Vintage Spirit - Wonderland (2018)

Vintage Spirit - Wonderland by Urban Scents
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Vintage Spirit - Wonderland is a limited perfume by Urban Scents for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is leathery-floral. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Marie Le Febvre

Fragrance Notes

Floral notes, Benzoin, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Suede



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Submitted by Söze, last update on 17.04.2019.
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Good Oldschool Scent
After I was very enthusiastic about my first Urban Scents rehearsal package, I now also had to do the Vintage series. The fragrance reminds me very much of an oldschool fragrance, which it is supposed to be, but which was interpreted in a modern way. I find the discreet leather note here very pleasant, but overall the fragrance is too heavy for me (very sweet)
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Animal. Good?
As I already told you in my comments on "Eden Splash" and "Fatal(e)" by Urban Scents, in March 2018 the likeable Paris-Berlin fragrance house of perfumer Marie Le Fèbvre launched five limited, upmarket fragrances under the overall title "Vintage Spirit - An olfactive journey through time", each corresponding to an illustration by French artist Francois Cadière.

I recently had the opportunity to test the third and fourth of these fragrances. While I intend to dedicate a somewhat more detailed comment to one of them, "In Between", this one, "Wonderland", should have a short preliminary or "icebreaker" comment. I was not able to test the fragrance in detail and concentrated enough to dare a detailed description and to make a well-founded judgement.

The fragrance description given by the manufacturer reads (my translation from English): "Through oriental leathery, ambry and animal notes, contrasted and contoured by forbidden juicy floral notes, plunge into a sensuality with retro fragrance. Created from an overdose of benzoin, vanilla, sandalwood and 'suede' chord". As always, Cadière's sparsely coloured and somewhat psychedelic drawing shows us, looking at us frontally, a young lady in an evac costume in the midst of larger-than-life fern and leafy flora, behind which two more somewhat threatening pairs of eyes (we see one and a half of them) are pointing at us: That of an African-looking giant mask and that of an ominous green hybrid being almost completely concealed by the beauties behind her, might be a plant woman or a grasshopper man.

Wonderland" is once again a refreshingly special fragrance from the house of "Urban Scents". I think it's more suitable for men than for women, has a rather coarse presence for the first few hours and remains noticeably noticeable for quite some time afterwards. For me, the foreground is clearly wet-satt-animalic, the border to the stinky occasionally not only grazing, but transgressing notes. This makes the whole thing - prima vista at least - too violent and unpleasant for my personal taste. But that shouldn't stop anyone from testing: Wonderland is certainly not an impossible fragrance: others will certainly like it, and perhaps it would have pleased me too if I had had more patience with it and a larger sample of it.
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