Von Sierstorpff - The Scent of a Gentleman (2008)

Von Sierstorpff - The Scent of a Gentleman by Von Sierstorpff
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Von Sierstorpff - The Scent of a Gentleman is a popular perfume by Von Sierstorpff for men and was released in 2008. The scent is spicy-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by M. M. Fragrance Group.

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Frank Rittler

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Mandarin, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesEucalyptus, Geranium, Cardamom, Rosewood
Base Notes Base NotesMusk, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vetiver



7.9 (69 Ratings)


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7.1 (43 Ratings)
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The art of enrichment without style
The Scent of a Gentleman is unsympathetic to me, and so I may be a little strict with him.

In the beginning I perceive a moderately citric freshness (the Neroli hammer felt here occasionally did not hit me), which is in conflict with a herbaceous severity that occasionally touches the limit of unpleasantness. That's actually the Habit Rouge overture in itself, but the as it were ugly antithesis here doesn't have the touch of the darkly threatening, powerful to almost violent, which is so charming in Habit Rouge, as it does in Guerlain's case, it's rather creamed up a little bit maliciously. If one knows the end, one can already perceive a certain characteristic soapiness here, which in the end gains space.

I consider the middle phase to be very original on the one hand, the coriander stinkiness, which I personally find quite pleasant, is combined here in a very peculiar way with eucalyptus and flowering; I have never smelt it like this before. But I don't know if it's original here or not, I don't know, it sometimes seems a bit slippery, unround, sketched, and even before I researched the perfumer, I noticed a synthetic detergent note of some penetrance, in which the whole thing is embedded. I don't find them peppery at all.

Like the opening, the final phase awakens reminiscences of beloved classics, namely the tone caseliness of Tabac Original ("real" tobacco I can't recognize) and the beautiful, long, continental-male base of Bel-Ami. You can also think of some chypre here. But they are only reminiscences, again the thing doesn't seem round and above all not alive. Despite all the enormous, almost murderously concreted durability, there is a crying lack of magic, development and warmth. To me, the "von" in its linear sweet-spicy soapiness seems here relentlessly smooth, synthetic and dead.

Alexander von Schönburg has written a book entitled "the art of stylish impoverishment", in which - among other things - examples are given of how the nobility has been impoverished for centuries, because it is no longer possible to make a fortune with country estates, but nevertheless, with the help of tradition, the style learned over generations, somehow raised heads and in a good mood, they get through life. When I look at the website of the Sierstorpff House (linked here at Parfumo), I get the impression that - as in the days of the robber barons, only by other means - the opposite way was taken: Preserving wealth at all costs, we make coal and do not let the slyest petty bourgeois traders take the butter from our bread. The Count's enterprise offers almost everything and, in some cases, he is blatant (with a constant emphasis on the nobleman, who gives the whole thing its special commercial appeal) about charcoal, wellness, food, clothes and even fragrances. The only thing missing is bungee jumping with a crown of nobility on your head. Well, I don't expect you to be particularly stylish just because you're a "von", maybe you have to howl with the wolves today. But do you really have to advertise your fragrances with the painfully embarrassing saying "Dyfte für wahrliche Herrschaften", which multiplies the German language? "Truthful"??? "Truly" is an adverb and only an adverb, "true dominions" are just as sick as "many events" or "possible successors". And in general, "gentlemen"! With this word one thinks of servants who speak of "their reigns", of "reigns!" and "reigns again!", but not of "masters", who are supposed to be meant here. And must one spread the (for me evident) fake news, here an ancient "family recipe" has been excavated (probably stained with red sealing wax on parchment in the attic of the old castle), when the perfumer Frank Rittler, who on his (little modestly called) private homepage "thenose.frank Rittler works as one of seven perfumers at the Henkel Fragrance Center in Krefeld and creates fragrances for Henkel products in the fields of cosmetics/personal care, detergents and cleaners Must that be?

It doesn't have to be. For me this Torpff is a Talmi fragrance for pseudo noblemen with seal ring made of plastic.
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7.5 5.0 7.5 7.0/10

220 Reviews
No Success Despite Nobility Title
The grandeur is over, and the website is down: All what is left by Von Sierstorpff's The Scent of a Gentleman is a spot in Parfumo's ancestral portrait gallery of discontinued perfumes. Wrong place and time?

This gent's fragrance is a chypre in its broadest sense. It starts with a typically citric head note – very sour and intense, about the kind of citrus we know from Chanel's chypre Pour Monsieur. After one has gone through this, a woody and spicy heart comes into view. I am not too enthusiastic about it since it contains a bitter, liquorice kind of spiciness which reminds me of the goo that you get when you extinct charcoal with water. Sometimes, this note can be found in perfumes: Houbigant's Duc de Vervins and Acqua di Genova's Superba Rovo Nero are gruesome examples of what such an accord can do to perfumes. Von Sierstorpff has some pity with us, and so this unpleasant accord is used with some discreetness. It doesn't repel me strongly, but it is still distinct enough to put some space between me and the person wearing Von Sierstorpff. At least, a few amiable floral notes stand up against it.

One does not have to wait long for a chypre style base note to enfold. It is very discreet, herbal and woody, and with some musk providing volume. The typical chypre ingredients may be missing, at least in the known fragrance notes, but all I can say is that this perfume resembles a lot the chypre concept. The base notes are the most beautiful part of the fragrance's development, especially as the unwieldy spiciness integrates well by that time.

One can enjoy that for a while, but after a few hours, the discreet chypre notes fade away, and again, the dark and bitter notes return.

What can I say – Von Sierstorpff is a difficult fragrance, surely something for individualists. Not easy to cope with IMHO is the steady change of loudness from the intense citruses to the quite discreet chypre base. This requires a general understanding which accepts such a drydown as exemplary, and not, as I tend to do, a shortcoming. In a certain way Von Sierstorpff may be in bond with the concept of gent's colognes from days long ago, before Eau de Toilette strength became standard for men's perfumes.

Nobody should refrain from testing Von Sierstorpff as long as it may be found. My judgement is determined rather by a personal dislike of some notes. The quality is good, and from an artist's point of view an interesting variant of chypre was accomplished. But what is a “von” worth today if the plebs cannot appreciate it? Instead of perfumes, noblity titles sell much better with cheap champagne!
10.0 7.5 10.0 8.0/10

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Top but Flop
Aristocracy with a dirty tang.

On Basenotes I read about this fragrance respectively the "house" as "The German Creed" since Creed uses every bit of "history" to sell their fragrances. The campain for Von Sierstorpff was also underlaid with some facts and some more story/myth.
The Perfume totally vanished. Sometimes one can still find a bottle, but even the website is for sale.

The Scent of a Gentleman begins with citric notes, the strongest of them is once again bergamotte, escorted by neroli, although its not on the list. Rather unusual for me is the mandarin note. Wile bergamotte is fading, eucalyptus is thankfully disturbing the flowery notes and the sweetish mandarin.

The cardamom in the heart reminds me a bit of Chanels pour Monsieur.

After quite a while (I allmost forgott which perfume I'm wearing) the base is reached. Some parts, especially the tobaco, are earlyer "smellable" the other notes follow. The base got a kind of fringy start. But in the end, I only smell a warm, slightly woody base, with no dominating notes.

The sterling silver capped bottle without any label looks really nice and also feels that way.

I still like the perfume but only because of the eucalyptus and its dissonant contribution to the scent. Imagine the fragrance without eucalyptus... it would be boring.
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