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Gunpowder Cologne by Urban Scents
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Gunpowder Cologne is a popular perfume by Urban Scents for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is fresh-green. It is still in production.

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Marie Le Febvre

Fragrance Notes

Green tea, Bergamot, Lavender, Blond woods, Musk



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 20.11.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    19
Green tea and Earl Grey on a velvety musk bed
Searching for a reasonably suitable headline I also remembered the following:

They shoot horses, don't they?

Please don't shoot the pianist!

Gunpowder is a green tea!

Classic barbershop scent in modern garb

This had to do with the fact that I didn't know that Gunpowder is the name of a Chinese green tea whose leaves are rolled up into small balls and then dried like this. Thus they keep their aroma better and look like small shot balls.
What I didn't put in the finally selected headline is that it is a reminiscence of classic barbershop fragrances for men a la Rive Gauche in spite of the clear impact of the tea.
The impression is a slightly distanced, fresh-harsh-sapily-cleaner and rather inconspicuous, which points in the classical direction, but does not appear dated.

Scent description:
The fragrance opens with a refreshing, slightly citric, slightly bitter green tea note, which is very quickly supported and enveloped by a clean, creamy and slightly soapy note. I can't distinguish individual notes here, but I think it's the combination of lavender and musk, where the musk is dominant. Sandalwood-like tones may also play a role. However, these are only discreetly represented. The teen note gradually changes into the typical, slightly grey-bitter character of an Earl Grey. This gives the fragrance its slight coolness and distance. This astringency is perfectly absorbed by the flattering combination of lavender and musk described above, so that there is a beautiful balance between light brusqueness and softness. This makes the fragrance neither too soft nor too bitter.
The clean soap, spiced by the tea, makes the fragrance tend clearly towards the barbershop. Those who know the wonderfully balanced spicy soapiness of a Rive Gauche will surely also be able to gain something from this fragrance. The Gunpowder is lighter, lighter, more modern and much more reserved. One can say that he subtly supports the well-groomed appearance of a man.

As can be seen from the description and the components shown here, it is a rather complex and linear fragrance, which nevertheless makes a very round and "full" impression due to its fine-looking ingredients and the very successful coordination.

In the Urban Scents brochure, perfumer Marie Le Febvre describes the fragrance as"(e)ine modern interpretation of long-lasting freshness with an invigorating olfactory infusion of green tea, Italian bergamot essence and lavender, followed by light wood notes and a velvety musk finish."

stability and silage:
Unfortunately, the "long-lasting freshness" proclaimed in the brochure does not appear on my skin. I can only see it for about two hours. The radiation is very moderate in the first hour and then quickly recedes to skin level.

In principle, it is suitable for many situations and occasions, as it is very reserved and unobtrusive. For office, leisure, more formal occasions and even during sports I consider it suitable. Its character looks rather elegant due to its quality, but it can also be worn casual without any doubts.
Due to its freshness and lightness it is more suitable for spring and summer time. In summer, the refreshing teen note comes into its own. In the cold months he will certainly have significant performance problems.

All Urban Sents fragrances are filled in the same dark blue glass bottle with the typical propeller symbol, which goes back to the passion of the two business owners, the couple Urban and Le Febvre, for flying (pilots). It is very easy to handle. The nickel-plated brass cap, hand-turned in Italy, is very heavy and extremely durable. The atomizer works quite well, but it does not stand up to comparison e.g. to Creed sprayers. The bottle is also handmade, this time in a glass factory in the north of France. Overall, it appears as a beautiful, slightly restrained combination of tradition and modernity, which blends in well with any environment and fits in well with the fragrance character.

Background info:
This mixture is also Marie Le Febvre's concern when creating the fragrances. She wants to create them in the tradition of classical, timeless, well composed and rather reserved fragrances a la Edmond Roudnitska (creators of e.g. Eau Sauvage, Eau Fraiche, Diorella and Diorissimo, Moustache, Miss Dior etc.), but interpret them in a modern way. In this context Marie also speaks of "reduced opulence". Incidentally, the connection to Roudnitska is not a coincidence, but a deliberate choice, as can be seen, for example, from the fact that the raw materials for its fragrances are produced in the former fragrance house near Grasse, which was founded by Roudnitska.
In my opinion, she is very successful in her project. All her fragrances from the 2014 series, for example, have a special independence that sets her apart from designer and other niche fragrances. They appear timeless, slightly withdrawn and of high quality.

