Collection Extraordinaire - Néroli Amara (2018)

Collection Extraordinaire - Néroli Amara by Van Cleef & Arpels
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Collection Extraordinaire - Néroli Amara is a popular perfume by Van Cleef & Arpels for women and was released in 2018. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums.

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Quentin Bisch

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesItalian lemon, Mandarin, Bergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesBlack pepper, Cypress
Base Notes Base NotesOrange blossom absolute



7.9 (48 Ratings)


7.2 (43 Ratings)


6.3 (44 Ratings)


8.0 (48 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 09.12.2019.
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8.0 8.0 6.5/10

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You could bend your head and your heart.
So, flea has holidays and again a lot of time to deal with scents. Unfortunately also a lot of time to spend money on perfume. While others are busy with Christmas shopping, Fleh jumps from perfumery to perfumery and sniffs his way through. Of course mainly to buy himself a Christmas present. That's how selfish Fleh is when it comes to perfume. Well, Floh bought two flacons for his loved ones after all. There were three for two, and then Floh thought: "Good opportunity, take some for the girlfriends, too. One each for a friend and the third for me". When it comes to scents, Fleh knows no quarter. First there's flea and then the others. So nobody thinks flea is generally like that. No, otherwise she is very generous, helpful and actually very kind. Really:)!

Now to Néroli Amara: I can hardly bear the initial phase. A sweet, screaming orange blossom like I don't like at all (mostly I love orange blossoms). It all starts very loud, stinging and the pepper tickles extremely in my nose. This flower-pepper-sweet mixture remains for several hours until the base is revealed; it is beautiful. I smell musk - although not listed. This clean musk mixed with light, meanwhile pleasant sweetness and light woody note is wonderful. I would describe the finish as sweet, woody, musky and fresh with a slightly masculine touch.

The shelf life is amazingly good for such a fragrance. On the clothes even days after that relatively strongly perceptible. The Sillage I feel at first as too extreme, after a while it becomes pleasant.

My conclusion: the base would have sufficed for me. Everything before that was too loud, too sweet, too stinging and too prickly. For all those who like orange blossoms very sweet and peppery, Néroli Amara is worth a test.

PS: Has certain similarities for me to Oranges Bigarades...
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9.0 7.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    37
The purest aromatherapy
Yesterday wasn't a good day for me. Sometimes there are such days when tasks, worries and certain obligations, which I normally tackle cheerfully and without hesitation, get in the way like mountains. Instead of going and working my way through it, I stare at those mountains that have piled up before me unasked. They get bigger and bigger and I get smaller and smaller. Fortunately, such days are rare in my life. Normally I have energy for two and I am extremely optimistic, which my whole family always wonders about. But yesterday it was different. The concern for my elderly parents became oversized and seized my imagination, which is always active one way or another... At the moment, gardening is completely over my head. Unfortunately, I have little help with that. My husband hardly ever touches scissors with his pianist hands, let alone spades, hedge trimmers or pickaxes. I do it all by myself. I'm very happy to do that, usually. And I understand my husband. As an artist you are always worried about your instrument. The violinist wraps his violin in a cloth and packs it in a safe, sturdy case, the pianist must protect his hands from rough work and protect them from any risk of injury. Likewise I do it with my voice, which may not get cold.

Anyway, the day that had started so well ended very sadly. I was heartbroken and didn't go to bed until after midnight. Then a strong storm began to blow around the house and sleeping was out of the question. I lay sadly in bed and listened to the clattering of beams and roof tiles, which was accompanied by deafening aircraft noise. Oh yes, the approach path has recently been changed; it now leads directly over our climatic health resort. Irony of fate, because because of the silence we bought our house here three years ago...

Then it suddenly occurred to me what I had read so often here on Parfumo: Fragrances can be comforting.
And today a fragrant post had arrived and I hadn't even found the time to open it because of all the worries and sorrows So I turned on the light, opened the envelope and found five samples in it that I had 'blindly' chosen and ordered. With half sleepy and half weepy eyes I opened the first sample and read: NEROLI AMARA. So as far as I remember my poor Italian, it was called 'Bittersweet Neroli'.... so bitter was enough for me, but bittersweet? Maybe it would help me. Thought - done.

