Bonbon (Eau de Parfum) by Viktor & Rolf

Bonbon 2014 Eau de Parfum

28.04.2014 - 03:43 AM
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Bonbon Unwrapped

Wearing this makes me want to grab a bag of sugar and dump it down my throat while rolling around in caramel. This is a super duper sweet concoction of a fragrance. Whoooo!

On my skin I get that distinctive Viktor&Rolf base with a blast of sweet caramel and orange citrus. It's not a "cleaner" type citrus, but more of a fresh glass of sweet orange juice packed with pulp. Just the way I like it! The peach doesn't really come out on my skin until later on in the dry down. Peach usually isn't a note I'm fond of, but here it's done really well. The sandalwood and amber peek through giving Bonbon a bit of warmth and depth.

I didn't mind paying the high price for this. To be honest, I have other perfumes that are in the same price range that don't hold a candle to this quality wise. Bonbon lasts for ages. I got a good 12 hours of STRONG scent, two sprays worth, and it stuck with me until I showered it off. You definitely need to like sweets though to make it worth it.

I find the bottle to be quite cute as well. It definitely sticks out in my collection. It's heavy and well made. Cute little bonbon bottle!

All in all I think this will appeal to the those who have a sweet tooth. Try it out with an open mind and don't set expectations. I think that's why some are so disappointed.
I'm really happy with it! Definitely a great buy!

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