Collection Extraordinaire - Moonlight Patchouli (2016)

Collection Extraordinaire - Moonlight Patchouli by Van Cleef & Arpels
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Collection Extraordinaire - Moonlight Patchouli is a popular perfume by Van Cleef & Arpels for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-earthy. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums.

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Sonia Constant

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPatchouli, Cocoa, Woods
Heart Notes Heart NotesBulgarian rose, Iris
Base Notes Base NotesSuede, Leather, Fruits



8.3 (186 Ratings)


7.9 (160 Ratings)


7.0 (161 Ratings)


8.2 (157 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    10
A very dear Parfuma gave me a splendid tasting package. Including Moonlight Patchouli. What a promising name. *ffft*ffft* a gentle, pleasant breath blows by. very appealing. But... where'd he go? Confusion. Apparently, I'm kind of blind to the top note. *ffft* Something like that... The sprayed arm is held under the bear's nose. "Do you smell anything?" "Yes, it does. Smells." (that's almost enthusiasm already).
That's odd. First, some kitchen work. Half an hour later a melancholic rose blooms timidly. The flowers are framed by woody notes and cocoa powder. Sweet, but not sugar wadded. A good sweet, that's not to be taken for granted. Powdery. Very well balanced. For the leather in the base note my nose lacks the experience.
Well, the top score failed completely in this test, I've never experienced that before. Maybe it was my bath earlier? But I like this gentle, mysterious scent very much, I will test it very gladly and very soon a second time. In a commentary Arwen was associated, that fits perfectly, I think.
Many thanks to Casimir for this fragrance experience
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7.0 5.0 5.0 4.5/10

99 Reviews
Not As Intriguing As Expected
I tried this fragrance for the fist time today, so these are first impressions, and I may have to update the review later, but so far, Moonlight Patchouli has failed to impress me.

Firstly, I cannot really distinguish the notes. The fragrance is blended in such a way as to present as something that to my nose smells like a generic department store fragrance. There are moments here and there where it recalls Coromandel for a nanosecond, but that is about all. Initially, it is smells a bit medicinal but not overly so. It is light, somewhat transparent, and clean. It is unisex. There is nothing particularly feminine about it, but then again, there is nothing particularly masculine about it either, although I would be less surprised to smell this on a man than on a woman. Although it has floral notes of rose and iris, I do not find this fragrance especially floral or sweet or warm. Within the first 30 minutes, I could almost detect a cocoa note, but again, it was not a gourmand note, and it did not linger.

I find this a rather difficult fragrance to describe. It is rather cool and somewhat high pitched. It is unisex, and it reminds me of the generic smell of a department store such as Macy's. I cannot say it is a bad fragrance, but I cannot say it is a really good fragrance, either. It just "is." Maybe that is enough for VC&A, but I want more. If the listed notes sound good to you, I suggest you spend a bit more and buy Coromandel. It is a much more satisfying fragrance.

I do not think MP would be a good choice for the office or other work environment. It is more casual, inelegant, and sporty than it is either office friendly or date night appropriate. Performance is average. The only thing about it that I find really interesting is its name. The name suggests romance, but I do not find the fragrance at all romantic.

Fragrance: 5/10
Projection: 6/10
Sillage: 6/10
Longevity: 7/10
7.0 6.0 7.0 7.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    29
You poor girl from the choir
"Hupfdohle" - a rather spiteful expression, especially since those who are disparagingly mistaken often enough "can" much more (at least rarely less!) than the star they accompany. With "Du armes Girl vom Chor" the Comedian Harmonists have set a sounding monument for all of them, which I unfortunately only found online in a strangely reverberant, apparently unhappily reworked version ( There is possibly an even more beautiful, melancholic and intimate version of the King's Singers on their record "A Tribute to the Comedian Harmonists" (, a celebration for friends of the - or the! - legendary ensembles.

Patchouli must feel like a honking jackdaw in this fragrance. Already the prelude is very rosy. The patchouli just grounds a bit and is allowed to polish the spines of the queen of flowers. And although the indications no. 2 and 3 of the top note could offer a formal reinforcement, because they simply name further, quite perceptible aspects of Patchouli, it remains a minor role. A leather appearance - again from the patchouli corner, of course - appears within a few minutes. It is helped by an oily-tarry rose twist of the kind that also unfolds a closeness to leather in other fragrances. The star introduces the dancers? Again nothing with the first row.

Soon it will be possible to diagnose "fruits" as dutifully as possible, at any rate there is a mild, obscene mixture. I can first fantasize into red berries and apricots. A little later, I think about banana, then starfruit. New Caledonian Fur-Flabuttts and Hudsonbay-Knickapfel could be mentioned. In other words: The aforementioned mixture does not give the impression of a diffuse general fruit mix, but I imagine a multitude of picturesque, small spots of individual aroma nuances. In front, however, there is a dark, lush, still almost tarry rose. The Patcholi hands her servil a light leather glove.

