Alibi by V Canto

Alibi 2015

21.02.2019 - 04:24 PM

In between worlds..

First time i tried it blew my mind. A full bodied smoky vetiver , perfect for spring and autumn. Thought i have found the one.
But as time passed by, i found myself reaching less and less for it.

Onto the scent itself. The scent open with smoke and spices. The vetiver is hidden at this point, and it slowly starts to creep out as time passes. The vetiver takes center stage after the initial blast, rounded by citruses. On my skin, the smoke comes and goes , sometimes i feel it really strong, sometimes it's not there at all.
Funny thing happened one, i fell asleep as i was testing the fragrance ( the fragrance did not put me to sleep , don't worry ) and as i was waking up i felt a smoky incense blast radiating from my hand ( reminded me of Gucci Homme or CdG 2 man in that aspect) . From that point on, i never felt it so strong ever again. No idea what happened there to be honest.

Another fragrance head described it as a niche Encre Noire. He was not far off, it does remind something of the earthy vetiver of Encre Noire.

Fantastic longevity, stays fairly close to skin.

Bottle is nice enough.
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