I sprayed it on and was instantly lifted up... delicious lemon spread in my room, in addition came the aroma of freshly peeled mandarins. I closed my eyes and left myself to this wonderful aromatherapy. In my mind, I saw a big box of oranges in front of me. Simply wonderful, what scents can do. A whole grove of various citrus trees spread out here in the middle of the night, climbed into my nose. But this fruit was especially seasoned, as if someone had powdered everything with black pepper. That was the icing on the cake!

I had found my comforter. I was really feeling better. The storms ebbed away, the planes became surprisingly quiet. I didn't see any mountains either. And soon I fell asleep, deep and fast. In the early morning my nose was moving towards my wrist again... yes, there was still something left of my wonderful pick-me-up. Oh, how beautiful is such a fragrance experience!

The bottle is made of elegantly cut glass with a black magnetic closure and rests in an extremely beautiful and nobly processed push cardboard box.
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9.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    25
Modern Cologne - The ideal summer companion
Dear Parfumo-Community

I've been in the perfume business for about 1 1/2 years. At first only as passive reader and now also as active commentator. And while there are other - perhaps more exciting - fragrances, in my first comment I would like to "only" "straighten" the image of the unknown, but incredibly beautiful Neroli Amara. This objective relates in particular to the unjustifiably low rating of 6.7 at the time of the test.

The fragrance itself is wonderfully uncomplicated. I most readily understand it as a very modern interpretation of the classic lemon cologne. The fragrance is deep yellow and ranges from a very tangy lemon opening to a creamy fresh orange blossom finish. The self-set Neroli theme is implemented consistently, but with ease. No dusty 4711 image far and wide. I can smell the lemon in the beginning and the orange blossom in the base. I don't smell pepper and cypress, but I don't want to doubt that they're there. However only in light - the citric back strengthening - variant.

At times, the scent is reminiscent of Petit Matin from MFK. However, it lacks the slightly synthetic note provided by Ambroxan in the Parisian representative. Just like Petit Matin, Neroli Amara manages to build up a beautiful tension between lemony freshness and orange creaminess and reminds us of the working styles of Francis Kurkdjian and Thierry Wasser (compare also Guerlains - Bergamote Calabria), without Quentin Bisch's lack of independence
I was looking for a summer companion for a long time. In the past I ended up at Chanels Eau de Cologne more often. Also a 100ml bottle of Neroli Portofino accompanied me for one summer. Both very beautiful, very different representatives of the classic Cologne series. The former, however, lacks the final rounding in comparison, the latter cannot completely shake off the 4711 ideas. Both have in common that their durability makes them more head note heroes than balanced overall fragrances.

Back to Neroli Amara and back to the order given at the beginning to straighten his image a bit.

First: As a modern Cologne of the classical variety, it is unisex. I can't smell a male touch or a female touch. He shares this sorting error with the aforementioned Eau de Cologne by Chanel.

Secondly: 6.7/10 points (at the time of the evaluation) do not, in my opinion, reflect the fragrance in any way. It's fresh without using too much synthetics. He's citric without a hint of chlorine-cleaning charm. It is surprisingly sticky and persistent for a fragrance that (almost) exclusively uses fresh notes. It is a cologne without looking old-fashioned or wanting to look old-fashioned. The concentration of eau de parfum is also visibly good for him, as it allows him to avoid recourse to synthetic olfactory potentiators.

Third: And I have to grab my own nose. Van Cleef & Arpels... huh, I'm not buying a scent from that. Especially in times when brand identification in the perfume industry begins to influence one's own purchasing decisions, it is easy to overlook this fragrance from this (jewellery?) brand in the confusion of a well-assorted niche perfumery. I'd have missed him myself too if I hadn't been hit by a knowledgeable nose. And that's just when it turned out Scented pearls sometimes have to be worked for and they are not automatically sorted in the first row. It also took me two attempts to "dare". And that was also the starting point for this commentary. The fragrance deserves attention.

He convinced me so that I bought myself a bottle. And that, too, is an important point that I would like to make in general. I am very grateful that many people here evaluate fragrances even if they have only smelled them as samples/fillings. I am just as grateful, however, if they also state this in their comments. Because for me it is quite an important yardstick whether an exuberant comment is followed by the actual investment or not.

To all of you who've made it this far. Thanks for reading and see you soon!
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