Vera Wang for Men (Eau de Toilette) by Vera Wang

Vera Wang for Men 2004 Eau de Toilette

12.10.2019 - 03:17 AM
Very helpful Review

The flash scent

I tested again this fragrance today.
The overall feeling about the scent remains unchanged. It's citrus fresh in the opening (a load of yuzu), with a fresh, sweet and green spicy development, and the suposed "strong" notes of leather, sandalwood and tobacco. What's not to like? Other remarkable scents followed the same path, namely the more complex Tom Ford for Men and the alluring The One by D&G.
Unfortunately, Vera Wang demonstrates pretending to deliver a perfume with high ambitions but unfortunately with poor performance on the performance side. A couple of hours after spraying you are already experiencing a final faint woody drydown. The inconvenience of respraying is a must if you want to stick with this perfume.
This fragrance lost a possible trendsetter fragrance ambition to become just a nice to wear only for easy short lived situations. An intense version never happened and so far this EDT remains the sole incursion of Vera Wang into the male fragrances territory.
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