Versace Man Eau Fraîche (Eau de Toilette) by Versace

Versace Man Eau Fraîche 2006 Eau de Toilette

22.10.2015 - 02:15 AM
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I Need Oxygen! I screamed...The fragrance Nearly Killed Me Last Night

Last night my father wore this for his birthday party which involved a long drive into the city and back sitting down wind of him and also a hug, which transferred it onto my new sweater...and also it was every wear in the car. After several glasses of wine, oysters on the half shell, Duck L'orange, arugula salad with caprese and tomatoes, double espresso and a delectably smooth plum brandy at our favorite Austrian Restaurant...I nearly barfed inside my own wind shield on the way home...I was sure it was all coming up, and it was the smell of this fragrance driving my nausea on...taunting me, whispering..."how many oysters did you just suck down?" and , "Gee, isn't this a bumpy car ride?". First thing I did was shower...but my husband smelled like it to- a contact " Versace high", if you will. As I sat in the car with my Dad, I wondered why he did not hear my previous recommendation to find a more appealing cologne...over 2 years ago...also I wondered, what in the heck is the problem with this fragrance for me- let me deconstruct for a moment...this is synthetic my Egyptian musk- strongly adhered to the backbone, boldly asserting it's Manly funk...with a plethora of green herbal almost sweet tarragon, lemon and limeness. I do not, i principle dislike any of these notes on their own. but everything about this fragrance screams "I am trying to cover up either the awful smell of the world or the awful smell of the human body. " (that is the end of my psyche eval. on Dad) but really...this is a monster truck sillage of "sure fire" current winners Man-musk, citrus and synthetically derived cedarwood and rosewood---that smells, well, totally synthetic, like a rodenticide of some sort. Versace Man Eau Fraiche gives very little thought on the long-term implications for the rest of the kids buckled in for the long road trip. I thought when I found my own signature scent after nearly 10 years of hunting, my fragrance addition would subside...but no, no...I must take up the gauntlet once again. I am going to start with a couple by Byredo to address the sillage problem, then a couple by Serge Lutens or even Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille to get some more variety in the dialogue of skin and notes...finally, forbidding the synthetic musk and Cedarwood aspect- I will site "Migraines, nausea or Ebola" to justify this if necessary! I must find my father a less disgusting signature scent or I can never ride in a vehicle with him again without a full hazmat suit and ventilator. Summary: this fragrance nearly killed me last night.
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