The progress is - not surprisingly - clearly dominated by floral elements. The rose has become softer. Iris is ventilation rather than an independent component. Much more urgent is a thought of jasmine, supposedly a common addition to rose scents of a more classic cut anyway.

Well, I inevitably end up with the rose. The Patchouli has tried it with wood, leather, Meinetwegen cocoa and finally even Ansatz-Erdigem. And yet the audience stares (and smells) only at the main actress.

Some hours later, it has become quieter, the girl from the choir enters the stage again - alone. The first steps are hesitant, playful, finally they become more courageous: an elegant, soft leather. Gently breathed by a floral memory, just as the aura of a celebrated diva can be felt long after the last curtain has fallen in the hall.

I thank Ergoproxy for the sample.
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9.0 8.0 4.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    18
The finest patchouli this side of the Himalayas
The recipe is simple:
You take
- the finest patchouli you can find, picked at full moon at the foot of the Himalay on a rainy day at exactly 3,5 degrees Celsius
- half a pot full of powder, fine-nosed and noble
- a small pinch of green knife, fresh and only very slightly stabbing
- half a knife tip acidic, please dose with caution
- a glass full of moonlight so that the bearer of this essence may be surrounded by it
- and at the end a touch of sweet, so little that it only flashes lightly in between.

The whole thing is cooked on a low flame in a new moon in a kettle, stirred with a unicorn horn and filled.

The result is a fine, noble, gentle fragrance that caresses its wearer. An exotic, green-powdery symphony that tells the wearer's fellow men about style, charm and charisma on soft soles.

Oh sorceress or magician who knows you are brewing this: the fragrance sells to noble beings, to elves or fairies, male or female.

Thanks for reading,
so that we always smell good.
5 Replies
8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    27
the magic of the moon
After all the not very pleasant experiences with Patchouli fragrances (I already reported about it), I only dared carefully to try "Moonlight Patchouli".
What would expect me here again?

Van Cleef & Arpels didn't disappoint me this time either!
With "Moonlight Patchouli" from the "Collection Extraordinaire", a fragrance matching the name was created.
Only a few scents were necessary; the beauty of minimalism can also be seen here.
Here was a woman at work, you can tell!

"Moonlight Patchouli" unfolds its magic immediately: Patchouli and some exquisite woods enter into a harmonious liaison.
From these woods the spice of the cedar is clearly released; cedar and patchouli are a dream couple for my senses. The other woods step back a bit; I can't determine them, but I'm sure that every nuance has been set consciously here.
So also cocoa, the earthy depth of the this time silver shining Patchoulis still underlines.
Iris and Rose enter the night stage now - two beauties from the world of flowers that have no equal.
Even if Iris irritates me sometimes, she is here, against this woody-earthy background, brilliantly dosed and cleverly interwoven with the magic of roses.
Already now "Moonlight Patchouli" captivates by a rare grace; even if it has not played out its complete charm yet.
This unfolds through a leather combination of extraordinary elegance.
The fineness of the noble suede leather gains a little in strength by an added coarser leather note.
This means that this fragrance is no longer quite as fragile, as transparent as it would be without this addition.
A fruit cocktail, which I don't want to define exactly, but which contains exactly what is missing now, puts the "icing on the cake" on this fragrance that has become a dream.
An elegant fragrance is self-confident.

Durability and fragrance are so skilfully combined that wonderful subtle changes occur as time goes on. Usually you will find a delicate floral-spicy touch even after hours, sometimes even the next morning.

"Moonlight Patchouli" contains all the magic of the moon in its classic bottle.
It is a walk in a velvety night marked by earthy spice and flowery elegance.
The moon stands full and shining over powerfully fragrant coniferous woods. A broad path of silver light leads to the earth.
Gleißend and vibrant, the power of the moon is transmitted to the rhythm of life as a whole.
His mysterious and clearly perceptible pulse has guided the tidal changes of the oceans, the cycle of life and not least that of us women for ages.
It is not without reason that the days around the full moon are called "bitch days"; in us women this magical power is very present.

And please don't forget: "La Luna" is a woman, a goddess!
Van Cleef & Arpels pay homage to her with "Moonlight Patchouli"!
16 Replies
8.0 7.0 8.0 8.0/10

320 Reviews
A touch of mystery
Another black precious bottle on the drugstore shelf....I cannot resist, I must try the perfume!
This time, I'm finally satisfied: the scent reflects the darkness of the packaging and it reveals a wonderful and warm patchouli, made smoother, less "earthy" and softer by the flowery heart notes and the suede.
A really perfectly balanced unisex fragrance perfect for a touch of mystery in winter or for a special night

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