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Sensual Blend by Urban Scents
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Sensual Blend is a popular perfume by Urban Scents for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is spicy-woody. It is still in production.

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Marie Le Febvre

Fragrance Notes

Amber, Vanilla, Whisky, Leather



7.8 (105 Ratings)


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Submitted by Michael, last update on 23.02.2020.
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Greatly helpful Review    27
Firm male hug
Now I'm pretty much done with the urban scents. I think I have tested all or almost all of them now available, and this is the last one I have the wish to say a few words about. It should really only be a few rough brush strokes, because there are already many apt reviews here.

My impressions and feelings about "Sensual Blend" are reflected particularly well in the comments by Gaukeleya and DonJuanDeCat - even though they are quite different not only stylistically but also in terms of the details of the fragrance description, in my opinion they both well match the essence of this fragrance, so that I simply say: "I join in" (also my evaluation lies exactly between Gaukeleyas 10 and DonJuans 8)
Just to supplement my own two cents:

I have no doubt that the contents of "Whisky" and "Leder" are correct, although in Urban Scents you sometimes get the impression that the tracks are wrong with a wink. My own very subjective scent impression points however rather in two other, albeit related directions: Brandy and wood. In my mind's eye, an excellent, rare, full brandy, perhaps an Armagnac, a Brandy de Jerez or even a particularly noble German brandy, rotating slowly in the expansive cognac pan, develops with this fragrance and is placed on wonderful dark furniture, perhaps made of walnut. They could be antique pieces, maybe from the Empire, maybe they are also from Selva, or from a carpenter who loves his craft, newly individually manufactured and beautifully refined.

The associations outlined above refer not only to the purely olfactory-analytical level (although I do find that the smells of wood and brandy are simply there), but also to the overarching impression of value. For me, this fragrance is thoroughly solid, reliable, stable, in the best sense "heavy", masterly precise and well-proportioned like a mechanical device made by the best materials available on the market and by the best masters and engineers, which runs clean, round, reliable and quiet even after years without a drop of oil to please the owner.

In front of this scent I strike "Sensual Blend" quite clearly to the male camp (which should never mean with me that he can't also be wonderful on a lady). As Gaukeleya rightly points out: Vanilla and amber must by no means mislead to the conclusion that there is a golden-cuddly, gourmand Ladyschwelger here. Oh no! Besides, I think that a certain experience of life and maturity of character can't harm the wearer. To young impulsive daredevils, to nervous youngsters who are not quite sure of their cause yet, the fragrance, which is just as far removed from bourgeois slowness or old lappishness and lack of concentration, does not seem to me to fit. In this sense also the comment heading is meant, which I recycled from a comment replica.

Unlike some others here, I am able to recognize a certain scent: For me, the fragrance starts surprisingly cool-fresh and (less surprisingly) mysteriously spicy and relatively sweet, after a little less than an hour then it seems drier, harsher and almost a little strict (of course not in the sense of "but here it smells strict").

The durability is rated well on average. Unfortunately I have to say again, as with some of my favourite brands (almost all Urban Scents, but also Annick Goutal, Parfumerie Generale and Byredo - but not Harry Lehmann, Guerlain and Caron), that the fragrance seems very fleeting to me, even if I'm quite alone here and if I don't want to say anything bad about this wonderful brand. But after 3 hours here was absolutely the end of the line for me. Too bad. Maybe it was also because I didn't spray, but dabbed because of the way the sample was filled.

Now the planned few sentences have become a "real" comment. Anyway. The beautiful fragrance actually deserves it.
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8.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Very helpful Review    7
Fragrances are made of alcohol, but it is better not to drink them! :D
Hm, Urban Scents is one of those brands that you probably wouldn't "meet" in a normal perfumery. I've heard about this brand (thanks to you) before and tried a fragrance, otherwise I still don't know many niche fragrances (even if I should know some brands by now), so I still feel a little overwhelmed in niche perfumeries when I go "unprepared" into such a shop. It's bad when the store doesn't have good network coverage and it takes forever to retrieve fragrances from the perfume database with your smartphone, argh! Because on "good luck" I would certainly catch something with coriander or something similarly disgusting, but just by the way! D

Well, here comes a scent of whiskey and leather. Hm, does a scent like that fit into the summer? Probably less so, even if I drank some whiskey with a friend during last year's Thailand holiday (at the end of the day and so on, it was really great! :))... Stingy as we were, of course, rather one of the cheapest varieties (what was the name of the whiskey?), but still :D Fusel is Fusel! Of course it didn't taste so good on its own (well, not really!), but we mixed it with Coke to be able to tilt it down anyway. Yes, yes... as I said, the main thing is alcohol! D

Be that as it may, before I digress further here and bore you with it, I'll finally write how the scent smells here!

The fragrance:
Ah, one immediately smells the almost unmistakable scent of the whiskey, which smells quite nice and lovers of it should rather control themselves not to drink the scent from, even if a perfume should consist to the largest part of alcohol :DD
Then you smell leather, which is not necessarily my favorite fragrance, but this here not so bad smells. So far the fragrance reminds me a little of fragrances like Gold Leather from Atelier Cologne (only less fruity).
The amber, also well smellable, gives off its striking, bright sweetness and makes the fragrance thereby... well, just sweeter :D
A little later, the whiskey-leather-amber mix becomes significantly stronger, and the fragrance also appears to be slightly smoky. And somehow it stays that way in the base.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is good, you have a good (whiskey) fragrance around you for a while and should not get into a police control when driving :DD
Also the durability is quite good. The fragrance lasts eight to ten hours.

The bottle:
The dark blue bottle is rectangular with bevelled edges or corners and has a chrome-plated, slightly trapezoidal lid. There is no label, instead everything was printed directly on the bottle. Beside the name you can also see the logo of the brand, a stylized propeller. Despite simplicity I find the bottle beautifully made!

Ah, I like the scent. The first one I had tested of this brand (Vulcano) did not inspire me. This one, on the other hand, looks more beautiful and noble. In my opinion it's a great night scent, not a party scent, but it can be used for other nice, convivial evenings, e.g. while eating or sitting in a bar/lounge (and... drinking whiskey he he). But it hasn't become summery now.

Also it looks high quality (and not like the cheap whiskey from the holidays,... but hey, just because it was cheap you could drink it almost every day! D), that means, I don't smell anything synthetic, besides it has a good sillage, so that others can smell it easily without filling the whole room with the scent.

The fragrance is actually already unisex, but it still goes a little bit masculine. In any case, it is very worth trying if you are looking for a great autumn scent for the evening. At work rather less recommendable :))
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Hermesh 4 years ago
Discreet, relaxed and gentle scent with very restrained soft leather and light citrical whisky note.
Cheerful and bright.+1

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