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Singular Oud by Urban Scents
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Singular Oud is a popular perfume by Urban Scents for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production.

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Marie Le Febvre

Fragrance Notes

Saffron, Frankincense, Patchouli, Green fig, Laotian oud



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Submitted by Milva, last update on 25.04.2019
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Oud, singular,... uh? Singular of Oud??
I'm testing Urban Scents Singular Oud today. A peculiar name, since the term "singular" is associated with the number "singular". And those who sometimes find Oud to be too violent will be glad that the fragrance is not called Plural Oud! D

One should possibly know that singular not only stands for the "singular", but can also be used as adjective, and can then take on meanings like "unique" or "unique" to emphasize the peculiarity of an object! I must admit that I had to look this up, since otherwise I knew only the term "unique" for the terms "unique" or "uniquely" in English. It could also be that I just played too often games like Diablo and so, where unique objects are simply called Uniques there, and it just got stuck with me like that :DD

Be that as it may, now we know that this fragrance means as much as "Unique Oud" (yes, sometimes you can learn many things here, too, can't you? :D), and let's see if that's why it smells so great.

The fragrance:
I smell oud at the beginning, that was almost clear. In addition there is a surprisingly green and fine fig note, where I thought that this scent was not to be smelled, but no, the green notes can even be smelled very well at the beginning. Beside these two scents a nice sweet scent emerges, where I don't know where it comes from yet. It has something of a mix of jasmine and violet.
Only a few minutes later the incense also appears and dips all the scents into a nice, resinous cloud. Could it be that incense can also smell quite sweet? That would explain the nice sweet scent from earlier...
A little later the fragrance becomes more herbaceous and spicy as you can smell the saffron quite well. The figs have unfortunately faded away and the fragrance loses its fresh green notes. Now it smells more herbaceous resinous with woody notes in the background.
Then there is Patchouli, which is unmistakable with its earthy scent.
Towards the base, the fragrance becomes a little more inconspicuous as it loses a little of its power as the fragrances all radiate less. Above all the Oud is not as strong as you might have expected.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Oud scents are usually quite strong. This scent starts relatively intense and remains quite strong for a few minutes, but then it quickly and clearly fades away. The fragrance is mostly above average, but for an oud fragrance I would still call it weak.
Also the durability I felt with approx. six to eight hours rather little and/or moderately for such a kind of smell.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, has bevelled edges and is dark blue. On the front you can see a propeller, which shows the logo of the label and of course the name of the fragrance. The lid is chrome-plated and looks slightly trapezoidal from the side. A simple but nice bottle.

Soo, singular oud is less unique to me. The scent smells quite nice, but especially to the base I find it unfortunately a bit too inconspicuous, almost boring and therefore not unique. Because the oud is weak, just like the other scents. Nothing seems to really stand out in the end. Therefore there are much better fragrances at this price.

It can actually be used as an all-rounder, which means it can be used in all seasons. Because he is weak in the end, I would recommend him more during the day and for leisure than for going out.
But as I said, I think the fragrance is just la la, it is not one of the best Urban Scents fragrances and therefore not really worth testing. It wouldn't help if the scent was called Plural Oud! And I'm talking total nonsense again, because I can't think of anything more and I just don't want to finish, he he, but don't worry, I'm still coming to the end. And end! :D
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Hermesh 4 years ago
Woods and patchouli give a fruity and rich impression. Incense captures the fruity sweetness well. Oud note is, however, weak.+1

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