Eau de Hongrie 2014

Eau de Hongrie by Viktoria Minya
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Eau de Hongrie is a popular perfume by Viktoria Minya for women and was released in 2014. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Viktoria Minya

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesClove, Grapefruit, Honey, Tokaji wine, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesImmortelle, Jasmine
Base Notes Base NotesLabdanum, Sandalwood, Tonka bean



7.8 (35 Ratings)


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7.7 (32 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 03.05.2020.
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2 Reviews
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A glass of Tokai wine and the satin scarf
The fourth fragrance of Victoria Minya brand is Eau de Hongrie. It is logical. Who else than a perfumer from Hungary should follow the tradition of the first modern eau de cologne at all – a mixture of herbs infused in wine. And what other wine it should be than the Tokai.

Have you ever visited a wine cellar? A cellar where the wine is really ripening? They usually smell of typical mixture of humidity, wine sourness and moulds. Last summer, while being on a holiday in Slovakia, we managed to visit a cellar in the Tokai area and the smell was much different. Humidity and mould were not missing, of course, but the mould smelled different and what more I could even feel its honey sweetness. And this is in Eau de Hongrie.

So we will get started: In front of me there is a glass of Tokai Aszú wine with three signs of quality and I am comparing them trying side by side. As for smell and taste. Regarding the taste I am tasting only the wine, of course. Though the original Eau de Hongrie is said to have been used outside and inside by hungarian queen Elizabeth, but unfortunately I have only a little sample, therefore I am not going to follow her.

Definitely new Eau de Hongrie is not eau de cologne, it is edp and if I should categorize it, it would be floriental. In the same way like Hedonist.
This fragrance follows the first scent Hedonist, as the two before, that have Hedonist in its name. It directly continues Hedonist. But it is a hedonist, that already does not rush to seek any other pleasures. He wait for the pleasures to come towards him.

The scent starts with honey with sparkling citrus fruit and clove, but soon after it becomes embalmed and warm and becomes labdanum and immortelle. The franrance feels to be very soft and smooth in general. Gosh, the satin scarf going round the body is such a hackneyed comparison, but nothing better comes to my mind.
When sandalwood and tonka reach this session, the smoothness is made perfect and it follows you like satin scarf for long hours as far as to the excellent musk-tonka drydown.

If there has ever been something that I would mind about Hedonist a bit, it is the excesses and a sort of loudness. It is full to its very lid of quality substances and it shows it off. Eau de Hongrie is its very soft and cultivated younger sister. As a good fit, nothing shouts, no substance sticks out, no substance scrubs. For sure this scent is my purchasing aspirant in the future.
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327 Reviews
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My Other Honey
Having recently fallen in love with another Honey fragrance, Olympic Orchid's Golden Cattleya, I thought I'd compare Eau de Hongrie to it in this review. Their perfumers couldn't be more different, Ellen Covey self-taught and Minya educated at Grasse then serving apprenticeships in distinguished houses before striking out on her own. No surprise then that Eau de Hongrie at once emits a subtlety and elegance of composition that Golden Cattleya does not. What the latter has going for it is passion. The only note I'm sure they share is Honey, though Golden Cattleya's "Resins" could conceivably include Labdanum, so this isn't a wholly fair comparison, but they do remind me of each other very much. Eau de Hongrie inspires admiration, appreciation--wonderful use of Tokaji wine, Immortelle and Labdanum. It makes me think as I follow its balanced unfolding, and conclude it's a seriously accomplished scent. I love, love the wine note Minya used. It's incredibly interesting. OTOH, Golden Cattleya makes me moan. Both have a golden aura, Golden Cattleya's so potent that it wants spare application. It's the beautifully combined narcissus, the orange, musk and pollen. Yet no question of the sophisticated beauty of Eau de Hongrie. I may buy it to support the designer. The longevity is good, the fragrance inventive--a gourmand with the seductiveness of good if restrained florals and a languorous base. So now I have two Honeys--one for special occasions and one for my sensation-greedy heart.

Just discovered that though Ellen Covey is a self-taught perfume designer, her foundation is a graduate degree in chemosensory research from Duke University, thank you very much, and a fascination with scent dating from childhood. No doubt why her Golden Cattleya calls me back again and again.

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