Basilico & Fellini 2017

Basilico & Fellini by Vilhelm Parfumerie
Bottle Design Pierre Dinand
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Basilico & Fellini is a popular perfume by Vilhelm Parfumerie for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is green-fruity. It is still in production.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBasil, Dragon fruit
Heart Notes Heart NotesViolet, Fig
Base Notes Base NotesVetiver, Green hay



7.7 (29 Ratings)


7.3 (25 Ratings)


6.5 (25 Ratings)


7.5 (28 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 21.10.2020.
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Very helpful Review    6  
Um, basil-flavored cat?
Soo, here I test again a fragrance from a brand I don't know that well. The sample was apparently planted, but I have to say that it sounds quite promising.

Not because the term Fellini sounds a bit like Felinae, the family of the small, cute little cats, but because the scents read like a beautiful summer scent. In my opinion, herbs like basil are always fragrant and work very well, especially with summer scents.

But even so, these herbs smell very nice. I catch myself again and again rubbing my fingers on herbs like basil, rosemary, mine etc. in the kitchen or in the garden and sniffing the scent adhering to my fingers.

Oh and by the way, figs are listed here, which also arouse my interest, because I like their smell (and taste :) very much.

The smell:
At the beginning it smells slightly of citric notes, some figs and something fruity, but I don't know if this is the dragon fruit or if this fruit generally also smells citric. Anyway, the start is quite nice, whereby the fig comes across a bit dry or even slightly stuffy.
There are indefinable green notes, it has something of plant juices that you might know from broken green branches. I think these green notes could come either from green hay or green figs, I'm not sure here, maybe they are also, as I said, generally green notes and thus a mix of everything.
Hay in general, however, smells good here in my opinion, even if it is not as dry as one might think (so the greenery might also come from the hay). The basil, which is quite weak in the beginning, becomes much more recognizable from the heart note on and smells nice and matching the fresh notes. I think it's great that little by little the stuffy notes completely fade away. I think that in the base you can smell a good fig-hay combination with a little bit of violet for a while, which can be recognized by its sweetish floral note. With vetiver I have more difficulties, because I can't really perceive this distinctive, earthy note.

The Sillage and the durability:
The sillage is medium to weak, as it soon goes down more and more after spraying. At normal distance it can still be smelled for a short while, but later on it becomes better to smell it from closer.
I found shelf life with six to eight hours quite okay!

The bottle! The bottle is cylindrical, flat and the glass has a wavy pattern, which makes it look a little old-fashioned but nice. On the front, a rectangular yellow label can be seen. The cap is also dark yellow and cylindrical.

The scent is not bad, for the summer it is even nice, even if the beginning should smell stuffy for a short time because of the fig. However, this is almost a little paradox for me, since figs have a slightly stuffy aura in most scents, which bothers me a bit, although I like the fig scent itself very much. But here, as I said before, the stuffy aura disappears soon, so that the scent becomes even more beautiful

Well, the fragrance is well suited as a day scent or for smaller activities. It is not very exciting as there are many fragrances that smell similar or even better. You can try it anyway. Well, at least as a fan of herbs and figs you should have tested it :)

Well, what does Fellini actually mean? According to the description, it's an Italian proper noun. The fragrance is named after the Italian director Federico Fellini, who is said to have a preference for basil. By the way, the name Fellini is also supposed to be very suitable as a (German) animal name, because the word "Fell" in the name is supposed to make it look creative and cool, and I have to say that it has something. After all, we sometimes call our animals (like for example, of course, cats) fur balls or something like that :D

I, on the other hand, often call mine a scratchy monster, because no matter how cuddly it is, it sometimes bites and scratches harder when playing, ... the stupid creature ... :DD
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