that's true, then congratulations. I find that you can smell the Rooibos very precisely, and together with the vanilla it creates the creamy, creamy feeling that Ohdeberlin talks about: In tea mixtures like "Earl Grey Cream" or "Rooibos Cream" the "cream" is always evoked by the addition of vanillin or vanilla, because there is no "cream smell".

You can see from that: My black and white film Hardboiled-Gangster-Nasser-Asphalt-Interpretation above is of course only one of the possible ones, you can also read Dark Vanilla - like in a kaleidoscope - differently with your nose: Instead of Philip Marlowe also Mma Ramotswe, who drinks with Mma Makutsi comfortably a Rooibos tea with cream on the veranda, and instead of the rum, which the tattooed Narbige in the Kaschemme in itself tips, the vial with the rum aroma of Dr. Oetker, which my grandmother, God have it blissfully, has tipped into the tasty cheesecake dough mass.

Finally: The FIRST (!!!) from this house, which has a high Sillage (but hello) and durability. There were also three small sprayers on my face and neck and three more on my wrist (the sensitive little nose at my side to the horror), but with this dosage it lasts for nine hours now..
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Very helpful Review    11
Trout blue ?
With the name Dark Vanilla, I, a not so big vanilla- or gourmand fragrance lover, don't have such a scary scent imagination at first, as perhaps with a possible imaginary scent "sugar sweet tooth enamel melody in pink powdered sugar icing". Rightly !
The fragrance does not have the weighty presence of a Shalimar EdP, but rather presents itself as a modern, business-affine relative from the lively urban metropolis. This approach is somehow obvious with the label name "Urban scents" :-). Of endurance and Sillage adequate and at the same time discreet.

The fragrance is carried by a solid, rather dark planty note close to the vanilla pod. Nice! At the beginning, a light chord of light sharpness and a calmly swinging herbaceous bitter green note swings for me and gives a cool-looking prelude. An elegant combination of slightly woody rummy notes and balsamic nuances of benzoin is already swarming a little and becomes more and more apparent with time. The base in form of the above mentioned solid vanilla bean takes more and more the lead, now however in the further course clearly strengthened by a multi-layered triad a fluffy vanity with a little vanilla dream (a kind of scent as it will be known from herbal tea creations with *cream in the name, creamy, vanilla, creamy) on top. The tone notes give a dignified elegant creaminess.
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8.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review   
Picked up in the dark
Actually, I don't like vanilla in fragrances, especially if it is the main ingredient. She's usually too sweet or too soft for me. There are exceptions such as Helmut Lang's "Eau de Cologne", where it is used very discreetly.
But this fragrance is an exception, although it is a pure vanilla fragrance. That's because he lives up to his name.

It starts with a beautiful, natural bourbon vanilla note, which already has this intense, full vanilla aroma, which will distinguish this fragrance. However, it is not exuberant, but restrained by a spicy, ethereal and slightly alcoholic tone, which cannot be perceived in its radiance. It gives the fragrance earth connection and depth.

This is quickly joined by an impression that is amazingly reminiscent of Roiboos vanilla tea. An incredibly smooth, silky nuance. At this point the fragrance has reached a deep, full-bodied and almost velvety aroma and in my opinion the climax. From then on it runs very linear, gets a bit sweeter, and keeps this earthy, deep vanillity, as I attribute it to an untreated (bourbon) vanilla pod, until the end. You feel at home in this fragrance from the very beginning. It is not exuberant and so wonderfully balanced that I am always happy to wear it in cool weather. And that's supposed to mean something as vanilla-critical perfume!

stability and silage:
I can perceive the scent on my skin very well for about 4 hours. After that, the effect gradually diminishes, but I can still feel it slightly for a very long time. After 12 hours of movement (2 sprayers on the neck) it is still easily visible. The Sillage travels for several hours in a well moderate manner. From the 4th - 5th hour the radiation becomes slowly very close.

In my eyes it is an ideal autumn and winter scent, because it conveys a lot of warmth. It is equally suitable for both special and everyday occasions, as it is neither too modern nor too classic or elegant. He has a very special, unagitated, timeless character. Very pleasant.

This vanilla scent convinced me that there are earthy, deep vanilla scents that don't get too sweet, but don't have to hide their character either. With this new release, the Berlin niche brand Urban Scents - to which I have already referred in more detail in my commentary on Gunpowder Cologne - has once again succeeded in creating a very high-quality, very natural-looking and basically, despite its long shelf life, pleasantly restrained fragrance
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