Do Not Disturb (2016)

Do Not Disturb by Vilhelm Parfumerie
Bottle Design Pierre Dinand
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Do Not Disturb is a perfume by Vilhelm Parfumerie for women and was released in 2016. The scent is spicy-floral. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesClove, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes Heart NotesCarnation
Base Notes Base NotesHaitian vetiver, Papyrus



7.4 (9 Ratings)


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7.7 (15 Ratings)
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You are a wonderful woman, one of us, we believe in you!
We all need comforting introductions from time to time. The content of such an idea, which is able to comfort us, is very individual. It can be a song, the thought of a certain person, a utopia...the list of possibilities is long.
And of course I have such typical thoughts, which help me personally to more harmony, too.

"Do not Disturb" has added something completely new to my fund of comforting worlds of thought in a way that is unexpected and enchanting for me:
The salutary vision of a long line of wonderful women. Women who have lived and mastered their lives with all their ups and downs, who have not given up in their own way, who have made the best of it, who have not let themselves be beaten down and who have not lost their salvation or their joy of life.
They are not perfect women, there is no such thing as perfect women, nobody does everything right, is flawless or immaculate. But they are women who have been able to look kindly upon themselves and the world and have remained themselves, have remained true to themselves, despite all adversities. Maybe they have also become themselves first, become true to themselves A whole series of such women appear before my inner eye when I wear "Do not Disturb". And they seem to smile at me and say: "Look, you are in our tradition, you are one of us. We are your forefathers in spirit and we believe in you."

"Do not Disturb" seems to unite all the scents of these women:
Cloves for the strength to overcome adversity.
Something harsh, slightly resinous, for the knowledge of the shallows of life and pain, but also for the ability to face problems and initiate change. It is the blackcurrant that is the main factor in this tart note. Without knowledge of the pyramid, I would additionally suspect a little oakmoss here, which also contributes its part.
My beloved carnation, once again intensely radiant and brilliant, embodies happiness and a oneness with nature, our own and that which surrounds us.
What I also perceive in the background and very well tuned is a lush, rather oily and viscous note, which reminds me of an extract, and which I cannot assign to any indication in the pyramid. I would have tipped most likely on a hint of tuberose with a minimal sweet peach, a combination that brings an earthly joie de vivre full of energy and relish.
Papyrus and vetiver. I wouldn't have recognized them explicitly, the composition is too artfully woven for that. But now that I know about them, I can also recognize papyrus as the cultivated, delicate warmth that stands for mildness and kindness with itself. Vetiver shows the stability that women have achieved, and at the same time the fresh agility and optimism that they have been able to retain until old age, analogously to the base of the fragrance.

"Do not Disturb" lasts on skin all day and on clothes for several days. It is a fragrance that revives the past by echoing classic women's fragrances of the last century without seeming old-fashioned. The combination and also the composition, in which the scents are closely intertwined, is too unusual for that. The progression is good for surprises: again and again, one note flashes out more strongly, another one at times, and except for the currant, they all persist throughout the day.

A huge thank you goes to Nurmalso. She has sent me "just for fun" a whole bottling "Do not Disturb" and thus not only the bottling, but also very great joy!
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