Vintage Spirit - Bliss Me (2018)

Vintage Spirit - Bliss Me by Urban Scents
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Vintage Spirit - Bliss Me is a new perfume by Urban Scents for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-green. It is still in production.

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Marie Le Febvre

Fragrance Notes

Rose, Jasmine, Basil, Galbanum, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vertofix®



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Submitted by Söze, last update on 29.05.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    12
Flowers for Settembrini
Of the five fragrances of the limited "Vintage Spirit" series, I had commented on four so far, but left this one on the left for the time being, as it initially seemed purely feminine to me when I read the superficial description of the fragrance. After the opportunity for testing (and a closer look at the text) I have to admit my mistake.

"Bliss Me" (actually no correct English, by the way, "bless me" would be "Bless Me" in my opinion; "Bliss Me" means something like "I bliss" if at all) is not only a very beautiful fragrance, but also an absolutely wearable one for gentlemen. Like all Urban Scents I know, it is characterized by craftsman precision, a blend of unagitated and unpretentious simplicity with finesse in detail and a friendly-humane, lively aura: Hans Castorp could have given it to the declared philanthropist Settembrini to say goodbye to the magic mountain if he had been at hand
The backbone of the perfume is formed by lovely, but neither too delicate (but beautifully full) nor too sweet (but very, very fresh) floral scents, in which I think I can sense jasmine rather than rose from the indicated notes. On the other side of the fragrance stage, green themes are played as counterpoints, which prove to be quite shrewd: They range from radiant light green hesperdisich notes (I could also imagine that there is something like lime in it) to darker, tart, a bit earthy and sometimes quite serious looking herbaceous and grassy chords. The fragrance always proves uniformity and harmony, the individual themes never fall apart.

The woody notes, which according to the original English scent description should even be available as "overdose" to give the feminine flowery-green mixture the desired androgynous twist (in the German version of the description, which can be found on the Internet at www.urbanscents.en/ art collection/bliss-me, the overdose has been linguistically weakened; by the way, you can also look at the corresponding work of art at the web site indicated) I can't find out separately; however, they could be (co-)responsible for the serious, harsh aspects of the green notes, and overall for the quite clearly not-only feminine character of the fragrance.

Altogether again a very high-quality and very pleasant smell from the house Urban Scents. I've gotten used to the rather moderate shelf life (no more than 4 hours with me) of Marie Le Fèbvres fragrances and I'm already expecting it that way. If I had something to criticize about "Bliss Me", it might be that in comparison to many other creations of this house the tricks and surprising little twists are a little bit shorter and the scent - although certainly not everyday and boring - is therefore perhaps a Mü (or is it written because it comes from Greek and stands for "mikros", "a My"?) too conventional for its price class
Addendum: I had the idea to combine the fragrance with a Thomas Mann figure (but then irresistible, irrefutable and undeniable) after a friendly fellow perfume told me that she was planning a commentary comparing another fragrance with another man's theme. So if you're about to read something like this, she didn't steal the idea from me, I stole it from her!
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