Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb 2012

24.10.2021 - 07:11 PM
Very helpful Review

Sweet spices for men

I really like this one. The best from the brand, imo. Extreme is a good vanilla-cinnamon bomb but the OG has more going on.

I like this fresh spices on top of a tobacco leaf and cedar. Although very spicy, it's not a Spice Bomb per say. It's sweet (but not cloying) and woody. The opening has some fresh citrus along with pepper, pimento and saffron. Has it dries down, the aromatic and woody aspects become more evident. The cedar-tobacco combo is to die for and the touch of sweet cinnamon turns this fragrance to a very alluring and sexy composition.

It's great for fall to early winter days. Specially on sunny days. It can be a date scent or night out during spring/summer. The longevity is really good and the projection is decent. Not a beast mode fragrance but a typical EDT with a good punch.

Olivier Polge is a very talented perfumer and, after his masterpiece Dior Homme, he created some good classic masculine scent like The One, F Black, MiP, Valentino Uomo or this one. To me, this is a fantastic fall staple and better than his your brother Extreme which is more common and less interesting, despite being a good smelling scent.

This is a must have for me. Not a masterpiece but a great unique scent. Spicy-woody fragrances are usually my favorites. There's something about this style that fits me well and this is no exception. It adds this sexy modern nuance to a light tobacco leaf and a bunch of fresh spicy ingredients.


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