Versace L'Homme (Eau de Toilette) by Versace
4.0 8.0 8.0 2.0/10
I haven’t regretted a blind buy...
... until I bought this!! Yikes!! Thank goodness it was only $20... WOW!! This leaves you smelling like you were cleaning the bathroom and spilled the soap all over yourself; seriously it does. The opening is a ridiculously strong lemon vibe that smells like “Pledge” wood polish. It fades into what smells like an old school Dr.s office... or a really musky/old smelling thrift store. Im just glad I sprayed it when I got home, and didn’t wear it to work. Think of that really old aunt you had when you weren’t a teenager yet; the one with the creepy old pictures that you swore the eyes followed you when you walked; the way HER house smelled. THIS IS A PERFECT RECREATION. The scent you imagine when you see the original “Psycho” movie; the cob-webbed room where “Mother” is sitting in her rocking chair looking out the window. BINGO!

Im pretty confident that it’ll be a solid antiseptic though; this odor is what you smelled in every old school Dr.s office for a reason...

$20 dollars poorer, but hell, I learned where Lysol came from, right?
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