Birmane 1999 Eau de Toilette

Birmane (Eau de Toilette) by Van Cleef & Arpels
Bottle Design Serge Mansau
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Birmane (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Van Cleef & Arpels for women and was released in 1999. The scent is fruity-sweet. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Richard Herpin

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the golden pineapple
Admittedly, the "Golden Pineapple" is not an award that anyone wants to win.
Unless he needs to be noticed at all.

This golden pineapple, however, will not be mentioned here.
The pineapple, with whose fragrance the Eau de Toilette "Burmese" opens, is golden. Not so fruity pale yellow, but as under the influence of light in the late afternoon, when the now gentler sun caresses the fruit with long fingers and paints fine patterns golden.
To say it right away: "Burmese" is sweet, a sweet feminine scent; just as the memory of the first kiss will always remain sweet. (Although maybe he was just a wet slob.)
Here appears a fruity sweetness, which neither sticks the nose hairs nor the trunk.
"Burmese" as an eau de toilette is not only "sweet stuff" in fragrance form; it is stylish and at the same time very elegant.

The pineapple, which is immediately present and never loses itself completely, is joined by bergamot and a fine lemon; both ensure a light freshness and a certain effervescence The noble rosewood, on the other hand, is in my opinion far too rarely found. Its aroma is fruity-sweet with a pleasant light spicy note. So very appropriate at this point.
According to common fragrance lexicons, rosewood stands for trust and tranquility. It awakens the sweet pain of expectation and hope. - How nice! Br /> Thus I enter a summery, light but not superficial world of fragrances, which flows around me like a delicate cloak.
The dark notes of orchid and heliotrope have been muted a little, taken a step back. They do not power with full force, but open the flower gate wide for the beauty of the ripe, full-bloomed rose scent.
I like to step into their midst to be caressed with scent The base note here was designed for warm, enticing sensuality: Musk, tonka bean and vanilla show that they are in the service of Aphrodite - they spread unexcited eroticism.
A contradiction in terms? No! eroticism does not always have to be loud and breathtaking: it is precisely in its subtlety that the true seduction lies!
Thus the complex scent of sandalwood opens heart and feeling; mysterious and, as always, a bit harsh.

It is enchanting how the scent of "Burmese" changes over time: from the delicate organza, in which every thread/scent stands alone and in which the one behind it is still clearly recognizable, to the fine, somewhat more opaque, cuddly voile As if all those present had made themselves known in the meantime, approached each other and finally held each other lovingly by the hands or embraced each other!
Out of this embrace a sweet, but quite wearable charming fragrance emerges, which was probably created just to flatter us women.
It therefore lives up to the great name of its manufacturer!

For me, "Burmese", already as an eau de toilette, is very well suited to give a grey and maybe even sad day (can days actually be sad?) beautiful golden lights Like small luminous dots, they run through the hours: softly flickering, gracefully floating and smiling heartily!
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Only the Best are Discontinued!
Time and time again it seems that the best and most unusual perfumes are discontinued. Birmane is a case in point. I do agree with a lot of what Scentimental said in his review, but cannot see Birmane as "bland".

Upon first application Birmane is a fruity/herbal mixture. I know that herbs aren't listed per se, but there is a very medicinal quality along with the pineapple and bergamot which are obvious initially. Quite quickly this medicinal note smooths into the most wonderful rosewood that I have ever come across in a perfume. Birmane manages to be both sweet and dry. The rosewood smells just like those beautifully carved wooden Indian boxes that abound in exotic shops. The initial fruitiness is replaced with a smooth cocoon-like embrace of heliotrope, musk and tonka bean. The beauty of Birmane is more apparent in the colder months. Wear it with a cashmere sweater and snuggle into its downy softness. Birmane is comfort food for the olfactory senses. It is complex, cozy and smooth.

Reclining upon a pile of luxurious cushions is a beautiful and voluptuous matriarch. Allow her to take you into her embrace and sooth away the creases on your brow as she holds you against her ample bosom.

EDIT: I note that here it says that Birmane is still in production. I am under the impression that it has been discontinued as it is impossible to purchase. But perhaps I am mistaken. I hope I am!
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