A Lilac A Day 2016

A Lilac A Day by Vilhelm Parfumerie
Bottle Design Pierre Dinand
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7.6 / 10 51 Ratings
A Lilac A Day is a popular perfume by Vilhelm Parfumerie for women and was released in 2016. The scent is floral-fresh. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Top Review 15  
Worship flower goddesses
Seldom have I regretted it so much not to have blindly tested a fragrance.
What would I probably have smelled without knowledge of the pyramid, even without knowledge of the name?
I think I would have smelled lily of the valley. Right? I don't know. Unfortunately, I knew the name and had also, unfortunately, looked at the pyramid, because that was the only reason why I wanted to test the scent.
And so I sprayed and smelled: Lilac
The scent of lilac is very luxuriant, just as lilac smells, without restraint it draws from the full. And just as we know it from lilacs, it hardly ever stays in vases, soon becomes limp, hangs down sadly and begins to be modern. This modern appeal is also authentically present here. It disturbs me, but I notice that the musty smell disappears quickly with more distance of my nose from the spraying place. Already in a distance of about 20 cm I don't notice it anymore. I breathe on.

After perhaps 20 minutes, a note that was initially only present as an undertone has gained in intensity, the ratio is reversed and now this note is in the foreground: In my nose it is jasmine, powerful, Indolic. But also here: already at a distance of perhaps 40 cm from the nose the Indolic is much less and is still okay even for me.
In the course of time, my lilac-lily-of-the-valley becomes more and more beautiful, because now the bile factor is completely gone and the Indolic of the jasmine slowly decreases again to disappear completely soon.
Only after a delay of perhaps three or four hours do the other flowers slowly withdraw and let the fragrance fade away gently for a few more hours.

A Lilac a Day is extremely floral, almost exclusively floral, yet beguiling and lifelike.

Three times now I have worn it for a whole day. I could never tell if I smelled lilacs or lilies of the valley. Depending on my imagination I could make the note tilt between the two. In the middle test I also smelled wonderful freesia, as natural and intense as the other flowers. Only jasmine was there every time.

This fragrance is truly unique and uniquely lifelike. In my opinion, it is only something for the very distinctive flowery fans, who are not afraid of the intense intensity of an unsweet humming with occasional hints of Indian and a temporary hint of transience.

But if you like that, you might have found your flower goddesses to worship here
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Top Review 19  
Oh, all that gold!
Like when you're in flower school
of the unlimited possibilities
an early experience for life,
the trend-setting
and is also safe as a somnambulist.
On someone's hand,
you trust,
you stand before all sorts of blooming
in all its beauty.

Surrounded by sensuality:
the scent, the shapes and colors,
the wondrously tender and proud
Characteristics of all individual parts.

It's cool and fresh here,
in any case in coming in.
Later then your temperature is equal
that of the splendour of flowers to:
Her breath is your breath,
and your love is their love.
And both heart beating the same.
And both being the same being.

Almost overwhelmed
of all this splendor all over the room
you meet in this one moment
a childish decision,
which still exists today.

Even if it's kitschy
and always was;
you immediately have a weakness
for this turquoise coloured Ornithogalum,
who are called "gardener's death" for a good reason,
because they bloom endlessly,
endless, endless, endless,
until they become gold -
and then become stardust
and go into nirvana.

Maybe you'll go right along with?

Or better yet, wait,
a century or so.
And meanwhile you colour all the white carnations,
for example,
also turquoise.
There would be more pointless tasks -
Urban gardening for everyone!
Sunflower seeds in all front gardens
and elfflowers on every roof.

Whole flower kingdoms emerge
and you'd be Carnation Queen,
or, if you Günter
or Karlheinz is called,
also king of carnations, depending on.
It's less Scott McKenzies:
If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair,
but rather "All you need is love"
of John, Paul, George & Ringo.

A Lilac a Day is for me
a downright simple, honest
and very natural perfume.
And at the same time it is also of a sublimity,
that touches my heart.
It is thought to end and brought
and perfect in his way.
Full Score: 10 !
In the beginning it works watery fresh and cool
and then it changes gradually
to a pale golden creaminess.
Vilhelm advertises with a picture for this perfume,
which is held in yellow gold and violet blue -
and that fits pretty well:
the blue lilac in the month of May,
in addition single violet flowers of the then
summery Bougainvillea
and the yellow freesias,
as these smell the strongest.

And all that gold.
Oh, all that gold!
For flower people there is no excuse.
If it's love, ...
...there can be no excuse at all.
There's nothing you can know that isn't known
Nothing you can see that isn't shown
There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be
It's easy.
All you need is love.
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Very helpful Review 4  
True lilac!!!
I have been hunting for the perfect lilac fragrance for 20 years and I have finally found it! The problem with others has been that they smell like toilet fresheners after two minutes (Lilas Mauve), have too much heliotrope (Sweet Morphine) or other stuff that suffocates the poor lilacs (En Passant, Lilac Love). French Lilac by Pacifica was close to perfect, but the burst of proper lilacs lasts about 10 minutes :(

I have had four lovely days with my small sample of A Lilac a Day and on good days it smells just like my mum's glorious purple lilac bushes: intoxicating honeyed wiff of real lilacs, a smell that is notoriously difficult to capture in perfumery.

On bad days, the indolic jasmine kicks in and the first two hours smell like someone is burning rubber behind that gorgeous lilac bush... and pooped heavily nearby. However, mr f's bloodhound nose did not detect any poopiness even on those days so it might be due to the way my brain associates indoles. However, after the two-hour mark, it is pure lilac bliss...for straight ten hours!!! It turns a little powdery, but never goes to the thin toilet-freshener territory that too many wannabe-lilacs do.

A real gem and warmly recommended to lilac lovers, those who want to experiment with skanky fragrances but are not yet in Sarrasins phase, or anyone who has sniffed too many boring releases and wants to be positively surprised. Longevity is great, at least 10 hours, and sillage is very good (go easy on the dosing). My review is based on a dab sample, so I have no idea how this behaves when sprayed.
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