The name Urban Scents, as probably already recognized by the mention of the husband's name, is made up of the same surname and the passion of the two for fragrances and of course fits very well in the English translation, but has nothing to do with "urban". Marie Le Febvre is originally from Versailles and learned her trade at the local Ispica Institute. She then worked as a perfumer in Paris, where she met her husband, a perfume merchant from Vienna. Both now live in Berlin and have a very nice, small shop there in the Bleibtreustraße, a side street of the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin-Charlottenburg, where Marie's laboratory is also located.
Originally her first shop was located in Eisenacherstraße in Berlin-Schöneberg.

This scent conveys a tart green tea/earl grey freshness on soapy-clean lavender/musk and refers to classic barbershop scents. It is timelessly modern, unobtrusive and perfectly supports the cultivated impression. I like him a lot because he's so pretty unscented. Therefore it is also a good choice for people who don't like to perfume themselves, but still want to smell reservedly on certain occasions, away from the usual mainstream.
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Greatly helpful Review    9
Cowboys drink green tea before the High-Noon duel!
Gunpowder. Gunpowder. For some reason I don't think about general firearms here, but more about the Wild West, I don't know why. Maybe because one of the most anticipated Wild West video games (Red Dead Redemption 2) is about to be released soon? Well, what do you know? Apart from that, the desire to be a cowboy is deep-rooted in men anyway, since this is one of the most common wishes for children at all and this apparently still remains later, even if you wouldn't admit it :DD

Anyway, when you hear the term "gunpowder", you think of scents that might have a rather "special" scent, something you don't smell every day and that can either be quite interesting and great, or highly abnormal... well, you'll see! Because you know how it usually is: all perfumes and perfumes always want "something new" under their noses, something never seen before. But if you actually get something completely new to smell, then it suddenly smells abnormally different and to run away :D
Whether there are scents like blood, sperm... (there is also, see Le Parfum - Orgie by Thierry Mugler) or tarnished metal (Demeter - Tarnish), one or woman is never satisfied :D

However, the name "Gunpowder" is definitely interesting and arouses curiosity!

The Scent:
Oooh! the fragrance starts like I like it very much: nice citric and smelling of (green) tea! Absolutely delicious! A slight note of lavender gives the fragrance a tart "taste" and gives it more depth (possibly preventing the first two fragrances from evaporating too quickly, as they are often so short-lived anyway).
The background is slightly soapy, it smells like high-quality solid soaps with a great lemon scent and light plant juices. However, this soapy feeling does not last that long.
A little later, green tea becomes unexpectedly stronger and smells quite authentic, almost with this neck-scratching feeling when you drink a lot of this tea (do you know that? Such a slightly scratchy feeling sometimes occurs when drinking green tea! Olfactory but it smells heavenly great :D
In the base wood is added, as well as musk, which is however quite weak and the scent therefore looks rather unsweet. And even in the late base you can still smell the great and slightly tart green tea, which of course continues to weaken, but I find it somehow surprising that the tea lasts so long.

Sillage and durability:
As with all such fragrances, here too the sillage is rather mediocre to weak. For one person it will smell good for a while, others will only be able to smell it for a short time.
The shelf life is quite okay for such a fragrance, I could smell it for five to six hours.

The flacon:
The dark blue bottle is rectangular and has bevelled edges. On the front you see a transparent label (or is the name printed directly on the bottle,... I can't say from here) with a double frame, the name of the fragrance and a stylized propeller, which represents the brand logo. The lid is chrome-plated and goes slightly trapezoidal upwards. It's nice, all of it.

Hm... so either I didn't understand something about the name "Gunpowder", or the manufacturer, because the fragrance has nothing to do with gunpowder. Because the fragrance is neither smoky nor does it have a powdery smell. Instead, it smells cheerfully citric and green with tart notes and above all with great and also long-lasting green tea. This makes it a simple but great companion in summer, which can also be used on very very hot days.

One should not expect much, because he is weak in charisma and others will not really smell him, but maybe the charisma on the really hot days looks a little different. With Chanel's Allure Homme Édition Blanche, for example, on hot and muggy days he flew much more slowly than on "normally warm" days.

However, I think that the fragrance is highly recommended in summer and should be tested. Especially tea-maniacs like me should definitely take a look at this scent! :D

And again I have to think of cowboys, maybe cowboys of the cultivated (English) kind, who at the beginning of a shooting quickly drink a tea and greet their opponent politely... before they shoot down their opponents afterwards :DD
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