Eros Parfum by Versace

Eros Parfum 2021

12.11.2021 - 01:51 PM

New Parfum

Eros Parfum is the latest flanker in the Eros family and it doesn't dissapoint. You still get the Eros Dna, but the very young sweet minty smell is exchanged for a more mature smell. Mint is gone in the opening, and it's way less sharp than Eros first formula Edt. My favorite is still Eros Edt vintage but this really smell awesome and lasts forever o skin. Like at least 20 hours on my skin even after showering. Initial notes are still fruity and sweet but is combined pretty fast by a very nice Vanilla note. It's a more smooth and creamy scent. Also lots of woods. All in all it is a good release and I don't find it redundant to have if you also have the edt version or Edp version. Great longevity and performance.

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