In New York by Van Cleef & Arpels

In New York 2016

26.09.2019 - 06:26 PM

Another clone...

Well, it's just a clone / plagiarism of "Chanel Bleu", perhaps closer to the EDP version.

The same citrus opening to which a sweet note is added (something like tonka is out there) and that base between woody and amber / dusty.

Well done, nice, "without ambroxan" (or does not sing as you already know), a bit bland and generic.

Performance similar to that of Chanel.

Small reflection: It is a pity that they discontinue mythical fragrances such as the "Pour Homme" of this firm (fragrance that I have never tried) to survive (we will see how long) a perfume like this, but so are these times, where what is cool is that all of us smell to the same, as if we were a herd. I understand that sales prevail, but I still feel a little sorry.

By the way, the "Pour Homme" that until a few months ago could be achieved for just over € 20 per 100ml, is now around € 180. They are the curious things of this fragrant universe ... XDD

But in summary, that I've rolled up too much:
For just over € 30 per 125ml for which this fragrance can be achieved, he paints the face of the famous and overrated "Bleu de Chanel".

If you like that style, I recommend the test.

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